I love my Todd experience. Todd has the best amenities out of any apartment complex on campus. I have friends who live and have lived at competing complexes and none offer the amenities that Todd does.

TODD apartments is such a beautiful place to live. Great gym, tanning bed, and layout. The rooms are spacious and up to date. The garage is the best part.

Great location, friendly staff and great maintenance guys! Whenever anything has been broken in our apartment maintenance has been right there to fix it. The front desk staff is also very helpful with answering any questions we had.

Todd is a great place and I love the pool there. The staff is very friendly. I like how there's a garbage chute. I've only been there for a month but I love it!

My room is very elegant with plenty of space to customize your room into your home. I would recommend Todd to any of my college friends. Todd's living space is superior to other student living or apartment facilities.

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I enjoy living at todd because of the amazing location to everything, less than a 5 minute walk to all of my class and not far from downtown either.

I love living here because everything is so convenient. The rooms are spacious, the location is great for class, the amenities are A+, and the people are friendly.

I have had a great first couple months at Todd. The staff has been great and I have enjoyed the culture here. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year!

Todd has the best location of any student living option at Mizzou. It is less than a 5 minute walk from the middle of campus. The room are very nice and are decorated with modern furniture.

I like TODD a lot. The pool is very nice and clean. My room is big and has everything i need. Staff is helpful and always available. The courtyard is nice although Ido not use it very much.

love living here, everything is very clean, maintenence guy is very fast, helpful, and nice. love location. very close to all of my classes and library

Overall very good experience so far. Staff are very friendly and the maintenance is fast. The amenities are great and location is convenient for walking to campus. Only complaints I have are people making noise in the hallway late into the night and the elevator is slow... very very slow.

Awesome, beautiful rooms that are a good size. Location is amazing, a few minutes walk downtown and right on campus. Staff is incredibly helpful and will remember your name.

Todd is a great place to live. It's so close to campus and has awesome amenities and activities going on all of the time. My favorite part is the pool.

I love Todd and my room and the amenities. I like how they are trying to do more events to get people involved. I love living on the 2nd floor because it is so close to everything

Todd is great and it is a great community to live in. I was happy with my experience and I would recommend all of my friends to live here. It was fun.

Pretty good apartment so far. Everyone who works here is nice and the view is great. It's conveniently close to everything too, yeppers hahaha

It's Great!!! you don't know how much i love is the best and you will be a good person i and the only thing he can say was the one that he didn't want

The apartment complex is a great living environment. The individual units worked out perfectly for my roommates and it. I also thought the guys in the front office were extremely hopeful!

it is very beautiful and comfortable , i love it very much .l think it will be better in the future.i hope i will have better live in this apartment

I really love this app it give u great ways to earn gift cards. It's also a great way to get in touch with the community you are living in which for me is an apartment area.

I like living here, i have a lot of fun and the amenities are great. The staff is really helpful and kind and I haven't had many issues while living here.

The community is very friendly, and I always feel comfortable when I am home. I never have to worry about theft or anything else like that. Just an all around friendly place.

I really love living here! Everything is well taken care of and the staff is always very friendly and kind. The study deck and pool are great

So far Todd has been an enjoyable experience. Signing up was a breeze and the tour (plus guide) was extremely helpful. The reviews have been mostly positive and so far I have no complaints!