Accommodations are pretty nice for the price. The exercise room is a good perk along with the occasional free food offered by the office. Overall it's good as long as you're okay with being far away from campus.

I definitely like living at Tremont, although I do have a few things to point out. The bugs are a real issue. Despite having the exterminators over, they still keep coming in from all the windows. The other thing is the appliances are really old and have rusted.

Good low cost apartments that have everything you'd need in a college home. Rooms are a comfortable size with large closet space and ceiling fans.

Apartment is more run down than I thought it would be, but the staff is super nice and accommodating. Liked it enough to stay another yeah though.

Updating apartments so it’s changing my views as maintence is getting better. Instead of constantly fighting with broken appliances, they are being replaced. Staff is awesome. Pretty realistic and personable.

Tremont has improved so much! It was not great as lions crossing but with new management, it's amazing. The staff is really helpful. The maintenance request is always done fast.

I love living here. The space in my apartment is great, I have my own room, free parking, and a free bus pass! If a little commute does not bother you I would highly recommend living at Tremont.

There are issues with wifi connection sometimes and I constantly feel like I have to contact maintenance with an issue but staff is nice and maintenance is good at completing requests.

Spacious apartments and it's really nice to have your own room. Just wish that the spaces were a little cleaner and updated, along with the amenities. Overall, a nice apartment in State College.

The in apartment washer and dryer are extremely convenient. Had some issues but management, maintenance and staff are working on making things right.

Nice place. Maintenance is quick and easy. Rent is relatively cheap. Has a gym, computer lab, basketball court, volleyball court and a pool table

Overall, my stay at Tremont has been pleasant. At the beginning of my stay, I felt they were occupied and unprofessional when it came to maintenance response time but that was probably due to the amount of people moving on. They have gotten better with their respond time.

Friendly environment, nice rooms, has everything you need. Close to all supermarkets. Love to have my own room. The rent is cheap enough for a college student!

Tremont seems to still be going through changes, but it is getting better than what it used to be I used to visit a ton before finally choosing to live here. There may have been some downsides to this, but it was not worth the trouble of trying to live downtown. I save so much more money here and I live with some amazing people. The apartment may not be the best of the best, but it does have its charm. I highly recommend living here. Maintenance helps out a ton and they give tons of notifications and tons of chances to earn prizes.

Overall a good apartment an amenities for the price range, one of the cheaper options in the area, however management is rarely helpful and maintenance requests are not attended to promptly.

The community here is nice, and the members that work in the leasing office are very helpful and try to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Great place for the price, though the administrative staff seems to be a little slow to get things done. The amenities are awesome, and the grounds are usually pretty quiet.

NIce community, very friendly staff. Neighborhood is in a nice area, there are nearby parks and there is not too much traffic noise. Close by for shopping, Penn state access, and nearby state parks and forests.

Great place to live in. A lot of facilities and the management is amazing. Also very responsive in case of repairs. Overall you won’t regret living here.

Tremont is a great place for students to live. The staff are well informed and very helpful. The only downside is that the windows do not block any noise.

Friendly and clean. Getting maintenance can be a pain, as is the commute, but everything about the living area its self was positive otherwise.

Tremont is a fun active community,they ensue you're comfortable and all of your living needs are met in a respectful time.their service is also good

Love the place and the people i have met but they dont always respond to you when you have a problem. When left a message at the front desk over a week or so ago and still have yet to here back and i keep calling about jt

fun, like free food. i wish wifi worked better. i wish the gym had more lights. i wish the bus stop had more lights. i wish it wasnt so cold. i love tremont though.

It was a good fall here. It's quiet, clean and easy for bus access. I like the gym and rec rooms. I like the office because they always help when something is wrong.