The apartments are maintained and clean. Low noise. Overall a good experience, but we have had to suffer through multiple rounds of building construction that has really hampered our views. Additionally, the maintenance office used to be immediately response and now it can take multiple weeks to get even a simple call fixed.

lots of fun,friendly community,a lot of activities: movie night, free Chick-fil-A, regular buses to Kroger, Target, barbecue,ticket to cedar point

The area and vicinity are very peaceful. I like the bus service to OSU and Kroger as it makes my life easier. The weekend events are fun and engaging.

University village has very reliable buses. The staff at the resident life center are always friendly and helpful. Having a gym and study space so close is handy.

Awesome apartment, not a lot of noise, good amenities, and great community. Would love to live here again and will recommend to all my friends.

My experience has all around been great. Nice renovations, decent gym, nice study area. The pool is fantastic. It’s nice to have the Olentangy trail just down the street.

it is alright since the apartment is small but the shuttle bus really helps as well as the low rent so I guess you get what you pay. wish the kitchen was bigger

Good environment, good shuttle. The property manager is really nice. Love UV’s fun events! But the maintenance is really slow. The building is kind of old.

Property manager is very good. Maintanance is a little slow these days though. Still the same strengths (shuttle, rlc, gym, etc) really enjoy events like movie night/etc)

The experience has been largely positive but certain aspects can be improved, such as better communication via the website, management's attitude towards residents, etc.

nice village for residents and I like it. free shuttle clean apartment good maintenance wonderful gym quiet classroom friendly employee very nice

Yes, it is a bit expensive but it is also well worth it. Great amenities, beautiful neighborhood, comfortable rooms, nearby food joints. Highly recommended.

Good neighbourhood. The apartments have been well maintenance. The maintenance requests used to be done quickly but now it’s been 2 months since our maintenance order has been pending

Maintenance has been timely and very helpful. Bus and gym are amazing perks and so far neighborhood is friendly and safe! We had a rough start but so far best choice for a student living off campus. Tailgate and events are perks as well!

Nothing like this place, is a place to call home. It's a great comforting place to live and to grow as a person and enjoy those who are around you.

Loving every minute here so far. Maintenance comes in timely manner however would like warning 24 hours before arrival. We love amenities-esp the gym and pool!

University Village is an awesome place to live in. The RLC’s amazing and the community is very homely. However, I wish there was more frequent shuttle service to OSU during the weekend and also that the RLC was open for longer during the weekend.

Living in university village OSU is very safe, the front door lock is good. The neighborhood is excellent, very quiet and suitable for students.

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It’s so wonderful to live in university Village. It’s close to my department and it’s so convenient to reach school with shuttle bus. I love shuttle service so much!

Its been really great living at uv. They offer so many amenities and its well worth it for how much we pay a much. The leasing office is probably my favorite part of it all.

Everything is great except for the fact that the walls and ceilings are very thin. We can hear every little move from our upstairs neighbor. Other than that... it's been great!

I love living at the University Village because it has great facilities for the resident. For instance, there are free bus transportation to go to the OSU campus and do grocery shopping, free several types of coffee, hot chocolate and tea.

I moved into university village about a month and a half ago. Since moving in there have been a few minor issues however, I am happy to say they were all quickly addressed by maintenance. I really enjoy amenities I have access to as a community member such as the pool, gym, and bus.

Nice and quiet coomunity to live in. Shuttles make life easier. Maintenance is relatively prompt and hassle free. Overall a good experience.