Over all to live here is great!! The staff is friendly and really understanding!! Just maintenance is slow when you need something fixed quickly.

Living in University Village has been great! The apartments are nice, PLENTY of parking, the amenities are great, the grounds are very well kept, and the staff are super nice and helpful! Would definitely recommend moving here!

So far the community at UV is very relaxed. For the most part noise levels are low and everyone seems friendly. The neighborhood is cozy and makes for a great setting to go for a walk. So far the parking lot and crazy drivers is the only thing that is irritating.

It is very amenity to live in UV. There are free bus to OSU and several supermarkets. Of course, It's a little faraway from OSU on feet. A car is more suitable.

University village is a nice place that provides lots of events for residents to join. Also, the shuttle is residents' best friend. We can go to OSU or grocery shopping without a car because of UV. I really like this place a lot.

Love the shuttle feature! Nice size apartments for a college student and in a great area. Really nice amenities and very helpful in the time leading up to the move-in.

The apartment is located in a very convenient place. The bus stop is out front and the COTA bus stop is just walking distance. The only thing is that the apartment has a few problems. One of them being that there is no AC unit in the smallest bedroom in some apartments due to fire safety norms. This is a problem for bachelors. Carpet and similar items are not fully clean.

The pool, the RLC and the buses are amazing. I love it here. The place is safe and there's free coffee, hot chocolate, tea and wifi at the RLC.

The apartment we were given was on the ground floor when the lease says that apartments would be on either the first, second or third floors. Otherwise, everything inside the apartment is working fine.

Peaceful and beautifully maintained neighborhood at UV. Free gym facility for residents 24x7, apart from pool, coffee and WiFi in the leasing office. Definitely the best value for money place to stay for OSU students.

I really like living at University Village. It is a little further away from OSU so there is less chance of encountering crime but it is still only a bus ride away from school. The bus system is really convenient but it is a struggle in winter when the buses are not as consistent and make you miss class.

University Village seems to be a great place to live and where a lot of amenities are included. I think that electricity could be included in the rent. Also, a microwave should be provided for furnished apartments.

I really enjoy having so many community spaces such as the pool, the gym and common areas in the main office building. Living in a one bedroom, this is a great way to meet new people.

The apartments are really nice. The shuttle busses are convenient for going to campus and stores when residents don't have cars. It's also nice to have the utilities bundled in the EAS.

Generally the apartment is very good. But the AC is very loud. Besides our lock is not firm and it’s quite difficult to open the door every time.

The community is good. But the facilities are a bit old. The services provided by UV is quite amazing, resident life center being the best part of it.

So far living in university village has been amazing no complaints, for the cost you get so ,many amenities. I absolutely love it here and already am looking into stay another year.

The facility provided inside the UV is good, there is the fitness center, pool, and stuff, but the problem with the apartment is that not every room has an AC unit.

The community is nice. Great amenities at an affordable price. Staff are nice and helpful. I would appreciate renovations of the hallways, as the hallway carpet gets dirty.

has been very good, would definitely recommend for others. I enjoy the warm neighborhood feel as well as the excellent staff and maintenance.

Clean apartment. Kind staff. All the things in the apartment seem to be running fine since I haven't called the maintenance for anything yet.

Pretty good, it seems a excellent experience to live here, to enjoy a professional maintenance. Easy to find staffs and solve problems fast. By the way, the coffee is nice!

I enjoy being a resident at University Village. The amenities that come with being a resident are great and useful. I really appreciate the shuttle service as well. I do wish that all utilities and internet were included in the cost of rent, as it is a bit expensive for me.

I've never had a bad experience with University Village. I lived there over a year ago and move in on Thursday. Everyone is always very pleasant.

The grounds are beautiful and I love the staff at the resident center! I hve had multiple issues with internet and my apartment address that have been tough to get anyone to resolve, however.