The staff is great, the neighbors are friendly. I wish the dog park was less muddy. Water pressure ein one of out faucets has been off since moved in. The carpet was clearly old and we had a bug problem. But the staff and maintenance did their best to help and are on top of service requests! We still have a problem with earwigs in the house.

I enjoy living here a lot. It has everything I need and nothing that I don’t. The staff and maintenance are professional and kind. The trash can get gross though.

I really enjoy living here the staff is very helpful and is always willing to help when needed. I also really like all of the activities that they hold each week.

I enjoy staying here, I wish trash would not be left outside the dumpster. I love the office and how I am able print and get coffee anytime I want.

University Suites is an incredible living community! With wonderful communication, kind staff, prompt mail, and fun incentives to keep residents interested and renew their leases, I have nothing to be disappointed about. I won’t be living in Conway past next summer, but I’ll be recommending the suites to all my friends!

I love living "The Suite Life." I love the large amount of space in the living room and the new appliances in the kitchen. Carpet stairs is amazing and having ceiling fans is a bonus. I love the community and our little front porches are perfect for storing our bikes. I love living here!

There is nothing to complain about while living here. If there is a problem the office is quick to fix it. There is no parties, violence or criminal activity that makes me worry about being here.

Lived here for two years now with my best friends and honestly I can say it’s been some of the best times of my life and I glad I could find a place so cheap and close to campus

University suites is an awesome place to live. Very friendly staff and very focused on community. The amenities are great, and its pretty quiet.

I love my apartment. The kitchen and living space are great and my room is more spacious then I expected. The closet is big and the bathroom is clean. Maintenance is efficient and the clubhouse offers daily outreach opportunities. I enjoy having a pool, weight room, and computer/coffee room right outside my door.

Love the new appliances and community events. Community center is well staffed and equipped with convient amenities, and the option to bring your pet is a big plus for me.

I Think this is the best place to be. Family, food and fun. The staff is great people to be around. I love the pool and club house. I love we have a computer room. We can go to the gym anytime. A great place yo live.

So far, I am loving this place. It feels a lot more like a home than my last apartment did. Everyone in the office is extremely helpful and kind and I am looking forward to living here all year.

Very good so far, moved in and the place was not yet cleaned but when we talked to the front office about it they are super prompt in dealing with any issues you are having so awesome customer service lol.

My second year here at university suites and I can say I haven't had one issue with anything within the community. The staff are amazing and put on plenty of events to bring the community together.

These are some very sick apartments, they are super homey and comfortable. I love the fact that we have a big open living area, as well as our own bedrooms for privacy. I love the location and how close it is to the college too.

After living here for a few months, I was really glad I chose this place to live. Short distance from my work and then from CCU which is a quick bike ride away. Great people and no major issues, and we are getting upgrades soon in our apartment so I cannot wait to see them when I get back from my vacation!

On, July 14, 2018 I moved into university suites. So far everything has been pleasant. They have fixed most of the issues I have had so far. Room was very clean.

During my stay here I have had 0 issues. The residents are pretty nice and it is a chill place to live, meaning there is not parties everywhere or people making a lot of noise which I love. The office is good at taking care of issues that come up in a timely matter.

Community Rewards is a great way for residents to get involved and give good feedback towards their complex. University Suites has been the highlight of my time at Coastal Carolina. Awesome staff. The maintenance guy Chandler is very good at what he does and is friendly to the residents he helps

The house itself it great there’s little things here and there but overall it’s great. My only complaint is the dog park it’s just not well maintained and is super gross.

University suites has been a great place to live, very accommodating and helpful staff. I’ve really enjoyed the two years that I have been here.

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Everyone is always so nice and there is a strong sense of community at University Suites. All of my friends live in other apartment complexes and they always have negative things to say about them. I love bragging about University Suites because there is nothing to complain about!

Great place to live at with an quiet environment and the constant free food that is had out. Staff are friendly and ready to help with a smile on their face.

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This is the number 1 place to live in Conway Sc.They have the best location to the College,stores and transportation. The have great Staff they have a pool food family friendly for a college student .

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