If I could give zero stars I would. I am extremely unhappy with having found 6 cockroaches since I first moved in August. I basically didnt even live in my apartment in October and November due to having my apartment sprayed so many times.

Three times now maintenance has entered my apartment without permission, cut holes in my ceiling, and left my apartment a mess and left without finishing the work. When I contact anyone for information on why I am ignored, so if it happens again I will be setting off my security system alarm. This is unacceptable.

it is alright since the apartment is small but the shuttle bus really helps as well as the low rent so I guess you get what you pay. wish the kitchen was bigger

I prefer flexible activities for example instead of specific movie you can arrange a movie night and give movie tickets and people can go whichever movie in that night.

I love living here. Its quiet and great for people still in school. Only thing I dislike is the maintenance. Hot water issues and very old A/C that needs replaced in my apartment. Sent in a request and it was never looked into.

The apartments are maintained and clean. Low noise. Overall a good experience, but we have had to suffer through multiple rounds of building construction that has really hampered our views. Additionally, the maintenance office used to be immediately response and now it can take multiple weeks to get even a simple call fixed.

you need to lower the rent. It is very high as compared to others. Heating is poor. Everything else is awesome. Also, you should either decrease resident life fees or keep it minimum for people not using your services

I really like living here and love the bus service. The apartments themselves are great but the buildings themselves need a lot of repairs. Our building has flooded twice and the pipes creak and make a banging noise pretty frequently.

Although there were major maintenance problems upon moving in, maintenance was quick to perform task. I appreciate that the buses run on time for the most part.

Living in UV is very convenient. There are shuttles running everyday, so don't need to worry about driving or parking. Now there is a new resident life center with a brand new fitness center. I like living here.

I don't really appreciate the no locks on the doors, but that's not really a big deal. I like how the community feeling you get from living here.

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It's been great here but the price of rent is not worth living here. It's too much money for a tiny place to live. There are places on campus cheaper.

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It's a nice place to live. The laundry rooms are in every other building so in winter it annoying but otherwise it's not bad. I wish they had a recycling program though.

UV is a great place to live. It is near to the campus and the bus service is really convenient. The newly constructed RLC is a great place to hang out with friends, play games and study.

So far, I am loving University Village. It was a rough start with the issue I had moving into my first apartment then having to switch to a temp, and now being in my new apartment. I love it! It is extremely homey and I am just so happy here!

Decent Place to live. Average maintenance, you might have to stand up for yourself in order to not be taken for a ride. Decent shuttle service.

This is a great place to stay while in college! It’s easy to get to campus. Quiet neighborhood. Staff is great with questions when you have them.

Overall experience good. Just have had some annoying problems with getting in touch with maintenance, getting a response from maintenance and help when needed

The location is great, the bus service to The Ohio State University is the best part! The pool is nice for the summer if you have to stay. Renewing your lease is easy.

Nice location, shuttle service for those who don’t have cars, constantly evolving (new amenities) However kroger being gone is a huge setback and the grocery run during the week didn’t really help a lot. As far as shuttle service goes, the bus is very old and SUPER smelly during the summer bc some passengers don’t wear deodorant and the buses have poor ventilation, also it gets so hot during the summer and some drivers won’t or not able to turn on the ac, it’s really uncomfortable. I really think that being the key point of uv, the shuttle service should be improved.

Its been OK. Weekend trips are well organized and are a lot of fun. It is just I am not happy about my apartment. Otherwise, the atmosphere and greenery makes you feel like you want to take stroll everytime. Shuttle busses are life savior.

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It was so far so good to live in the University Village. I really like the free coffee supplied by the office every day. The coffee tastes good and it helps me stay awake and study more efficiently.

Living here is perfect for school because of the bus and the community center. The only thing that has really turned me away is how poor of shape the apartment was in when I moved in and how slow maintenance is when it came to fixing something. It took them 2 weeks to fix a window leak. Needless to say if you don’t mind living in an apartment that’s worth less than the rent you pay then it’s a great place to live with great events and oppurtunities.

The university village have an on time bus schedule, there will be an email if the bus came late. There are a lot of fun activities offfered by the uv

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This place is not too bad. There is a Kroger and a Big Lots in walking distance, which makes life easier. Shuttles are nice. But I sincerely wish that the rent can be lowered.

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