Overall nice community to live in. Generally pretty quite even on weekends. However, there are way too many dogs with irresponsible owners who can’t pick up after the dog.

amazing amenities wonderful place. Many activities to do during the day. set at a good neighborhood and next to campus. Not to expensive either.

I appreciate the floor plan of the apartments. The price is reasonable. However, having no guest parking has been a major issue in the time that I have been living here. We also have no sense of security. The apartment next door was broken into and VH never warned any other residents. There are no security cameras and I just don’t feel safe, especially living on the first floor with a window facing the woods.

Residents above me are super loud when they walk. I do like the appliances inside the apartment. The hallways could use a little bit of cleaning.

Varsity house is a super convenient and amazing living place for college students! The staff is always super nice, the location is prime for the city, and having Juice Cloud on the complex makes it all the better!

There has been a lot of improvement in the overall maintenance of the property such as power washing and garbage cleanup. Maintenance always comes in a timely manner. My main issues continue to be dirty hallways, and doors to the garage which do not properly such and allow bugs to get in.

The apartments are nice and in a great spot but there is no visitor parking and the office plays loud music that they often forget to turn off at night. The printer is often broken as well. However prices are reasonable.

Living at Varsity house has been an amazing experience. The staff is always friendly and has been one of the best places I have lived in Gainesville.

Love the apartment for the good price and convenient location. The amenities are great. Work orders are completed quickly. The recent robberies worry me though so having security cameras in the hall ways would be okay for safety.

It was okay just the walls are way too thin and I’ve found bugs way too often. Also the hallways desperately need to be cleaned. Nice closet space though.

So far, it was a smooth move-in process, everything was nice. The only complaints I have at the moment is the recycling situation and the trash mess.

Varsity House Apartments blew me away when I took the tour. Can’t wait to move in this fall and get to experience living there. Hopefully it’s as great as it looks

Haven't got the chance to live in the community yet, but just the tour alone makes it look like it will be amazing. Can't wait to come and live in the fall.

I thoroughly enjoy the location of this place. There are many fun things to do around here which I enjoy. I just hate how thin the walls are and how people leave trash everywhere.

Really listened to the residents this semester and placed trashcans in the stairwell for easier trash disposal. Rated 4/5 stars since there is a lack of parking.

The place can get loud sometimes as walls are thin. Although the location is really convenient for school. The overall management is alright.

Varsity house has some flaws, but it makes up for it with it’s affordable rent prices and convenient location. The additions to the clubhouse and trivia Tuesdays also help!

Pool chairs are broken. Doors broken so not actually any security. Lots of dog poop. Bags by the volleyball court and by the parking garage would be helpful

Varsity House office is very helpful. The staff seems to know what they're doing. The pool and volleyball court and everything are very nice. I feel safe there. The only issue I ever had was parking.

It's aight. Not gonna go barking up a tree about it. Not gonna knock it either though. I respect the front desk hustle and I gotta say if everything was as good as the front desk, I'd definitely score the apartment higher.

Overall not bad. It has lots of amenities and new changes are coming! There is a bus to campus every 20 mins or so and the rooms are big! The downside is the trash, if you live on the other side of the complex people don’t walk the garbage all the way to the compacter. Also the walls are super thin and if you have people living above you it is sooo loud. Hey good price and size though

Overall experience has been 50/50 I’ve had my good days here and my bad days here. I’m not sure if I’ll move back in I’ll have to see how things go when it’s time to move back in.

Overall, Varsity House is great! The amenities are nice, the apartments are great, and the staff is mostly friendly. The cleanliness of the hallways could be improved.

Overall decent place to live for the price and access to campus, but definitely has a few downfalls. The parking situation is horrible, there’s absolutely no guest parking so I can’t ever invite anyone over. The gate into the parking garage as well as the lock systems into the building are always broken, so safety and security don’t seem to be a priority. The best thing about this place was that you could get a 3/3 under $600 (I signed 2 years ago) but they keep raising the price, without raising their standards so the price isn’t even a selling point anymore.

I’ve been living at varsity house for almost 4 years now and it’s been pretty solid. I think the staff Is great they are super nice and have been very helpful. There are issues with the building that could easily be fixed.