I love living at edge because the apartments are so clean and nice and i love having a bathroom and the staff is super helpful! overall a great experience

University Edge is a great place for students. It is the perfect location to campus, and the amenities are great. The staff is very helpful, overall a good experience.

The rooms were not cleaned before we moved in, or before my roommate switched rooms. They should always be cleaned before move in no matter what. Rent is too expensive. I would like to have more hangouts and activities for residents. The rest of the experience is good.

The apartments and comPlex are beautiful with many amenities. Only issue I had living here was I got really bad service in my room to a point where I wouldn’t be able to send or receive messages or calls at some points.

Living in Edge is great. I love being so close to campus and things nearby. It is so nice having free printing, tanning, and workout area just downstairs. The staff is helpful and always friendly!

Great place amazing turns out our WiFi wasn’t working because the router was not giveing a signal took korett two hours to figure out. We need more pizza

Korcett is unable to answer the phone in a timely manner. If it were my choice, I would not do business with such a company. Not really a problem for Edge per se, but it certainly would be a point to mention to friends shopping around for apartments.

I think the living space is amazing and I'm very excited. I felt the pairing of people was done properly. The tours give you a great idea of everything at University Edge.

Overall my experience here has been fairly positive. Rooms are nicely furnished, location is ideal for students, and the restaurants downstairs are very convenient. The only complaint is how thin the walls are. A lot of sound leaks through from the main room into the individual bedrooms and traffic from the street can be annoying at times.

This is a great place to live it’s nice and close to campus and the people heard are real nice the coffee machine is a real nice perk and the lounge is good to

This place is pretty ok to live at would recommend maybe possibly if you want to them maybe consider this place even though kinda expenisv nap maybe not best idesd

Honestly, great place to live. They have a nice lounge area that I use to watch the CAVS. Also the free printing is one of the many perks that comes with living at edge

I really do love living here. It's a very safe place. Close to campus and very roomy. The price is decent for all that is included in the room plus the amenities that are provided as well.

Very nice apartment complex and area. Very nice living area and amenities are nice as well. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help with any issues that arise.

I love it here! Everything is amazing. The only thing I don’t really enjoy is the people above us can be real loud sometimes. Other than that its great here!

enjoyed my 2 years living there, staff were very nice and helpful. the apartment is conviently furnished and that was one of the deal breakers for me signing a lease.

the experience in University Edge Apt is extremely nice. they have everything what I want. For example, I like the nice service and the complete equipments.

Edge is a great place to live, I love all the amenedites. The new coffee bar is one of the best new additions. Only bad part is that the walls are too thin.

Staff is great. Amenities are nice. Price is still very high, you could add things people can do to get money off of their rent. More ways to meet people at edge would be nice. The events like “walking taco bar” were fun. Price is mostly the only downfall of the complex.

It was good and great and cool and awesome and this sentence has to be 140 character minimum so let's reach the goal almost there cmon you can do it

It is a really nice place to live. You get your own room, bathroom, and walk in closet. Everyone here is really nice and are always willing to help if you have a question or problem.

Good resident experience. Happy with facilities and general living experience. No genuine complaints at all about the experience as a whole.

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LIving at edge is awesome! everyone is super nice and the staff is too. it also has great facilities and i enjoy the study rooms a lot. also the lounge is super comfy

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I love the complex and how secure I feel living in my apartment. Any time I have had a complaint or called maintenance, they responded almost immediately.

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Love the location and super helpful staff! A lot of fun events get planned and they’re for everyone. Maintenance staff is quick to respond to any issue I would have.

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