I have loved living here at tobin lofts . I was a resident once and now I actually work here . Tobin lofts have created so many awesome opportunities for me ! I can’t wait to see what the future holds . It gives college students a chance to socialize with other students and find commonalities! TOBIN IS AWESOME !!

The staff works with you with any issues and the maintenance crew is very timly. The surrounding clubs make it a bit noisy but it’s tolerable for being in downtown.

I love living at Tobin, it’s such a fun place to stay and you meet all sorts of people who have all sorts of backgrounds. For the most part everyone is super friendly

I honestly love the fact that the utilities are all included in the rent, and it's a very reasonable price. I love the gym, and the 5 minute walk to class!

I really like staying here because of the low prices and all the resources and help offered and because everyone living here for the most part is in the same phase of life.

It’s ok. There is a lot of noise. Some bugs. Dog Poop in the hallways by the elevator. I like the gym area and the pool looks nice. Ok wifi.

I like the appartment, it is big and the furniture is good. I don't like the noise from parties from others and that dogs are allowed without lining in the public spaces (some people are allergic or don't like dogs).

Everything since the last review has been great! Quick responses with issues if any. I've ordered packages since then and they've bee good at telling me the arrival of them as well.

Nice place to live. However, there are occasional noise complaints at all hours of the night. There are fun events and the majority of the office members are friendly.

I enjoy the convince of being so close to campus but I feel the community within my apartments make the woman who stay here uncomfortable. They're are resident who have said inappropriate comments to me as I am walking within the complex.

It’s not always the cleanest in the hallways. Residents usually leave dog waste in the halls. But other than that is not bad for the price that I’m paying

It’s a wonderful place to live I love it ! Really friend people and a lot of Activities ! Awesome ! Great ! Cool ! Fun ! LOVE IT ! Love love it

Tobin Lofts is a good community to live in, plenty of activities held by the apartment officialsto engage with our community. Its also nice that this is a student housing complex, however maintenance could be faster.

It has been an interesting experience. My lease ends in May so I can really only talk about the happenings till then. It has been really convenient as I am not from San Antonio, it is near my school, and is surrounded by helpful resources.

The Staff here are all very nice in general, the mail service is always on time, and the online system makes residents pay rents easier. Just really noisy if you are living around the pool or at night. But the maintenance is good in general.

i feel like i want to love tobin so bad but something they do just dosen't add us to me and i also feel like it's not good to have a 6 teenagers running the place.

I love living here. The staff is exceptional. They are prompt, courteous, and encourage a positive resident experience. I definitely renewed!

I just moved in last month and I'm completely in love with the complex. I haven't had any issues I adore my roommates and I can't wait to see what the summer has in store for me here.

It’s a little loud. The windows don’t block much of any sound. But the space is nice. I’m excited to be able to swim in the summer. Plus my roommate does my dishes so that’s kinda awesome.

I was off put at the start with the price and size of the rooms, but it has grown on me and i am proud to live here. That, and its right next to the school which helps.

I really enjoy being apart of the soul of downtown San Antonio, i'm close to basically everything I like to do, so i'm very content with the location of San Antonio that I live in.

Apartments are great. Very spacious and comfortable place to live in. Not noisy at all, and the community is great. Also, the community area is a great place to hang out.

I love my apartment!!! I’ve met some many different types of people. and friendship that would last for a life time! So what that being say come and take a tour!!!

There was still a lot of problems with pet feces in the hallways dispite the email and letters sent out. Staff is very friendly especially Patrick and Lucas

The Office Staff is amazing. Always there when you need them. A very dedicated staff serving all its residents to the best of their pontnetial.