I feel really safe here. UV is great for feeling like a community, and the maintenance men are phenomenal so it’s great to always have stuff fixed quickly and kept functional. But the sound-proofing is not satisfactory.

UV is great for feeling like a community. I feel really safe here, which is the biggest perk, and the maintenance men are phenomenal so it’s great to always have stuff fixed quickly and kept functional. A lot of parking and it’s nice that they’re always out to salt and shovel the walkways. I would say it feels like a little community and that’s nice for professional students who don’t like to be completely alone, but want to get away from the dorm life.

the noise is really loud. I can hear people walking around and talking. Water is so small it’s hard to take shower. Rooms are too small. That is it

Although it has only been a few weeks, I have gotten a chance to get settled into UV. Overall, I like it. I'll start with the downsides. The room itself is rather small, with the kitchen space being cramped and not much room for electrical appliances, but this minimalism approach can work for someone who doesn't need much. I also think that the walls can sometimes leak a lot of noise, especially when there is a lot of shuffling in the hallways and on the floor above you. Parking is never an issue, and the community seems to be saturated with scholars, especially Asians. The streets are wide, so that there is no problem with driving, and I cannot speak about the physical activity and study facilities, but I do like the student oriented nature of the community, which makes it truly suitable for college students. It would be nice if electric and wireless were included in the monthly bill, as it can be costly to take on internet by yourself sometimes. 3.5/5 from me.

Good and friendly maintenance. Well maintained Gym and RLC center. You can find a good amount of students around University village. They should really try to get a grocery shop nearby like Krogers.

The facilities are very nice and kept clean. It is very relaxing to come back home and is usually pretty quiet. Far away enough from campus to avoid game day traffic, but close enough to get to class in a rush. The shuttle system is extremely convenient and the study spaces with free coffee, hot chocolate, and tea are nice additions.

The website is very clear and the staffs reply very soon. The steps of signing contract are also very convenient. It's a very good experience.

Add a rowing machine in the gym. Buses and noisy and always wait under building 485. In that building, the AC is in the living room and doesn’t sufficiently cool/heat the bedroom. Poor design

It is interersting to have such experience, especially when we are living in university village as well. Therefore, i highly recommend this motivations

To be honest man, I do not have the car. Hence, UV is a good place for me to live. They have shuttle, and that is so convenience. Everything is good, except the sound insulation. (I want to change my top neighbor)

If you really want to get a safe and sound environment which is student and pet friendly and need facilities to maintain a balance between brain and body then you can not easily find a better place then UV.

Are you a student in Ohio State University looking for a right place to live in Columbus? This is one of the best place to live around University Campus.

Good overall, but appliances break often and maintenance takes a while to come. Convenient buses although drivers can be rude. Very good location and close to campus. Walls are thin so you can always smell what your neighbors are cooking.

The residence is good , the bus shuttles are very useful. but it is a little pricey considering the old buildings and apartments. good for new internationals.

Great community! Nice place to live, although upstairs neighbors were sometimes noisy. The gym is adequate but sometimes got crowded downstairs.

university village is a nice community. You can have a really good expeirence here. The apartments here are comfortable and the facilities are convienient enough for daily life

Sometimes, water flew over the pipe and ruined the floor, other than that I super recommend UV! Cheap, especially when you plan to live with your friends

Everything is good for me, the shuttle, apartment, environments and laundry. However, the gym is smaller, but the leasing office is very good and the self-studying room is very good.

Awesome staff, love living at University Village and using the Resident Life Center. I love the set up of the apartments. By far the most convenient place to live in its price range

it's an amazing ~ comfortable ~with love apartment . maybe everyone like free shuttle ,coffee and the smile on the staff's face. It's a big family everyone like it.

I enjoy living at University Village because of the friendly staff and the inviting clean atmosphere. Being a resident at UV, I get the opportunities to use many of its amenities such as the gym, computer lab and the bus services. Overall UV is a great place to live, it is truly a home away from home.

UV is the most convenient community for the new arrives in OSU, the shuttle is very perfect for students, undergraduates in OSU. The shuttle to Kroger is also good for residents.

University village is good for students who are looking for somewhere that's fun and relaxing. The amenities are also really nice. Maintenance is great

Postive: Shuttle services, Peaceful environment, gym facility, Printer Service, Study rooms at Residence life center, Pool table Negative: High Price

I'm moving out this July and the only thing I won't miss is the hella rent(!!) but I definitely will miss my apartment of two, especially a bedroom of my own, the nearby Mediterranian restaurant, the monthly trips to international markets and the Big Red Buses.