Living here has been really easy and started off really quite. As of recently with the shootings and parties on my floor, it has been a bit crazy and loud. I usually work nights but on my days off it’s hard to sleep when you have people running in the hallway at 3am. I bought a sound machine to drown the extra noises out. Over all staff is super nice and helpful. Hope and David are awesome!

I’ve been here for a week now. So far so good. My roommates are great majority of the residents are friendly as for management they’re very attentive to the community’s wants and needs.

Good staff for the most part. The security has gone down and a lot of stuff has happened here lately but for he most part the experience had been good.

It's pretty good for student living. Really close by to San Antonio college and downtown. Wouldn't find a better deal anywhere else. And the staff is amazing and helpful.

It’s a pretty nice place to live. Everything is new, maintenance is always fast. The safety of this location has always been of question... it’s getting better though hopefully

Tobin Lofts is a safe and convenient place to live! I really love living here and being so close to SAC makes it very easy for me to get to my on-campus activities!

So far since I've moved in this past august its been very nice living here. I still few pretty new to the area but I'm sure I'll learn more and more so i can't wait for more little events that tobin lofts hold.

Its a great place to live most times the walls are just to thin and you hear everything on the strip day and night and there is always dog feces and trash in the halls

It has potential to be better, but it needs to make sure it tells its residents what's happening if something bad is going on and it needs better lighting in the halls to make sure residents don't accidentally bump into someone or walk in on something inappropriate.

The staff is really friendly. The unit was affordable and well equipped. The best part is the location, the close proximity to SAC and the local commerce is unmatched.

I simply love it here! Everything is in close distance to where we live. It’s a perfect place for college students to live as it’s across from campus.

Helpful Front desk staff and the guy who works maintenance always does a great and efficient job. My maintenance issues typically don’t go for more than a day and the staff is usually nice here too.

I couldn’t be happier at Tobin Lofts! The leasing agents are so helpful, and not just during the leasing process but afterwards as well. I love the community, the fitness center and WiFi is great.

The community is ok i just wish they would take care of the property much better. There has been times where i have stepped on poop in the hall way and i reported it to the office and they told me they couldnt do anything about it.

It has been great living here people and staff are friendly and it feels like a nice place to call home. I highly recommend this apartment because it's a very nice place to live.

love the community. people ive met so far are nice and friendly. work out gym is well kept and good equipment. staff is helpful and friendly

perfect residency , love the gym and pool . Theres many things to do to help us students . Office is always givibg away free stuff ! such nice people as well

I am over 45-years old and I never imagined I would enjoy apartment life. Tobins have exceeding my expectations. I love my apartment and the location.

Love the amenities as well as how Tobin lofts is pet friendly. I also love the huge pool and how inclusive the staff is, there’s always something going on in the club house whether it food or activities.

The community is really friendly. Even my neighbors offered to help me when moving in to carry bags to my apartment.The staff at the Tobin Lofts are extremely helpful and friendly.

Love living here! great place! Great people! Located perfectly and units are modern! Staff keep the place running smoothly and are always available

It’s been a lot of fun, I definitely wish there was more events to get to know other residents. But other than that it’s been a lot of fun. The location of this place is amazing!

I’m very happy about this! 💚 I’m so happy i got my Sephora gift card! I am so in love with makeup! So i can’t wait to go shopping. Thank you tobin Lofts

Its a convenient location for clubs restaurants and retail stores but minimal parking throughout the week especially on the weekends with limited space outside.

It's a great place to live. Very close to college and a multitude of restaurants. I love living here because the staff are so nice and helpful!