Great environment, been living here for 2 years and enjoy everything about the community, and the location is perfect. My favorite apartments I have lived in by far.

I love the staff but I don’t like my roommate he uses my stuff without asking and locks me out but the staff tries to help in any way they can

Just moved in, but so far so good! The staff is very helpful and friendly. So many things to do around the area. The amenities itself are AMAZING.

Its been great so far and i couldn't ask for better staff members whenever i have a question they always have an answer and if i have a problem they are always willing to help.

I love it here. The staff is friendly as hell, love those people lol. If I ever feel like I have an issue I can always go talk to the people in the office

I love the area. School is near by, I love the restaurants and everything near by. The community is very friendly and very clean. The people are nice and the night life around the area is great!

Overall, I'm finding it a nice place to live. The broken elevator, which I know belongs to the College system, is a major problem for me because my children cannot climb so many stairs. Trash piles up in the hall outside my door. I've asked for another trash receptacle, but I guess it's not getting to the right people. I'm definitely not your traditional TL resident, but I enjoy urban living. As an urban and regional planning grad student, living DT with my 2 small children is an experiment and we are making it work. Soundproof curtains are the bomb. I wish I had more time to enjoy the amenities.

Going into my second year here and I'm still Loving it! It's very close to downtown and after. I really enjoy living here a can't wait to start my third !

I love these apartments because its so close to school and so many other events go on downtown. My roommates are really laid back and rarely ever home, so I definitely recommend this place to a lot of people.

Every thing is great. Nice neighbors. Friendly staff. Great place to hang out during the weekend. Every thing about these apartments are great.

I liked it, im still here for five months i just want points but i have to be honest. i live right next to a gate by my window. i hear it constansly!!! i love my room for sure. but i wouldnt come back to this place. Love the staff, love the people. not the area or the place.

Living at the Tobin Lofts has been a huge treasure and pleasure. Everyone in the office is always so nice and the events are fun... especially when theres food haha. The pool areas always so much fun to lounge around as well on a nice day off.

I love being a resident as well as a employee here. We are an establishment that continues to grow and create bonds with our residents. If you want something close to college campus , affordable and awesome amenities!

Its a great place to live, very quiet, great views with all the amenities. I'm happy to live here, my place looks over downtown. It was very clean when I moved in, everything worked, move in ready

So far good. A lot was not explained as thorough as I would have liked. I like my view. Wish I had more space for storage there’s literally only one closet.

The people here are so friendly and welcoming! My roommates have helped me with explaining some of the community guidelines and maintenance has been so generous with helping my brother bring up a dresser to my room. It’s been nothing but great so far!

Love my unit & the people who live here. Could be more clean in the court yard area. Maintenance and management is nice. Enjoy the location and how close it is to SAC

It's a great place to live, and so close to my college! I moved into the Midtown and couldn't be happier! The rooms are big, the furniture is nice, and my appliances are beautiful! I love living here!

The apartment is nice and up to date. Not very thrilled to have a parking permit to park in the garage... or have to park somewhere else because it’s closed off.

Honestly Hope & Shelby made my experience here because when I needed to just talk about my day they were always there to listen. I can’t wait to see them more for my 2nd year at Tobin

I enjoy living at the Tobin Lofts. I like the city style living and so this is a good place for me. I like how I just have to pay one bill which in practical includes all.

Overall, my experience at Tobin has been average. I have had issues with my plumbing for a couple of months now, and there have been quite a few serious altercations within the area involving gun shots and stabbings.

Overall the apartment is nice, however crime in the area seems to be on the rise. Also, I've been waiting to have something in my apartment fixed for two months by maintenance and it has yet to be fixed.

I like the apartment and they did a good job placing me with my roommates. The security could be a bit better around here but other than that everything is good.

Just wish the walkways had walls so it would be so cold in the winter. The rooms could be taken care of better and holes filled/patched, carpet cleaned, walls fixed and painted if needed prior to move in