University village is a clean and safe society to live in. They have all the facilities like swimming pool and recreational center which is nice.

I've lived at UV for almost three years. Nice apartment and good location to commute to OSU campus. The study room and 24/7 fitness room are great.

Being a part of the University Viklage family was a great feeling. The people are really close knit from what I have heard, and the society provides some great amenities at affordable prices

It is a great community with a lot of great benefits. I love the free Starbucks and printing services. It can be tough having access to these resources as a student struggling financially.

It's nice and calm. I really do appreciate the availability the people from the UV center have. The study rooms and computer accessibility is a must for me. Thank you.

The introduction to University Village was well organized and our guide was very helpful with all questions and did a great job showing us around. It is a beautiful community with many amenities and can't wait to explore it more.

It's a great community. Signing up was a very easy experience. Touring the apartments was great and it is a very nice neighborhood. Close to school.

Overall, this is a good place to live. The only issue I had was some neighbors smoking in the hallways and noisy neighbors that I can hear through my walls (either upstairs/downstairs or on the same floor). Also, my room does not have a bathtub.

Great place to live and really close to OSU. Really nice that there are buses that take me to and from class. I like that do not have to worry about buying a parking pass and finding parking spot!!

University village seems like a nice place to live from what I hear from all of my friends who currently love there. They all enjoy it so much they have renewed their lease.

I like studying in the lease office, where I can discuss research stuff with neighborhoods. But the air conditioners are really old and noisy.

Living in University Village is safe, calm and convenient. There is a bus service to school everyday. And they ofen organize events for residents.

Comparatively other places University Village is good place for students. Although keeping in mind the few recent incidents this place also needs some security and vigilance. They should run their shuttlr for Indian store at least once in a month. Apart from that there seems lack of staff in management office and maintenance. It takes days for getting reply of your email, and sometimes you keep sending emails but don't get reply so need to appoint someone to manage this thing also.

Decent Place to live. Average maintenance, you might have to stand up for yourself in order to not be taken for a ride. Decent shuttle service.

Nice, quiet and safe neighborhood, great amenities. Resident life center, 24*7 gym, swimming pool, pool table, computer center and Starbucks coffee.

It was a great experience to be a part of this community. Since it was my first year in the US, I was worried about lots of things including my housing. But thanks to UV, I never had any unpleasant issues with that.

This place was absolutely the best I have come across. I will be spending the rest of masters degree here in University Village. The swimming pool is an added bonus.

Great place to live!! Close to campus and love how there is bus so to to an from high St. Love the weight room and can't wait to try out the pool this summer!!

We are here in the same apartment for almost 3.5 years and signed the lease for another year. It seems a cool place specially for students. Just waiting for carpet change as it is in a very bad condition now.

There are more and more activities recently. However, the smell of grass is disgusted. And the shuttle running time is shortened in summer semester.

University village is a great place to be. The bus service to OSU is awesome. The maintenance department is very responsive to your requests.

Enjoying the experience so far. I especially like how there is a bus transportation system that allows people without cars to live here with ease.

It's nice apartment and i will renew my lease with you and i will recommend university village to my friends who will come to columbus it's clean and maintanance are very helpful and active

Cosy and warm place. The work-out center is awesome. The resident life center is awesome. The starbuck coffee there is awesome. The billiard is awesome.

I love living in university village. It's very convenient neighborhood to live. Maintenance and leasing office people are so friendly and helpful.