I really love living at the Tobin Lofts! The residents and staff are so caring and helpful. I've grown such a strong bond with the people that live here, and I've made so many friends just from my first two months living here.

I like the environment and the office staff are very friendly The cleaning staff are also very nice I also like that a tivitys that are provided for us at times

Need better security on the gates More security staff walking through the complex Shorter lease contracts Good pool and workout facility Great friends staff

My experience here is awesome!! I enjoy my apartment very much. I love it here it’s, nice and cozy. It’s the best place to live. I love the quietness here.

Has been great living here. I haven't bad any complaints. The 24 hour maintenance service has been great and I have found the amenities that come with the apartment lease to be well worth the price.

Absolutely love Tobin Lofts! I feel that my son is safe there with all his baseball friends. Tobin Lofts has the best Residents ever #OLLUBaseball #TobinLoftsRocks #OLLU

It was fine. Still trying to find a subleaser but it helped when I was in school. Really useful for college students and has a lot of nearby resources. Lots of things in walking distance.

I really love living at Tobin Lofts I love the staff and all the amazing events, Tobin Lofts have ever month. And because of that I renew my lease for another year!

Absolutely loved my resident experience. The leasing office, maintenance and staff were all very friendly and helpful when it came to answering my questions and helping me move in.

I love living at the Tobin Lofts the Apartments here are so cozy and modern! This is the perfect place for young adults starting school. Join Tobin Lofts !!!

Tobin Lofts is a great place to live. If you attend San Antonio college, it is only a short walk away which is why I chose Tobin Lofts to live at. Keep in mind that you must be a student to be a resident. The pool is excellent: huge, there is a lounge center with a pool table and air hockey table and TVs . One of the best things is that the fitness center is open 24 hours, though the pool does close during the night. Very sleek and modern architecture lends Tobin Lofts its appeal. Live here and I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Nice place, sometimes a little dirty but not that bad. Cool people like my roommates and stuff... really really nice pool and gym is cool too

Great location for arc students at sac or downtown utsa. Dicent public transportation. Great amenities and staff id always helpful and friendsly

Overall I feel content and satisfied with living at Tobin Lofts. Its very peaceful, and I like the quick access to the dog park and friendly staff. I am not a fan of the constant litter I see in the areas whether indoor hallways or outdoor. I wish for more signage to "keep San Antonio clean" to discourage littering and keep the pretty new Tobin Lofts still looking new.

At the first month we had some issues with our washer and dryer but the management has been really accommodating in regards to helping us. Little noisy but to be expected on a college campus.

I have really enjoyed my time at Tobin. The only thing I would have to suggest is allowing people to move in on August 1st when the lease starts or give them a discounted rate at the beginning because they are not actually living there.

Everything is great! You’ve been very quick with service requests. I do wish that the air hockey worked but that’s not a deal breaker. I do find the amount of vandalism ridiculous though. People should take pride where they live.

you can really tell that they are trying to change what people have been saying about them and i feel like they are going in the right direction with all they events

Eveything is fine, the maintenance is always om top of things, whenever i need help management is always there for me as soon as i call, and most importantly it is very fun being here

The community is very welcoming and safe I have only one problem with my old roommates I had had but other than that my experience at tobin so far has been great.

The community is very nice and welcoming, The front desk has alway been helpful, maintenance is personable and the amenities are outstanding!

The apartments are clean and comfortable. The maintenance team is friendly but can sometimes take a while to get to the job once an order is put in.

This place is an amazing place to live the rent is cheap and the apartments are nice. The perks of living here are also a plus. The pool is beautiful and the scenery around the apartments is wonderful always something to do.

The Tobin lofts have a great location. It's very convenient for school. Being able to live so close and it's affordable is a blessing. Also it's great that the utilities are included.

I like living here it's so close to school and work and the neighborhood is very friendly. Everyone is very friendly 10 out of 10 will recommend to anyone.