I actually really like living in Townlake despite the fifteen minute commute to campus. It’s at a good price with great amenities and it’s definitely a place you’d like to rent out for college.

Living here has been a great experience! Town Lake makes it to where residents have a pleasurable experience and make us feel at home. Thanks!

So far my apartment experience has been great. I met the love of my life next door and now we are planning to get married! I love being close to the lake and downtown!

Overall a great place in a good location and they attend to problems promptly . If you’re a student looking for a an affordable place to live while studying , this is it .

Town lake is a great place with a variety of stores in the area! And also a lake nearby that is a safe place to exercise along with town lakes small gym open 24 hours.

It is a great location for college students along with the affordable prices. The amenities are nice and kept up well. It is great how there are monthly events as well!

The apartments are okay and quiet, but the living situation with roommates can be a struggle if you are living with random people who already live in your apartment.

Town Lake community is great. The pool and gym are nice, not too Creed. Maintenance is supper responsive. And all the different community activities are great.

Great place to live in!! The events they do are amazing and the staff is friendly. Maintenance is amazing and fast!!! I have enjoyed my experienced

Haven’t even started living there yet but the vibe from the tour was so wonderful since everyone was so kind and helpful, it MADE US want to live there!

lack of management structure, lack of transparency with the Domain on Riverside issue, and the furniture and furnishings in the two units I have lived in are nothing special.

Love the amazing office staff. The affordability is great if you are on a tight budget (aren't we all). It's 15 minutes from the UT campus and buses are available. I love living here because it is so home-ly!

As long as you have your own means of transportation, living here is not a bad idea. However, with the wave of gentrification, the apartment is going to get demolished soon to build a mall complex rather than provide cheaper housing options for university students so this review will soon not mean much.

Everything is pretty fine, but the internet instability makes everything significantly worse than it should be. I also wish y’all have the option of Ethernet, or allowing us to get our own internet providers since when I tried do both they didn’t pan out well.

Love living here! Maintenance is always timely, staff always friendly. Every year that I stay is a chance to meet new roommates that enrich my life!

My resident experience has been very bad. The apartment was not move in ready and management was not quick to our needs. The manager told my roommates and I that he would give us gift cards as reimbursement for our move-in troubles but that never happened.

Everything is great! I love the office staff & the community. All of the events are cool and allow residents to get to know each other. Maintenance is a little iffy, it's kind of hit or miss with getting stuff resolved with them. But other than that i love it here & would definitely renew!

It's quiet, nice people here, when I moved in one of the people working here went out of her way to help me get my suitcases to my building and up the stairs, never had any problems.

Not everything is perfect, but with the efficient maintenance workers, this place is well-ran! Great location and friendly faces all around! Oh yeah- and the residents who have dogs make adulting much sweeter:)

It has been good but in the beginning we had problems moving in. I like the accessibility for UT students but I don’t really like the customer service. One time I went in to pick up a package during open hours and the office was closed. I am certain because I went in at 1 on a Saturday.

It is really quiet, for the most part. I really like that the issues we had for maintainence were resolved very quickly. Im happy with mgt. they are all friendly. I really like my new place so far, these 2.5 months have been nice.

I have enjoyed my time here as a student living at Town Lake. I’m sad to hear that one of the only affordable housing options for students in Austin will be demolished in a couple of years to build luxury condos.

I love my apartment. I live in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath. I enjoy the privacy and not having to share a bathroom. There is a bus stop super close to my building and the dollar general is walking distance. My main concern is when I wanted to renew for next year they said I might not be able to for unknown reasons because of the building number I live in.

All of the residents are super nice as well as the staff. It’s been a positive experience so far but there are a few shortcomings. That being said, not everything is perfect

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Town Lake is an awesome place to live, this is my 9th year! Great location, close to everything including downtown, the lake, and even my HEB!

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