It's awesome to live at UV. Its a home away from home. They have so many events time to time. So, people gather and there is a sense of togetherness.

I really like this community. It is safe, quiet and friendly. The RLC is very helpful for all purposes: studying, entertainment, and physical activities.

Great place to live! It’s a quiet neighborhood and nice and clean. I would recommend anyone to live here if you are looking for an apartment in the Columbus area.

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Great location and the bus service is the super reliable and easy to use. The staff is very nice, some of the residents are not as nice but overall the community is a steal for the prices that you're paying.

Overall pretty good experience living here going into year 2. Not a lot to complain about. Kroger bus service is really convenient. Hoping to have a great 2nd year

It is fantastic to stay here. don't miss the chance to live here. Facilities, pool, fitness, security, events movie nights and tours all are prity good.

I love living here! The location is amazing & the amenities are great. Also, the employees that I’ve had the chance to talk to are absolutely wonderful, welcoming & extremely friendly. It’s a great place to live.

UV was my first ever apartment when I moved to Columbus over a decade ago. The events and people were amazing. I’m excited to take advantage of the special events more and meet some people as I was studying too much the first time around. When I got a new job in this area it was an easy choice where I would love.

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My experience so far has been pretty good but not great. We don’t have central air which is a big downside for such a big community and during the summer months. My roommates even fell apart in the front already so that’s not good. Our smoke alarms battery is also constantly beeping which is pretty annoying and since they have been backed up on repairs and maintenance I know we aren’t on the top of that list. Also the rooms are tiny as well for a three bedroom and we only have one bathroom to share. Now the positive is that the living room space is great and the fact that an off campus apartment near the school and has a shuttle to campus.Plus allows pets is great!

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My particular apartment has a very friendly community, and I enjoy living here. However, some of the dogs bark very frequently, though the owner is very nice.

Outside of maintenance repair issues and some more rambunctious neighbors this place is perfect. Welcome additions to apartments would be washer and dryer inside the apartment instead of communal ones.

Community is great but the management is very disorganized. Also, the maintenance is not as good as it should have been. The busing and amenities are outstanding.

It is convenient to live here with the free shuttles. We can drink free coffee, tea or hot chocolate whenever we want in the leasing office.

Good and quite place to live. Very convenient and close to bus stop. Great activities and amenities. Sound insulation between apartments is not so great.

The location, amenities, and parking are great. Any issues I've had were minor and were taken care of in a timely manner. Best place I've rented!

Comfortable, safe and regular events! Movie night every month is a nice way to get a break from classes! Overall a great place to live near campus.

Overall my experience has been great. I love the amenities and the staff are welcoming and helpful. The only reason I didn't give UV 5 stars is because I have had problems with the maintenance team leaving a mess when they come.

The amenities are very nice, the pool is one of my favorite things about living here. Maintenance could be a lot better, and some of the staff in the office is rude. I also wish they offered recycling bins along with trash.

People are friendly and amiable. There isn't much noise and the staff is kind. Having the RLC nearby is helpful and so is the laundry and the bus stops. Overall, love the UV community

Living here has its perks, such as the bus routes, rlc, and ability to have pets. Only downside is the maintenance request time and how easily I can hear my neighbors through the walls.

Overall, I have been pleased with my unit and the affordability of it through the years I’ve been here. There are somethings, however, that have been bothering me. Not having central AC is really becoming a hinderance to comfortability in the summer. The in wall unit is too loud to have on while watching tv and it only cools off a single area. Another is not having in unit washer and dryer. Recently I’ve also noticed the community is starting to change. It appears there are more college stereotypes that have moved in. Loud living, leaving beer cans in the yard. It’s extremely disappointing because I was told UV was a quieter more calm community and I chose UV to escape this type of behavior. I have been here about 2 years now and this is the first time I have noticed this.

This is a great apartment but the management is very disorganized. Also, it is a bit overpriced compared to other locations. The busing and amenities are outstanding but they could definitely make the apartment look better.

Pump noise comes out from the room next to mine. The problem is unsolved. Shuttle bus sometimes delay a little at the weekdays. Others seem good.

Overall I have enjoyed living here, I have not had any major issues. It's convenience and close to work. Sometimes the neighbors are noisy but that seems to be the only downside. Affordable and has everything I need, convenient gym etc

It’s been great staying at University Village for two years. Well maintained buildings, nice shuttle service to campus, Kroger and target. Overall very good