I mean y'all straight. It ain't that bad. I live in a 3 bedroom. I mean everybody that stays in a 4 bedroom or a town house seen to hate it.

Nice place to live, some of the other people in the community can be... strange at times but overall it is a nice place to live and I would reccomend to others!

Maintance is slow to fix problems. I really like all the events that are held in the office. The gym needs more equipment and free weights to work out with

My experience at university village has been pretty decent . I've had a couple of things broken in my apartment when I moved in ... But they fixed it in timely manner

The pool house, free food, and printer is very convenient. The only problem I have is the maintenance work is not always done in a timely manner.

I Love it here so far! Free food/coffee every week really helps out. And the maintenance is always fast! The people in the office are very nice and helpful.

This is my first year here at UV Charlotte and so far I've enjoyed every moment of it. I haven't had any serious problems. The only complaints I have are that the WiFi cuts out maybe once a week and its pretty slow and the morning bus is extremely packed. I would also suggest updating some of the gym equipment.

I like UVill! My experiences with them have been great! I don't have any complaints. The rent with everything included works for me at this time.

I'm loving my apartment and roommates everyone is pretty cool!! I have my own privacy, no one bothers me but we do speak when we see each other and I'm glad to have giving a chance to stay here.

I love it here! The wifi stresses me out sometimes but it's like that everywhere. Nothing but good things to say about this apartment complex.

I've a nothing but pleasant experience at UVcharlotte the past 3 years! Friendly and helpful office staff and newly renovated pool and office are great!

University village is a great place to live. Staff is friendly and helpful. The apartments are pretty good. I love using the gym in the clubhouse in the mornings and taking the apt shuttle bus to campus. Definately recommend UV!

Really can't complain but also can't rave about my time here either. Overall a good experience, just a few little things that could be better.

For the price, it's not a bad deal. The furniture is decent and the apartments are clean. The shuttle is pretty reliable and it's better than paying for a parking pass.

I have had a pretty awesome experience with UV Charlotte so far, very few complaints. If I were to pick out one things that hasn't been so good, it would be the small things in the apartment, (moldings, drywall) some minor issues with those cosmetics, as well as some mold in the ceiling drywall.

I really enjoy my apartment at University Village. You get tons of space, your own bathroom, and access to the pool and gym facilities. The only negative for me is that it is definitely "college living". Occasionally you hear music on weekends, find beer bottles on the stairs, etc.

The place is great on the inside. I love the open floor plan and the extra living room. The kitchen is a little small, but that does not bother me too much. As for the actual community, I do not really like it. Too many crimes happen.

Great location and awesome walking distance. Dislike how thin the walls are and a loooot of appliances always need maintenance. Rent payment website needs to be better updated too.

Great staff! It's definitely an undergraduate oriented complex because that encompasses most of the residents, but it's a nice place overall.

UVill has a great maintenance team that quickly responds and fix things right away which I love! Also the distance from campus gives a perfect sense of personal space as well as convenience.

So far everything has been great at UV charlotte. The staff is really nice, and they always answer my questions. The maintenance crew gets things done in a timely manner and they are nice.

It has been a pleasant experience so far. Most bang for your buck in the immediate campus area. The staff has been helpful and polite. I definately recommend university village.

The best company I've rented from. They make sure they take care of you , they will resolve your issues and there is always a perk each week

Overall I have had a great experience here at UVille. The office staff is always extremely friendly and helpful. Anytime I have had an maintenance request it has always been taken care off immediately and efficiently. Plus I love all of the fun free things or food the office offers us each week!

Overall it has been a great experience, I think more could be done to inform is when there are community disturbances. I like the idea of providing breakfast, lunch, etc