Let down with the roomate matching but the staff have been very helpful with resolving any issues. The complex and apartments themselves are very nice and well kept overall.

Some people are very loud, some people are very antisocial...it’s a difficult balance to keep. I like the overall atmosphere of the place and the apartment, but the people are unpredictable.

The move in process was so quick and easy! I️ love living in such an amazing apartment. The rooms are spacious and I️’m in love with the sun room!!

It has been great living here so far ! The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Any problems I have had they have been nice and helpful.

Great community. Love the pool area and the gym. My only complaint is the internet. It says the internet is 100x faster and it isnt. I can’t watch tv or homework at times. It would help to fix this because it does suck to not have good wifi.

I feel like it could be cleaned up a little more especially my apartment but it was still nice. There was a lot of things that the maintenance left behind.

Very welcoming community!! The only thing I would say about my apartment is that I would say they did not throughly inspect my room. My closet door is not attached and I feel that this is something they would have done.

Good apartment complex, everyone is nice and helpful at the office. Maintenance is relatively quick to respond and help when needed. The move in process was great and they made accommodations due to our unique situation.

Living here at UVille has been good. At first, when I moved in last to year when seemed to be having some serious problems with the WiFi by it works a lot better now!

The apartment is very good for the price. My o boy issue is with the people in the unit next to us who play loud music all the time. And the fact that our fridge and over are slightly broken

There’s some damage done to the apartment. The office said they will send people to fix the problems and they fixed a French major problems. I’m still waiting for the miner problems.

The internet is extremely unreliable and regularly drops to .05 Mbps and sometimes so slow that speed tests cannot even register. Makes loading pages for classes hard and just everyday Internet activity almost impossible.

Place is really worth it. I live in a townhouse and it’s pretty cool. I don’t really have any complaints besides the internet which is really slow, can’t even see play PlayStation. But the people are cool and the houses/rooms are really nice for college.

It is a great apartment for the price but lots of stuff is broken and the wifi is horrible. If this gets fixed it is a 5 star complex. However, I can only give it a 3 with the current state of things.

I have immensely enjoyed my time thus far at University Village. I really enjoy the community aspect and how everyone seems to get a long. I also like how close it is to campus and that there is a shuttle service to and from.

We had troubles with the cleanliness and quality of things in our apartment. Broken stove, refrigerator drawers, carpet issues, and issues with the drains in our bathrooms. The complex has fixed these issues and has been very understanding of our concerns.

The Apartments here are very spacious, and nice looking. They are a good choice for the rate I pay $620. However there is room for improvements, the apartment needed new carpets and a heavy cleaning after the residents prior to us had an animal living here that peed on all the carpets. The staff here really is not that friendly or helpful they rarely ever answer the phone. The community is nice, but they leave open the gates a lot, and our codes are not needed to open the gates. I have had a toilet issue for a few days and no one has come to fix it after calling the office multiple times. Also the office is not very informative about wifi information, possible time frames of maintenance coming into our units, and also how to submit our own maintenance requests. I was disappointed when they had an event today with pizza that they posted about 20 minutes prior to the event, when I arrived all the pizza was gone so they clearly did not order enough for their residents and I was upset by that.

Reply from University Village at Charlotte


The living situation is good so far. A couple of maintenance issues have yet to be resolved but everything else is perfect. Office staff are accommodating.

The opportunity to use the shuttle and the location are big pluses, however, my room was still dirty from the last tenant when I moved in, the rooms are painted horribly, and the WiFi absolutely sucks. I leased here for the price and the "looks" but the looks are very deceiving in this complex. Better than a dorm room space-wise, but I guess you truly get what you pay for.

So far this place here is nice. The only complaints I have here is the amount of rent I need to pay doesn't really match with what I have in my apartment.

Nice, peaceful, a good place to live. Has spacious rooms. Maintenance is always on top of things. Pool could be cleaned more often. Gym is great.

It’s a beautiful place, but the WiFi would be better. I really like my housemate and my room. It’s a modern apt and I couldn’t ask for better tbh

Great place! Apartments are nice, and the location is very convenient. Rooms were painted by a 10-year-old on a sugar rush. Other than that though it's nice.

The location of the complex is good. However, when moving into my apartment I discovered that it had not been cleaned at all. There was moldy and stagnant water in the dishwasher, the dryer was broken, and the kitchen cabinets were stained with rotting food and mold. There were paint splatters all over the apartment, everywhere there wasn’t carpet. The bathrooms weren’t cleaned, and there isn't hot water for the sink, only the shower. The AC vents are all corroded, and the main vent has yet to be cleaned. Did I mention that the lighting covers were filled with dead bugs? And there are live bugs in the apartment as well. There are stains on the bedroom carpets as well. The walls are all damaged and scuffed, and the door strips are chipping. The furniture has dings in it as well. Plus the Ethernet outlet isn’t wired correctly- and the WiFi signal is so bad that my wireless printer cannot pick it up. Honestly it was really disappointing to walk into. Maintenance is highly unreliable. They’ve been here 5 times and haven’t finished yet. Maybe this isn’t usual for the community but it has been brutal for my roommates and myself, and we’re only 3 days in...

The internet needs some help and the doors are terrible. The staff is great fast and efficient, and the parking is always so Convenient! I’m excitedly to see how the year Goes on.