I have lived here since August and I have loved it so far. I love how I always feel safe on the weekends with the officers there. But if you all can just make sure that the doors are always locked that would be even better.

Living in edge is a way better way of living than living on campus in a dorm. The full kitchen is very nice for when you want something quick and that isn't fast food. The luxury of having your own bathroom won me over.

Overall experience is pleasant, the staff is friendly and professional and is one of the reasons why this place is so enjoyable despite the fact that the people above us stomp as is they are marching in a parade.

I love living here! It’s so close to campus and everything is within walking distance. The WiFi could be a little better, but this is a great place to be

University Edge does a great job at matching you with roomates! I absolutely love my roomates and the apartment is very nice. There is a lot offered that is beneficial such as in unit laundry and a workout room. I would highly recommend University Edge to others.

I love my apartment and while it may it get noisy at certain, overall I really enjoy living at edge because it's close to campus, it's well furnished, and it has so many amazing amenities

before i sigbed my lease here, i used to come to visit some of my friends here and I loved it. I’ve always wanted to live with other people so i can practice my english since I’m an international student and so far it has been incredible

Great place to live! I enjoy how close the building is to campus and how nice the space is. I also like the rewards offered. I am really enjoying it here.

The apartments are in a great location and it feels very safe living here. The rent prices do seem to keep rising, which is ridiculous suggesting that it is so expensive to begin with. They are all inclusive now, so you don't have to worry about paying electricity or anything like that.

Location is great, nice living spaces, however computers/printer hard to use and rent is extremely high. Internet speed is good, elevators work. Roommates could be better though

I really am enjoying my stay at the Edge. The only thing I have to complain about is the horrific fire alarm that woke me up at six in the morning and nearly gave me a heart attack. Must it be so high pitched???

Overall I’ve had a positive experience living here at Edge. Location is ideal for students, rooms are fairly spacious, and the staff is very helpful. My only complaint is that the walls are very thin and the elevator always seems to break at least once a month.

Love my new apartment! Front desk people can some times have a bit of and aditute, but all things considered I am having an excellent experience.

Everyone at the edge is so nice and caring. The individuals who work at the front desk take extra time to help everyone with whatever they need.

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Wish the walls weren’t so thin, some nights when I have to be at work the next day 6am.. I don’t enjoy listening to people’s music.. can’t sleep

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Good stuff it’s pretty good I think but what do I know I’m pretty stupid and you probably are too so if you’re stupid like me you might like it here so try it

It’s better than living in a dorm. I wish there were lights in my room because I feel like that’s kind of a necessity but I love this apartment and I give it a 10/10. Also the garbage truck is so loud outside my window. It’s cool though.

Nice place to live! The location is great for campus and the free printing is a great attribute. Often they have socials that offer many things for different people.

I love my apartment and all of the amenities the property offers to its residents. My roommates are great too...thats just a plus! The gym and computer lab are always clean and are nice to have at my convenience. The only things that bother me is the noise from the garbage trucks make in the alleyway at 4AM and 7AM, as I am in building A, and the carpets in the hallway of my building could use a little cleaning. Other than that, Edge is great! I love the location... it is SO close to campus!

Living a Edge is like a treasure i still wonder why i didn't come here in my freshman year all i can say is this place brings adulting 101 at ease

Living at edge on akron has really been awesome. Especially since I live with my teammates everything has been going great and I can’t wait for the next couple years here!

I love it here I will be renewing my lease for my junior year and my seniors year as well. I like how edge has the independent lease so I don’t have to worry about my roommates not paying their rent on time

I love the facility and how close the building I to campus. It makes it an easy walk to all of my classes and I enjoy living here in general. They could use some help with managing paperwork and billing for they have messed up on mine multiple times already

I love the location and staff. So far I have enjoyed my apartment and love my roommates. There are so many cool amenities here. I hope to renew my lease next year.

I have had a few maintenance problems in the little time i’ve lived there, but overall is good. Good living space and good community. Also very close to the school and food places.