Good. mostly quiet unless there is a party going on. Gym has most of the necessities. They recently renewed the lounge and the office. Also has swimming pool and hot tub

This is my second year living at Tremont. The bus ride to campus doesn't bother me that much because my apartment is great, lots of space and my own room

I still have a large cabinet in my Apartment that I wanted out move in weekend. Other then that the place is nice and I enjoy the peace and quiet

Living here is very nice! The roommates are very nice. The buses are very convenient. I like living here. If the rent can be cheaper, it will be better.

So far, everything is well. I'm excited to see more renovations for the actual apartments because so far they're so awesome. The amenities are enough and provide a good time. I do wish that all the renovations especially the computer lab was done already, but I understand that maintenance s doing they're best. Overall a solid place to live for me.

I love the amenities and how close the complex is to the campus bus stop. There always seems to be something going on as well which I really like!

so far a good experience. Like how clean the place and see workers always cleaning the area. I would like to have ore programs in Tremont that would get me out of my apartment complex.

Moving in was hectic but Tremont Student Living made it so much easier and the people around the area are super nice. Also, maintenance is always there within 10 minutes and the staff workers are also there whenever we need them.

Bathroom and kitchen was extremely dirty upon move-in & numerous maintenance requests was needed. The request were resolved within a somewhat timely manner.

My apartment is great. There a minor scratches and dents in the apartment but there are a great number of things. Everything is included and prices is great for being in State College. There is a fitness center and pool and hottub that is convenient and the community is pretty quiet at night. It also has free bus passes and is close to town.

Good layout. Great roommates. Nice kitchen. Good bathroom. Good bedrooms. Clean appliances and working condition is also good. Overall pretty good

Great environment, good amenities. Bus stops are close and buses are always available. Staff are always friendly and maintenance is fast and nice

great place to live! does not cost an arm and a leg to live here! sometimes residents or maintenance can be a little loud but other than that its amazing.

Been pretty good, apartment was a little dirty when we got in. Maintence is quick after the initial flow of service requests that happen in the beginning

It's going great. However, the room in which I'm staying doesn't get much outside light. So I have to keep the lights turned on all the time. Also, the gym and recreation room maintenance took a long time to finish.

Spacious apartment layouts, nice furniture, and convenient in-unit laundry. You cannot beat their rent price at any place in state college - believe me I've tried.

I love tremont! Can't wait to live here again next year athouhht it'll only be for one semester. It's a very quiet, homey area with great amenities.

It's nice an quiet andI love having my own room to get away from everything. It's a nice space away from campus to help forget that I'm a college student at some points.

It is a nice place to live. Not too far from campus and many amenities, such as a pool, a gym and there are options to play volleyball, basketball or tennis. It is great especially for people who like to exercise a lot.

Maintenance requests are usually fixed within a few days. The staff is nice. Pool and hot tub are nice however hot tub does not really work. Gym is nice but needs more equipment.

So far the overall experience has been good. The only thing that I did not like about Tremont was its cleaning policies. My apartment was not clean when I moved in.

Great environment. Friendly residents. The management st Tremont student living is very responsive and helpful to their residents, in case of any difficulties.

So far, I've had a great experience. I'm in love with all of the amenities! It's so nice to not have to worry about the cost of other things, like parking, bus passes, utilities, and even WiFi. With a private bedroom, a pool, a computer lab, and in-unit laundry, you really can't beat the prices. I'm really loving it here!

My apartment is actually better than I thought it would be. I moved here for military purposes and the apartment is spacious and the rent is great price for a working college student.

I had an okay experience, rent decreased which was good and i am comfortable. The distance away from school and Walmart is pretty decent , I’m okay with Tremont.