The staff at tremont is very friendly and they will always try to help out. It sometimes takes some time for maintenance to get to a request but I'm sure there are a lot of requests out in for things to be done. All in all it is a decent place to live

When the apartment locks were changed, the office employees were able to quickly exchange my apartment keys. I was able to go back into my apartment without a sweat!

Tremont is a nice off-campus place to live. The amenities are great and the apartments are well maintained. The office staff is efficient and friendly.

It's a really good place if you like quiet locations. It's good for the price they give you. The office helps when you can't get through online.

Nice place. Has everything you need. The maintenance is good. Utilities provided. Quiet place if your neighbors are not loud. Close distance to shops

It is a great place to live.the people are nice it's fun and the environment is great.ive lived there for a year and I love it .its great ..

I enjoy living at Tremont. It is a relatively short bus ride to campus and I have my room. Maintenance response time and aid could be improved upon, however.

I had some issues with maintance, they locked me out of my bathroom for 4 days and broke my towel bar and never fixed it. I have also dealt with subpar upgrades. They recently upgraded my blinds, but the top part already is sagging because they didn’t properly nail it into the wall. Staff has been great and helpful.

The staff is really nice and helpful. i like all of the amenities and the constant free events throughout the year. Would recommend this apt.

love living here, i moved in a year ago and i even got my friends to move in here for next semester. i love the employees and what they do to make our home bette.r

Although my move-in was a little bit messy, Nicole was awesome and helped me through the move-in process. Every time I am in the office, the staff is upbeat and very sweet. I understand that there is new management so small things are still being tweaked, but the staff is doing their best and they're doing an awesome job.

My experience at tremont was OK. I dont like the fact that every single staff that i have talked to is confused. For exampled when I tried to get my summer sublet stuff together, it took 2 months to finally complete it.

My overall experience with Tremont has been positive. Although the amenities are outdated and appliances were sporadic upon move in, maintenance has been quick to fix these problems. For the price, it is definitely an economically efficient choice for college students.

Accommodations are pretty nice for the price. The exercise room is a good perk along with the occasional free food offered by the office. Overall it's good as long as you're okay with being far away from campus.

I definitely like living at Tremont, although I do have a few things to point out. The bugs are a real issue. Despite having the exterminators over, they still keep coming in from all the windows. The other thing is the appliances are really old and have rusted.

Good low cost apartments that have everything you'd need in a college home. Rooms are a comfortable size with large closet space and ceiling fans.

Apartment is more run down than I thought it would be, but the staff is super nice and accommodating. Liked it enough to stay another yeah though.

Updating apartments so it’s changing my views as maintence is getting better. Instead of constantly fighting with broken appliances, they are being replaced. Staff is awesome. Pretty realistic and personable.

Tremont has improved so much! It was not great as lions crossing but with new management, it's amazing. The staff is really helpful. The maintenance request is always done fast.

I love living here. The space in my apartment is great, I have my own room, free parking, and a free bus pass! If a little commute does not bother you I would highly recommend living at Tremont.

There are issues with wifi connection sometimes and I constantly feel like I have to contact maintenance with an issue but staff is nice and maintenance is good at completing requests.

Spacious apartments and it's really nice to have your own room. Just wish that the spaces were a little cleaner and updated, along with the amenities. Overall, a nice apartment in State College.

The in apartment washer and dryer are extremely convenient. Had some issues but management, maintenance and staff are working on making things right.

Nice place. Maintenance is quick and easy. Rent is relatively cheap. Has a gym, computer lab, basketball court, volleyball court and a pool table

Overall, my stay at Tremont has been pleasant. At the beginning of my stay, I felt they were occupied and unprofessional when it came to maintenance response time but that was probably due to the amount of people moving on. They have gotten better with their respond time.