Really like it here and the management for the most part I've had I great experience! I wish we had a hot tub but maybe with the new management change we will get one.

It was a great experience. The staff was helpful and maintenance was always there quick to help fix whatever was needed. I felt safe and the price was just the best!

Really enjoy how comfortable my apartment is! Quiet area with plenty of things to do. The only downside is the storage space in the common areas!

The staff is so nice and helpful. The gym is very convenient and the free tanning beds are great. They make living in their apartments easy and really make you feel at home.

It's great liveing here at varsity. They provide good student housing and it's pretty quiet. I like that they try to come up with activities.

great place to live, cheap, and gives mini rewards that i️ enjoy receiving such as sonic. I️ also enjoy the events they provide such as screening the mcgregor fight.

My experience at varsity house has been great so far as everyone at the office has been super helpful and friendly whenever I've came in. The apartment is so nice and I love the way its set up.

Maintenance is incredible of fixing every problem that we have in our apartment. The furniture are so lovely and I'm excited to finally have my own room.

I really like this pretty and beautiful apartment. The people work here are really kind and helpful. They always answer questions carefully. I like here.

I have been living here for a month and so far no BIG complaints about the apartment complex. I do however wish they had a 24-hour computer lab/ printer.

I chose Varsity House because it was close to campus, was gated, and had a decent price. Since moving here, I have only had a few issues, all which were resolved in an attentive manner. The gates don't always close at night, and there are a lot of pop up fees but it is a nice place to live with workers that will do their best to make you happy

I have only lived here for a short time, but I enjoy it. The staff is super nice and has never made me feel uncomfortable. They are very personable. The only problem I have come across this far is that the walls are very thin which sucks when you are trying to go to sleep before 1 a.m. or when you are trying to study, but other than that I love living here.

The amenities and price are nice. The maintenance staff are always quick and kind, but the noise level is way too high. If it was more quiet and clean, I would be a lot happier. It would also be nice to have more than one dumpster.

I tried to buy out of my lease but was not allowed so I am paying for an apartment I don't live in. I was willing to pay 3 months rent which I thought was fair.

Very great living like it very much very nice fun and nice and friendly and good people and nice food and just overall good people honestly in my opinion

The living has been great and I enjoy being on the 3rd floor, but for a long time I was irritated about the issues with the gate. I am glad to I chose to live here at Varsity House!

It can be a bit loud in terms of noise, but overall it's pretty satisfying. It's not the fanciest place, but it certaintly has a calming enviroment present

Varisty is a decent place. The amenities are average and so are the people living here. I haven't had any major issues and I love my apartment. The staff has always been accommodating and when I contact them I am able to get an answer or resolve my issue. TBH Varsity is a good place for the price you pay. It has more space than other places that are the same price or higher and furniture and appliances are not outdated. It's a good choice.

seems pretty great so far. the rooms are nice, and it seems pretty quite around. i enjoy the fact that it's so close to campus, and also close to my job.

It has been a great experience. I am glad the gates are finally working!! Makes it so much nicer! VH has been the best choice for my 6 months need!

The apartment complex is nice, updated and also modern. The environment is friendly and warm. I like the fact that there's a bus. However, it's sad we had to buy a router.

So far I am really enjoying at Varsity House. Living in an apartment is just so much easier, and there are so many great amenities provided here!

The new rates are deserving of much praise, as are the new tables, and the timely manner in which my requests have been addressed. The shuttle is incredibly nice to have, I just wish I didn't have so many classes past 5:15. The internet seems even faster than it was last year. Most of the new furniture, although sleeker, seems smaller and much less sturdy than last year's. The nightstands are the worst offenders, having a weird height that no longer matches my bed and hardly any storage space The maintenance's practices have been speedy but a little concerningly invasive. There was nobody home in our unit when our nightstands and tables were replaced, and without any warning that the replacement was happening that day, I came home to see everything inside and on my old nightstand strewn haphazardly across my bed, including a lamp that is now damaged as a result and several personal items. This is the only huge issue I have, and otherwise I'd say it's quite peachy.

Very great community! Love that the apartment is gated, and really enjoy the 24 hour gym. The apartment is close to shopping, with is great for busy students. The apartment rates were so low! Awesome place!

very helpful staff members, nice location for a good price. the apartment was clean but there were some places that could have been cleaned a little better. the move in day was really late and that was super inconvenient but everything else has been okay so far.