Nice staff and helpful emails. Facilities are great too. Good price for the 3 bedroom option. Closest space is nice too. Pool, gym and barbecue as well as library facilities are nice

2900 has been a very hospitable environment. The employees are polite and helpful. I am very excited to be living here this year - the amenities are great!

The people here seem to be very approachable and talk to people. They also seem to like having a good time and are to be able to be friendly neighbors.

Feels like home! I got here nervous about not knowing where to go and what to do. Found the gym and basketball court, I'm back on working out and looking good!

I have just signed a lease and seems like areally cool place with good environment and very close to the campus at the same time.I think I am gonna have great time here.

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2900 Housing offers affordable housing that is fairly nice in quality. Although the pictures on the website seemed different from the actual room, I was satisfied with what I got.

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Amazing staff and customer service!!! Great rates for such nice apartments! So ready to move in!!! I love the amenities available and all of the events❤️

I hate the gates, they can back up traffic into the streets, they’re unresponsive sometimes to the IR reader things and you have to back up and go forward multiple times for it to sense. Not a fan. Otherwise the community is great

The apartment staff is friendly and knowledgeable of the area. The apartment is a great size for the rent amount. I would definitely live here again.

Staff is lovely. Amenities are nice. I really like the pool and campus shuttle. My only problem is the community gate which i dislike and the dog poop everywhere.

Honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had with a living situation an just amazing people. I’m glad I found them An was able to start living an enjoy they was living is suppose to be

I love this neighborhood! The people are great and it’s in a good location. I just wish there was a pedestrian entrance and exit near buildings 11 and 12, it’s frustrating to have to walk all the way down to the office just to use the sidewalk to go for a walk or something. Other than that, no complaints!

Nice facilities. Very affordable rates for the conditions. Apartment set ups are spacious and well organized. No real complaints with the site.

Love the apartment..! We even renewed our lease for another year.. We are hoping for another great year... Staff is awesome amd friendly!.. Always helpful!

REALLY cool people and comfortamble living arrangements. Ready for it to get warmer out so we can enjoy the pool area and grill outside as well.

Everything is great. Staff is really friendly. They call us for every event that happens in the club house. Maintenance can take time but they get it done!!!

It's great although my AC has been broken for weeks and they haven't fixed it yet. Usually they are much faster at fixing stuff so hopefully they will have it fixed soon.

Not a bad experience in general, quit surroundings which makes it as a student easier to concentrate and get work done quick, and the staff are amazing.

I like this new place, and hope I can have the different experience of living here. And this is my friend recommend me and the officer are really nice. five stars

Living here has been a lot better than I expected. I love how much the staff interacts with the residents and all the free food they give away!

The staff was really friendly and welcoming! I was taken care of in the office with one of the representatives showing me around one of the sample apartments which a really enjoyed!

The staff are friendly and helpful. They try to work with you when you have an issue, but they don't uphold rules they put into place sometimes. The gates and security cameras are a necessary and useful addition to keep residents safe, and has reduced crime in the community.

I really enjoy this apartment complex. They're super helpful and friendly. It's in a good area. I feel safe living here. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

The staff always seek the best interest of the tenants and do their best to create a socially inviting atmosphere. Maintenance is responsive and neighbors keep a low noise level. Almost non-existent in the night. Great living for sleep and study.

Every one is really nice. Things are fixed in a timely manner. Everyone is friendly. The events are great. The staff is helpful. The amenities are good.