Very nice location for people that dont have car and want to live near campus. Resident life center is very cool ,especially for those who like to work out often!

No shopping market nearby! And the furniture is too old. But a good thing is UV provides the shuttle which helps a lot before you bought a car.

Quite and mostly clean residents are nice and friendly. Office staff is friendly and helpful. Maintenance staff are friendly and do a very good join.

Convenient and safe place. The best residency for students who start a new life in Columbus. Smooth works done by leasing and maintenance office.

Quiet and safe residence, private shuttles make it easy and convenient to get to campus and grocery store. Maintenance came the very same morning I put in a request and were friendly.

LOVE shuttle bus service! Staffs in RLC are all very nice! And there is always something fun for us during the weekend and before the football game, which is really nice!!!

UV provides us shuttle bus to school and to grocery shopping, which is really nice for people who don't have a car! Also, there are a lot of activities for us to join, so that we won't feel boring during the weekend :)

The restroom and the utilities were frequently fixed and on our own responsibility. Until now, the bulb at the dining room has not worked twice. And everytime we need to buy the stuff and fix by ourselves. It is the same situation for the toilet.

Overall, I've had a good experience with UV. Most of my maintenance requests have been served fairly quickly, but some things that should have been right from the beginning of a new apartment took way too long to be fixed because of a reliance on horrible and inconsistent contractors. The shuttles are also great, but some sort of tracking system seems like it wouldn't be too hard to implement and would put UV's bus system on par with others in the area. It is all too easy to miss a bus by a minute or two and then have no idea that it even passed.

My community is okay. The staff is not well trained, the buildings are falling apart and I’m constantly calling maintenance. I feel like I’m still in college even though I’m not, and I don’t love that. But the rent is cheap.

Busses aren’t very reliable, which is annoying because that’s why I chose UV. Additionally, there is a huge fee associated with literally everything.

University village is a great place to live in. They do a lot for its residents and go above and beyond to take care of its residents. They have a lot of fun things for their residents to do and make them feel like a family.

Nice apartments, location isn't great for campus, but buses are convenient. New resident life center is also nice, community hosts events there.

The apartment is nice, but the neighbors can be noisy late at night, and I really hate being right next to the parking lot, all of the headlights shine in my windows.

Fun resident activities are always happening and the bus system is really great for getting to campus and the grocery store. Maintenance us always helpful.

There are great facilities here and the maintenance people come pretty quick when you need them. I love the free coffee offered at the resident life center.

UV is a safe place to live in. The RLC is one of my fav spots to hangout at. UV maintenance does a great job. Heating and the shuttle are really useful amenities provided by UV.

Living in University Village is safe, calm and convenient. There is a bus service to school everyday. And they ofen organize events for residents.

For a student University Village Columbus Ohio can be said a good place to live. It is safe and sound and rates are not that bad, although I will not recommend it for a working or family person nor for a long time stay.

UV is a safe, calm and student-friendly environment. The RLC and gym facilities are really good. It's bad that the rent (which was very reasonable till now) has been increased for the next year, despite the fact that Kroger has shut down and grocery shopping has become difficult for the residents.

Our ceiling has not been repaired yet! It has been two weeks since we report it to the maintenance office. (PS: our apartment is 561, Apt 7)

Safe and close to OSU, very pet friendly. Nice workout facilities, McDonald’s is close by. The pool is awesome, and community events are great.

University village has probably been one of the nicest communities I've ever lived in. Quiet and peaceful, great amenities, affordability and a lively atmosphere have made this a wonderful experience.

i think it is a very good experiences in the UV . it is safe and convience to live here and i think that i will renew the lease in the future.

University Village is a very comfortable apartment. There is bus service to The Ohio State University campus every day which is really convenient for us.