The amenities are very nice and the staff is really helpful. I love my bathroom and bathtub it makes the apartment feel like an actual home. It is a great place to live.

So far everything is great. I really like this place. My only issue is that there isn't enough counter space in the kitchen. Also, whoever lives above me has a dog that cries and whines all day. Otherwise, the apartments are great and the community is nice.

Facilities are great and well maintained. Staff is always friendly and helpful. The courtesy officer could be less of a total hardass. Please tell the person in Building 2 to not leave their poor dogs on their tiny balcony all the time. It's cruel.

Great place. Perfect staff. Fix problem of pot smokers. Send out schedule for when gates will be open. Everything else is perfect. Thank you.

People decent experience so far, the people in the office are friendly and helpful. However, walls are very thin, and people don't pick up after pets, nor do they put them on a leash. So any dog can run up to anyone, which is pretty unsafe.

Decent price. Cool little gatherings in the office. Upstairs neighbors are loud that's about all. Convenient shuttle to Lloyd noble center. I wish the shuttle went to the store on weekend's.

I love my And i love all the little community events they have. I hate how loud my upstairs neighbors are and how slow the maintenance. Is bit all in and all its a good place.

Improvement on maintenance work, always very quick to address maintenance issues. The computer lab is super convenient for printing and is always quite

Neighbors are really loud late at night. Office doesn’t do a good job of explaining fees. I like my room and location. I also like the privacy. Gates should be closed but never are.

I still have not received my reference gift card and it has been two month now , when would I receive it?? other than that community is good

I really enjoy the location of 2900. And then new gates give an extra sense of sexurity. The apartment rooms themselves could use upgrades. The appliances are out dated and I don’t enjoy using the stove or oven. The kitchen is also extremely small and no storage.

Management and staff has been very friendly and helpful. The only downfall is the units. Small square footage, little kitchen space, and older furniture.

Staff is awesome and very friendly! So far we love living's clean and quite and if you have a problem just let the office know and they will take care of it asap

The office staff isn’t amazing. The maintenance could be better. They are always throwing some kind of an event to keep residents involved. They are great.

They do their best to integrate residents and I love that about 2900. No major problems since living here, minor trouble with washing machine but they've attended to it.

Great community. Safe and secure. Management is great to work with. If my friends asked me for living recommendations 2900 would be at the top of my list.

air conditioner doesnt work again. office have repaired my air conditional, but the aire conditional just works a few days, and then it stopped work again

It took over a month to fix a maintenance issue. Our phone calls were not returned. Office manager has a generally disrespectful attitude. The rest of office staff is friendly and helpful.

Pretty great experience. I like the cleanliness of the apartments. Have not had any issues since I’ve moved in. I look forward to coming home everyday. Wish the gates would close at night. Wonder why we were given the sticker for the car if it is not used

The staff has been friendly. Appreciate the staff and everything. Neighbors have been quiet and no problems. Everything is going good. Id definitely recommend.

It’s been great living here. However, Customerservice is not that quick when it comes to help. Overall, the 2900 apartment is great, safe, and perfect place to live in.

The apartments are mostly clean and quiet. the dishwasher and microwave do not work well. the apartments are a good distance from campus. parking is adequate.

I like it! It is a safe complex and quiet. I like the office and the amenities, the gym, and the computer lab. I will stay here until I graduate

Just moved in, ended up having a delayed move in because the tenant for my room had yet to move out. It took them 2 extra days to find and prepare a different room for me, but since I've moved in it's been great. It takes me only 15 minutes to bike to campus, and the dog park and gym are nice.

Great place to live. Friendly staff and good neighbors. Cooking on an electric stove has taken some getting used to but, i think i'm getting it down. Other than that, there are no major complaints. It's my first time living in apartments and was dreading it but, i cant complain. Its really nice here.