Nice, cozy one bedroom apartment. I've had no maintenance issues so far, my neighbors are quiet, and the complex is neat and well kept. My only complaint so far is that the windows are poorly insulated, so sound and outside temperature get through very easily.

I really appreciate the maintenance team. They helped with an issue of plumbing in my bathroom very efficiently and thoughtfully. Thank you!

We are staying here for the past 5 months and we are totally happy and satisfied with the apartment and with the trilogy team who repescts and responds to our problems immediately and yes there is an easy and quick solution if there is any repair in our house. We are fully satisfied with the team's service. It's a quiet and pleasant place to stay and surely we would recommend it to our friends :)

Great location, staff is very friendly, maintenance responds quickly and they always have friendly conversation. The dog park is awesome. Only downside is the dog park is always full of poop because other residents don't clean up after their dogs.

Very clean, well maintained ... only downside is the windows - they are hard to open and the frames need to be caulked, but maintenance responds pretty quickly to any requests. Just haven't put in a request for windows as of yet.

I really love the outstanding area also due to the fact that this is my first home in Missouri. It’s a outstanding place live . Gym,pool,and laundry ohh brother I’m happy

My resident experience has been just ok. I feel as though it could be better but nope it’s not. They don’t try to help you soon as your just a few days late they start trying to evict u

Very friendly staff and responsive maintenance. Love being able to use the dog park which is directly across from my apartment but hope there will be updates made to it soon. Specifically, another obstacle or putting down grass where the dirt path is because my dog gets very dirty when we go there.

I have enjoyed my stay at Trilogy Apartments. The management office staff and maintenance have been responsive to my needs! My only request is for the windows in the apartments to be changed, they are old and drafty during the winter months.

Trilogy is a great place. They keep the facilities nice & have great response time on any maintenance requests. I would recommend to anyone looking in the U City area

So far I have really enjoyed living at Trilogy. The location right by 170 is very convenient. At first I was worried the highway traffic would be extremely loud but inside the apartment I can barely hear it.

It's crazy how your electric bill is always sky high for someone that is hardly home. as expensive as it is to live here you would think that we would get some updates like the property that is owned by trilogy across the highway. they were all one property at first and then decided to split them and do all the updates to the ones on the opposite side of the highway. i can handle the old appliances but some updated windows would be nice. I love the school district though so i guess i will have to continue to manage there. On the plus side staff is very friendly and always welcoming especially the lady Alaina. I wish they mark the streets with parking spaces too because parking is horrible especially if your neighbors have 3 and 4 cars taking up garages and parking on the street but then you have the people that double park so its impossible to find parking, there are also cars that never move out of parking spots too.

It’s a good experience I really love trilogy Apartments. They are very responsible to any need you have. They always have something for the residents. And a beautiful pool

This community has been extremely nice. From the staff to the amenities. Trilogy apartments has been a great place to start out. Looking forward to what the future holds.

Friendly staff nice neighborhood , i have lived here for a while now and have not had any issues with anyone. its a great area to get a start in.

This is my first apartment and I can honestly say this was the best decision I have ever made everyone is very friendly and the neighbor is very quiet I love it .

Nice neighborhood, it is beautiful around. The maintenance is quick and helpful. The only concern is the smell of cigarette through AC if your neighbors are smokers!

Great location! Staff is super friendly and maintenance is timely. The outside is very well kept and I enjoy the activities the staff put together.

I highly enjoy living here. For the price I have quite a nice two bedroom living space. I especially love going on walks down Canterbury with my daughter.

I really like it here. The location is convenient and the unique layout of the apartments lends itself to feeling like a more private home. Even finding parking is not too difficult, I'm very comfortable with parallel parking.

I love it here. I feel safe and location is great. I just don’t want to pay more. Parking is horrible so get a garage. Landscape is maintain well.

I’ve been here 11 years in the same apartment. You charge according to location; you have added amenities for those who grill, walk dogs...and changed the name /mgmt at least 3 times since I’ve been here. However, you have not done ANY upgrades in this apartment and I pay at least $250 more in rent. Additionally, you added doors to the car ports and raised the cost of using it from $15 to at least $150. Not only that, I see more equipment in them than tenant cars/belongings.

This is one of the quietest complexes I have ever experienced. The 4 star was only given because of the hallways leading to my front door. I would like to see brighter colors and not so much grey.

Hey man it's pretty ight, maintenance is tight much fast. The staff lookin pretty chill demselfs as well. hopefully meet some cool persons in da other apartments as well.

My initial experience wonderful ran into a few problems so no comment at the moment, I will reply shortly, but so far so good apartment staff has been on top of everything at work and really fast and has been accommodating I will say that much