The suites are a awesome place to live, most of the staff is very friendly and they’re always giving away free food so that’s pretty cool lol.

Great bedroom sizes, personal bathroom, good size closet, love the pool and computer room. Everything is close by. Staff is always helpful. 👍🏼

Friendly neighbors, close to campus, nice management. Everything is easy to access and amenities are great. Only downside is the construction nearby and occasional loud party that keeps you from sleeping.

Living here has been the best experience ever! This is my very first apartment and I was extremely nervous that something would go wrong, but the staff here is amazing and very helpful! I would definitely recommend them to any college student trying to make it on their own in a heart beat .

Water pressure sucks. Carpets were not clean, had holes. Water doesn't stay hot. Appliances are basically ancient. Drainage in bathtub is horrible.

Our apartment community has been amazing, the staff is very friendly and accommodating to us. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. the prices of apartments are great and they always have deals or fun things going on.

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Its all good only complaint would be how gross the dog park gets living next to it the smell gets a literally overwhelming sometimes. Clean up needs to be more enforced on dog owners.

The staff is so nice! Some parts could use renovations but overall the houses are all pretty nice. Convenient location as well, I can literally walk to campus if I need to.

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The staff at University Suites is great, they are always helpful and ready to answer any questions. I lived here, moved out and came back if that tells you anything.

Sometimes too noisy when I first moved in some things were broken which was Disappointing but other than that staff is very helpful and always fixed the problems I had

So far it is ok. Everything is very convenient in here. I like that we have our gym, computer lab, and valet trash services. It kind of sucks when your room mate is a jerk and leaves passive aggressive notes around the house for you though.

I haven't had a bad experience yet living here. I would recommend this place to anyone. The staff is great and whatever I need is taken care of immediately.

Nice community. Nice set up and nice activities throughout the week. The distance to hgtc and coastal is great! The option to pay rent online is good too

As long as I have been living here I have had no issues. Everything I need gets taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. Resigned my lease because I like it here so much

Don’t care for staff coming into the apartment unannounced. Other than that, I like the food days and the building set up. It would also be nice if lunch cks were changed when someone moved out.

I love living here. The staff are very helpful and friendly, and they do a good job of keeping things in order. Plus there are tons of cool events that offer food and prizes.

it has been such a great experience, the staff is friendly and helpful and I love that there is always an opportunity to win thugs or get free food.

The suite Life is a pretty good life! Other than dealing with a pesky neighbor it’s a great place to stay with you friends and animals! Already renewed my lease for next year!

The suites is a great place to stay. Great staff, wonderful location, and free food. Wouldn't ask for anymore. I recommend you stop by and take a tour of the place.

The Suites are awesome! Everyone in the office and maintenance are very nice and helpful. The property is clean. Altogether, it's pretty chill here!

It’s very nice an clean y’all got a nice computer room y’all basketball court need to be upgraded but overall yall doing a good job keep it up

Very spacious, with own bedroom and bathroom. Nice large walk in closet. Love having the computer lab and pool to use. Great being close to campus.

Definitely enjoying the time here. What qualifies as an emergency for maintenance is awful. But for the most part the staff is really great!

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I absolutely love living here. The staff is very friendly and always helpful. Its so nice to have a small park to take my dog, and the pool is awesome.

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Was always so friendly in the office, great management. Best place I chose to live at coastal Carolina University! Would definitely recommend!

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