The office here is not professional in any way. Since moving in here at the end of August we have had to get new keys made for our apartment because mine did not fit in the door. We have had three different leaks in our ceilings. Over the summer we have had a bad experience with our rent amount as well. We are paying a higher rate than we signed up for. Overall it hasn't been a great experience.

The staff in the leasing office are super helpful and friendly when you need them. Considering having to deal with a change of management for the apartment complex they’re handling the transition really well. The facilities offered to residents are really nice and clean and I can’t find many complaints for the great price rent is here.

Have had some problems with our apartment but they are fixed and it is overall really nice. It is so spacious and homey. Also a great price for what we get!

The complex is very quiet, there's always a place to park, and it is very clean. The management staff is very helpful as well. When you submit a maintenance request, it is fulfilled within a day or two.

The amenities are good, especially the included bus pass. The complex is quiet and I've never had issues with neighbors being too loud. Maintenance is usually very timely as well.

I love it here! Super convenient with great staff. Very affordable prices allow me to focus on my studies instead of stressing about my rent.

I really like the atmosphere and the spacious apartments. I also really like how the apartments are very close to stores and amenities. I also like that the apartments are pet friendly because I have a dog that lives with me.

Tremont is a great community! They tend to the residents fast and I love the personality of every team member. Renovations to all apartments would be great!

The apartments are great here and the community is very friendly. The rent is also very affordable for broke college students like me and I would like to live here again before I graduate!

I believe that our apartment is fine, and we enjoy the extra amenities like the hot tub or pool. Best place i’ve lived at so far but the distance isn’t the hest

I love living in Tremont it is my favorite place, nice location especially being behind the Walmart The management are very friendly and helpful. They made me feel at home. If I need maintenance they are very responsive and professional!

Arrived to a relatively dirty apartment (stains on carpet, black smoke on windows, goldfish crackers on kitchen floor, mold in bathroom shower). Also wasn't allowed to move-in on the originally promised move-in date, but I understand that was due to the former management. Location and amenities are fine, and the value for the place is good.

Overall, the apartment is great for the price. The staff has been very helpful with any problems I had, and they're very friendly. The only problems we had were some maintenance issues which were fixed later on.

online service is slow, for example like the student portal thing. Because it is inconvenient to pay the rent in check. Otherwise is good, the room and the wall has little bit dust and the sofa is too old. Plus the

Roommates suck. Your management sucks. Apartment sucks. All in all it’s pretty stressful living here. I can’t see my rent. I can’t see my ledger so I have to trust that your people are doing things right and I already have proof that they aren’t communicating and just blowing smoke up peoples behind

Overall, it's a good place to live while attending Penn State. The bus stops are located in a convenience location for those who commutes by bus. They also have pretty advanced package locker system which allows you to pick up your package anytime. They also have a great pool that are being maintained almost everyday. It does get noisy a bit over the weekend but what can you expect from living in an apartment filled with college students.

My kitchen flooded the first week here because of the garbage disposal from the floor above, and the maintenance emergency line didn't have a voice mailbox set up so we had to wait overnight.

Love the Tremont Hate the location but what can ya do, it’s a good place to live. Worth it when the buses are running smoothly and the roads aren’t blocked from the football games

Tremont is such a great place to live! Everyone here is nice, friendly, and easy to talk to. The apartments are so spacious so it’s nice to have my friends over when they come to visit!

Great community ! Love the amenities like the pool and jacuzzi. It is very conveniently situated close to Walmart so you don’t have to worry about you groceries either

They are nice and clean apartments. They always timely respond for thr maintenance requests. The office staff is quite courteous and sweet. :)

great experience! good amenities! love the location! very nice swimming pool and gymnasium! very comfortable and stress free stay! will always refer to other students

When I moved in the apartment wasn’t cleaned from the last resident and the website made it seem like the apartment would be renovated, but it’s not.

As a new person to the country as well as State College, Tremont offers for a complete package. From the bus pass to maintenance, it takes care of most of the things for you. They have a very responsive and active staff. All the amenities are as good as in the pictures.

This place is very peaceful in terms of neighborhood and filled with amenities. The staff and crew are the best I can find this fall. The location is appropriate for the bus and other supermarkets like Walmart etc.