My apartment have improved immensely. Recently when issues arise they have been on top of it. For example when there was the flooding incidents they handel it fast and suffuicently. They also have painted the outdoor wall which makes having guests over a better experince. The staff is friendly and always tries to be accessible.

Hope,Shelby and David have made my first few days there awesome! I have met wonderful people and am so happy to be a part of such a great community!

y'all are great tobin is the best no place better i love it here foreal this is the greatest place on earth no lying id stay here forever not lying

The staff here is very nice. They would answer questions you have but sometimes they don't know all the answer. There should be a better protocol for checking in instead of just handing over keys. And the bars downstairs are really loud at night.

I love the style, location, and amenities that Tobin has to offer. However, the walls are thin and it’s super loud between the pool parties and gay clubs. The WiFi is super slow too. As a student, WiFi is highly important to my academic success. There is also a LOT of drug use on this property. I love the pricing and everything else but feel as though there improvements to be made.

Really a very nice place, however the hallways need more assistance in cleanliness, often there is dog and bird feces on the floor, especially on the weekends when the janitor isn’t there

Great location! Excellent staff, facilities are average, parking garage is excellent, and maintenance service calls were ok. Overall I am quite satisfied with this community, this really made the transition from Cuba to Texas a lot smoother for me.

I enjoy the experience of everything that has to do with Tobin Lofts. It is peaceful, friendly , everyone is kind and really cares about their customer/residents. Truly a great olace

Absolutely phenomenal and wonderful service while checking in. Very friendly staff, love the complimentary coffee, and the facility offers a variety of remarkable activities.

A nice community within a quick bike ride to downtown or the pearl district area. The apartments are nice and the staff has been friendly. A few people have been loud out in the pool but only on the weekends.

Tobin Lofts has been great so far. I like the community, neighborhood, residents, city, night life, and the amazing energy. I look forward to the rest of my stay.

Tobin lofts is pretty dope for the most part. The residents are cool. The staff is alright. The pool is nice and the parking situation is pretty awesome

One thing that truly bothers me is how inconsistent the information given out by the office can be. You can get a completely different answer depending on who you talk to. Also, neighbors are really noisy and I have filed numerous complaints. The issue persists.

Super Friendly staff! Tons of community activities to keep you going with a crazy college lifestyle. Super cool place to live! Everyone is so nice! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

A lot of improvements have been made since I've been living here from hiring security, more frequent landscaping, etc. I'm happy with these improvements.

I’ve been living here for three years and it hasn’t been a bad experience. Area is a bit noisy tho and had some troubles with ex-staff members but in all i’ve kinda liked it here

Best Place for college students to stay! My son loves it there!! Pool is amazing and security is on point! Would recommend to anyone looking for a place in SA!!

Tobin Lofts has been a very good experience for me. As a first time renter ony own they have been very patient and helpful with any questions I ever have.

Love living here. I got paired with a really great roomate and we get along really well. She also has a cat....I refuse to leave sometimes because I like to pet her cat.....lala

It’s ok but it could use a lot of improvement. I’ve been living here a year and there have been shot outs right out side my window. And robberies left and right

Very clean and well kept apartment complex. Very nice, private and quiet gym as well as computer lab. The pool can be loud at times but that’s to be expected. Parking is very good even on the weekends as long as you don’t mind parking on the street sometimes, I’ve never had to pay for parking so that’s a plus.

The amenities/furnishings are great, and the staff is very friendly and helpful--everyone from front desk reception to cleaning crew. Be forewarned there's noise even at night since it's a bustling part of the Strip, but nothing different from any downtown living experience!

The staff is awesome and made moving in easy. The maintenance crew is nice and respond fast to solve issues. Which it is rare to have any issues.

The maintenance crew is very great and nice. They are friendly. The apartments are close to the colleges and downtown area. Overall it is a descent place.

I enjoy living in phase 2. Management is very responsive and on top of it. Patrick is one of the best leasing director I have came across. He is the epitome of customer service and professionalism.