Great place with cheap rent highly recommended. Rach room has it's own key with is a plus. I did have a little maitance issues but they where handled quickly

I have not moved in yet, but the prices are a steal! And the staff was very nice. The facility looks great and the closets are probably my favorite part.

The staff has been great here at 2900 Student Apartments in Norman, OK. I have enjoyed living here this semester. I would definitely recommend these apartments.

the prices is defiantly affordable for what you get but I would say that the apartments are not as great as advertised. Almost all staff is friendly.

I really enjoy living here. The staff is very friendly and there is always something going on. I really enjoy the gym and study rooms. My only issue is trying to print on the new machine.

Still very pleased with the apartment we have a two year lease and we may go ahead and lease for another year after. Great staff and maintenance guys always there to help

so far really enjoying my experience here. my roommate has been great. the room ( a little smaller than expected ) bathroom great, walk in closet is nice.

There have been some issues with appliances, but the maintenance, managers, and staff are all very friendly and helpful! For the price, it is worth it.

It was so bad it Ian. It’s a good place. Because of the pepole that stay there is sucks to be treated so poorly because I have stayed there I won’t do it again

The rooms are perfect and so is the price of the lease, y’all are also very helpful. And it is so close to the school. The shuttle buses are very helpful

I only give it 4 stars because my room is always freezing. Like we have the heat up to freaking 80 and it still feels like it could snow in my room. I was also told by 2 different people I wouldn't suffer a late fee and I keep getting emails about a delinquent account. Other than that, this place is dope! And I really enjoy how the office plays games/ entices us to meet each other and hang out with food.

Very noisy. The office staff is not the most helpful. However, the apartment amenities are nice. The gym is nice. Maintenance doesn’t always respond very quickly.

I’ve really enjoyed being a resident at 2900 Apartments. The rent is reasonable, parking is a non-issue, and there are lots of perks. My only concerns are related to maintenance requests. Our dryer is terrible and keeps shrinking or ruining our clothes, and the lint trap is also broken. I’ve filled out a maintenance request that was unanswered and I’ve talked to management but nothing has changed. I also wish there was a recycling program!

Needed a place to live in a pinch and 2900 was perfect! They were so helpful and got me moved in within the week! The apartments are super nice and i couldn’t be happier.

The neighbors I have were extremely loud at late hours, but it has gotten better lately. Location is nice. A lot of things break down in the apartment so that is annoying and it also takes maintenance a while to fix it. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst.

Great living space. I appreciate the walk-in closet and private bathroom. Thought the kitchen would be a bit bigger. The community anemnities are good.

Great place to stay, very affordable. Staff is very polite and they work on any problem you might have. They cater to the community and tenants.

The amenities are very nice and the staff is really helpful. I love my bathroom and bathtub it makes the apartment feel like an actual home. It is a great place to live.

So far everything is great. I really like this place. My only issue is that there isn't enough counter space in the kitchen. Also, whoever lives above me has a dog that cries and whines all day. Otherwise, the apartments are great and the community is nice.

Facilities are great and well maintained. Staff is always friendly and helpful. The courtesy officer could be less of a total hardass. Please tell the person in Building 2 to not leave their poor dogs on their tiny balcony all the time. It's cruel.

Great place. Perfect staff. Fix problem of pot smokers. Send out schedule for when gates will be open. Everything else is perfect. Thank you.

People decent experience so far, the people in the office are friendly and helpful. However, walls are very thin, and people don't pick up after pets, nor do they put them on a leash. So any dog can run up to anyone, which is pretty unsafe.

Decent price. Cool little gatherings in the office. Upstairs neighbors are loud that's about all. Convenient shuttle to Lloyd noble center. I wish the shuttle went to the store on weekend's.

I love my And i love all the little community events they have. I hate how loud my upstairs neighbors are and how slow the maintenance. Is bit all in and all its a good place.

Improvement on maintenance work, always very quick to address maintenance issues. The computer lab is super convenient for printing and is always quite