I have lived here for 3 years and I has been a good experience. Pet friendly, good staff, amenities included such as dryer washer etc. I also love visiting the pool and gym occasionally. Overall, it has been a good apartment so far

I I absolutely love it here it’s the best person I could possibly imagine and the only place that I actually want to live because it has a wonderful facility and it’s very pet friendly so you’re a college student and he need any more place to live I highly suggest to Tobin

My experience with Tobin Lofts has been pretty great. No nosy neighbors or major maintenance issues. The elevator breaking down in Building 2 is my main complaint.

I enjoy living at Tobin Lofts. The property is located in a great area of the city and there are restaurants, bars and cafes inn asking distance. Therefore, I have been living here for a month now and got along well with my roommates. The only downside is that the sofa's and amenities on the the rooms are dirty and in bad conditions.

I really liked staying at Tobin Loft Apartments. The environment felt safe to me at all times. I had fun with all of my friendly neighbors from time to time.

The apartment units are nice. If you get the furnished ones I do recommend getting a sofa cover. The pool area is nice, the only fault with the pool is that the water is super cold.

I love being at Tobin it’s an experience. All the events that happened here like a pool party or making masks are really fun and interesting to go

Very nice spaces and amenities. Room could've been cleaner on move-in, but otherwise the apartment was perfect. It is not too loud during the evenings.

Everything is great, the office staff is nice and friendly,the maintenance staff are helpful and resolve any issues on time. The amenities included are super nice, the gym and pool are clean and readily available

Love the community! Only complaint is that people do not clean up after their animals. It’s embarrassing for some residents to have guest come to the complex

So far I have had a pretty good year. I have changed rooms a couple of times and the office has been very diligent about getting me out weather it was a safety hazard or whatever I have had nothing but great encounters with the staff.

The service is so bad and before I I am got the lease they showed me a good place and they said my room will be the same but when I got it it was totally different and it doesn’t deserve it’s pri

Going into year two and still loving it.ntheuve been really accommodating to everything. Can't wait to hop into the pool over the summer and enjoy some summer time events!

I like everything that Tobin lofts has to offer. They are close to almost everything you might need. The atmosphere when you walk into the office is nice too.

If you I looking for a affordable place in the downtown area is my be the best place for you . 24 Hour Business Center as well as a resource to help me it’s just a couple of the amenities that this property offers .

I have lived here for a couple of months and so far, the experience has been alright. Beside the prices and noises, it’s been manageable and enjoyable.

I moved into the midtown recently, and it is so much nicer than my old apartment in the Tobin main building. The kitchen is so much bigger and nicer, plus there’s an island which I love! The bedroom is massive, and the bathroom is the size of my old bedroom. I also have a great view of the city from my bedroom. It’s great!

It’s been an “okay” experience. The faculty is always nice and for the most part has been helpful with any questions or considerations. I am always greeted nicely when going to the office.

Noise, shootings, Somehow I never paid rent for three months then was charged all at once, other than that it's pretty aight. Now I'm gonna finish the character limit.

Tobin Lofts has been home to many of my colleagues over the last three years. It has been pretty dope aside from the occasional tragic occurrence.

So it won’t let me respond as short as I want but I’m going to make this work. The experience here was bad, I’ve had my appartment broken into twice, nothing tobin can do, I’ll never forget that.

living here has been great, my roommate chris fontenot has been amazing, maintenance is absolutely great whenever i need them they are there.

Good amenities and apartment size for the price. Living somewhere that is associated with a college is nice as a student. Overall, good experience.

Sometimes, it feels like the area is empty. like, It's only me and one other person, so I feel alone. also, I wish there were morning events for people that have school later in the day (I don't get back until 8:30).

Live scene, fun staff, good food .nice place to chill and relax pool nice gym free weights plus close to the school and the strip. Vending machine on point