Todd is a great place to live with a very friendly staff. Rooms are nice and there are good with allowing guests to visit. Pool deck is my favorite!

I overall love Todd. The location is perfect and the room sizes are very good. The one thing I thought would be better would be our appliances. Our dishwasher and washing machine are below average and don’t do a good job.

Looks like an amazing place to live, looking forward to it. Living in the 2 floor apartment right about the pool. The location is perfect for me.

Have not yet lived here but coming over when friends have lived there it is quiet and everyone is nice. The elevator is a little too slow though.

Todd is extremely well priced for the amenities provided. I love living right on campus as well as so close to the downtown area! The sense of community makes it feel like home.

Very nice apartment. Close to campus and close to downtown. Has the perfect location! Price is just right and not to high. Definitely recomend living at todd

Signing a lease at TODD was a great decision! I'm so excited to call this place home. They have great units, amenities, staff, and community.

great tour done by the manager. Showed us a sample of one of the rooms that I would end up having. showed us all of the amenities that todd offers

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I am looking forward to it. Me and and all my friends can’t wait for how relaxing it is going to be instead of living st a fraternity house like we did last year.

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Signing with TODD was super easy and they helped us with every step along the way. They made me want to live there and signed a lease as soon as possible.

Great place. Very aesthetically pleasing. Nice to be so close to campus but yet feel like I am not in the dorms again. Amenities are new and nice too.

Over my weeks of staying in TODD, I have really enjoyed it. The front desk staff is very friendly and I’ve met with different people everytime. The rooms and public areas are always very clean and tidy. I cannot wait to continue living here!!!

I have not yet moved in, but the experience I had with the staff was extremely kind and helpful. Everyone I encountered was nice and friendly. I’m excited to live in this community!

I love living at todd! It’s a home away from home! The amenities make it so nice to live there! The service is amazing and the rooms are so big and bright!

I visited and had a great lifestyle there. Lots of amenities and a great place to live. There is a pool and gym that are very convenient. Great overall

It’s wonderful al around. I enjoy the service and all of the amenities. Everything is really convenient and easy to use. I love being right on campus and the guest service

I’m looking forward for this coming year at Todd because of it’s close proximity to campus and Greek town. The amenities are super convenient.

Very good so far. I really like it I think it will be very fun to have a pool and stuff like that. I’m going to swim in it that’s sounds fun and cool stuff

Love Todd! The pool is area is definitely my favorite part about it. I also love the gym area and the free tanning. Can’t forget about the amazing locations as well!

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I can’t wait to movie in with my friends next semester! It is going to be so fun! The college dorms really suck and I get to have my very own room!!

I love the location as it is very close to campus. The pool and other amenities make it a great place to live. Parking prices could be lower

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I love everything about living in TODD. The accommodations, amenities, and staff are all top notch. I’m definitely renewing my lease next year.

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I've had a very good experience living in the Todd student housing development in a 4 bedroom apartment on South 5th street and that's why I wrote this review.

Have yet to move in to todd but every day I'm counting down till I can move in. I can't wait to have my very own room and use the clubhouse and gym every single day.

I love my Todd experience. Todd has the best amenities out of any apartment complex on campus. I have friends who live and have lived at competing complexes and none offer the amenities that Todd does.