I really cant enjoy the comfort of my home. I have to walk on pins and needles because my neighbor below me will call the police about a noise disturbance and I get fined $100.

The community itself is pretty inactive. You'll see a few people around, butI haven't met any neighbors and there aren't a lot of opportunities for interaction.

Its okay. Nothing really special about how the tour made it seem. The stove is horrible and the bathroom is not the well but we get by. I've lived better.

My dishwasher is holding water in the bottom. My work orders are complete. ( the kitchen cabinet, paint work on stair case, light fixture needs to be put back up in downstairs hallway after the upstairs bathroom flooded they never put the light back up

I think the apartments are really nice. The staff are very helpful when needed. Maintenance staff really needs some work. It's takes a while before they actually fix the problem at hand and when they do it's always a "quick fix". Rent reminders should be more confidential and not placed in the door where anyone can read them.

Could do so much better with communication but the property looks a lot better. Office people are nice but horrible at following up with people.

So far, I'm pretty displeased with my experience. In many circumstances, the staged unit apartment companies show you is nicer than the actual unit, but its like different worlds here. My apartment did not look like it was professionally cleaned upon move in, with grimy blinds, dried blood on my bathroom door, a cockroach in the kitchen, and dirty water filling the bottom of my dishwasher. Maintenance has been fairly responsive but the issues I reported were not fixed completely and it seems like very little effort is made to make these units livable.

Things are really slow to be fixed or don't get fixed at all. New flooring in my apartment has large bibles in every room. Also common stair well smells and is often times dirty unless residents clean it

We have had a lot of maintenance issues. Office staff is friendly, and maintenance usually comes pretty quickly to fix things, but things keep breaking again. Maintenance is friendly and seem competent, so my guess is that the fixes are quick fixes and the building shoddy. Other than that, good price, and great location.

Bedroom windows not well insulated. Neighbors are loud and smoke. Don't have a way to complain because management is hard to get ahold of and essentially non-responsive.

The major issue was the apartments above us, but they are gone so that's been resolved, but they are less than mediocre for the price. The lawn always looks great, but put some of that money into your apartments and it'll be nicer for what you pay

Great area...over priced for the size...I've been waiting to get an outlet fixed since August...I was told that an electrican would have to come out...yet now it's the middle of November and the outlet still isn't fixed yet... We always get emails about how much we save by not having to do home repairs ourself... But at least I would be able to put my table and TV where I want...

Staff is great the apartments need help. I can't hang anything on the walls due to excessive paint and thin walls that do not hold anchors plus the ground is settling and is causing problems with apartment doors

The living is nice, the community ha a lot to offer. The staff is friendly, but maintenance could be better at correcting the tenants issues.

It is a beautiful place to stay and the people are great. But the price for it is way to expensive. They come when you need anything but some things could change and for 1 I say the price.

The location is perfect for me. It's a quiet building. The rent is very reasonable for this area. I do wish however, that you would update the gym. Its far from state of the art. The apartments are in need of some updating as well. the furnace and central air are obviously old and need replaced. The flooring is great, even if I thought it was wood buts its linoleum. Lots of closet space for storage. Would be nice to have new windows and doors installed. Would help with cost of utilities. Maintenance staff is fast to act. Office staff is friendly. Accounting program leaves much to be desired. Billing has been off since before I moved in. Still not happy with the debauchery that was my move in experience!

Besides the bugs I love the place it's very quiet in my wonderful apartment complex and also very convenient for me to get back and fourth work

I like it here so far! I’ve been here since January 16th! There was a couple mess ups but they fixed it right away! I realllly love it here!

Not happy that Jamie the property manager told me last June that our pool would be ready by August of last year and it's almost July and still no pool. Also laundry room is usually pretty dirty

Initial move in was a little disheartening. The kitchen was disgusting and we had several maintenance issues that had to be fixed. That being said, work orders are always addressed VERY promptly and with good care. Additionally, we signed at a time when there was a signing bonus of one month free rent. This bonus ended up getting pro-rated for our move in month and then the rest was supposed to be added to the following month. About a week after I had paid rent I got a nasty letter on my door saying I was being sent to collections. I tried calling and couldn't get through to anyone after trying several times. Eventually I just went to the office and got it resolved.

First apartment, staff is friendly apartments are clean. I would definitely recommend to any first time young people looking for an apartment

Quiet and nice. The apartments are old though. I like Chaya in the office, she is always helpful each time I approach her for help. Overall I’ll give it a 6 out of 10

Absolutely love staying here. Safe neighborhood and everything is close by.if you are looking for a place to stay, I would definitely recommend Trilogy Apartments. You won't be disappointed.

Good. The laundry room and fitness room are not cleanly maintained. Th TV in those rooms are not functional. Sometime they work an most times unusable

I really enjoy the visual of the neighborhood. I also enjoy how safe the whole area seems to be. I wish that the rooms were close to equal size in the two bedrooms. That’s the only change I would give.