Good thing I’m moving because the management here has been awful. I have been here for three years and have had over 5 different managers! They have all sucked

would never live here again. signed at museum walk. this community is loud, dirty, and unfriendly to guests. as apartments, I expect to be able to have my guests park overnight. this quality of experience is what I expected from a dorm. do better.

The parking is terrible. I have seen 4 accidents happen in the parking garage. The gates never work. All of the exterior door that were previously providing some kind of security are now all broke and just about anyone can walk right into the apartment complex. The walls are paper thin!! I can hear the guy living above me pee!

I have had a lot of trouble living at the Grove this year. Especially due to the inconvenience of parking. It has made it absolutely impossible for me to find a parking spot at my own HOME, not the mention the lack of parking for guest. I worry every single day that I am either going to be towed, ticketed, or hit by another car because it is so difficult for me to find an actual parking spot.

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My walls are very thin and there is not enough parking available. The new GM offered to speak to my roommates and I but failed to respond when we gave him a time.

Varsity house was okay. It was a disaster when I first moved. No parking, multiple cars being towed. Finally got assigned a parking spot that I pay for (should be an amenity). However, it is okay for the price.

Varsity house is very unorganized. There are roaches even after we someone supposedly came and took care of them, even though I’m sure no one came and I am being lied to. It has been a month since everyone moved in for the fall and we still don’t have mailbox keys which is absolutely ridiculous. Being able to access our mailbox is very common in apartments. The gate for the garage now requires you to put your fob in which is stupid because most people have all of their keys on one key ring so they have to turn off the car in order to open the stupid gate. And some of the hallway thermostats don’t work so it will be really hot in one section but really cold in the next. Also, in that front circle it says future resident parking is from 8 am - 8 pm but the front desk isn’t open until 10. Why would a future resident need to park there before the desk is even open?! That needs to be fixed as well

The walls and floors are so thin, if you have noisy neighbors then it'll be really hard to sleep at night. The front desk usually doesn't know how to help you when there's a problem. They lost my roommate's deposit and demanded that she pay over $500 again, luckily she was able to get a proof of payment a different way. They also don't have enough parking spots for their residents and there is no guest parking, so it's really hard to have friends and family over.

This complex is one of the worst I’ve stayed at. From no visitor parking, to the paper thin walls, to them taking 6 hours to put time sensitive mail from my girlfriend in boot camp from their office into the mail box, I wouldn’t reccomend this place to anyone.

Honestly, I am upset i renewed. Have had bugs for months and when i was finally contacted about my complaints, the manger did not follow through. After a full year of nonstop construction just out my window, a leak in my ceiling, bug infestations, and broken air, it has become clear they do not care about their residents.

I am very disappointed with the unprofessional service I receive from both management and the office staff. However, the rent is still reasonable,and if you were lucky enough to get a parking space, it is a convenient location.

Would never recommend anybody living here due to the many issues we've had. Faulty window locks allowed people to come in to our apartment and rob us. Maintenance has left our door unlocked at least twice. The walls are insanely thin, and I can never get enough sleep because my upstairs neighbor has decided to be nocturnal. Dishwasher has never worked (it's been over a year). Dryer has broken twice. The AC was broken for two weeks. There was a leak in one of the unoccupied bathrooms. The hallways always smell absolutely disgusting. There is trash all over property because there is only one dumpster. One of the doors to get into building C is always broken. Our apartment has been roach infested for over a year. The manager Ventura is incapable of fulfilling even the simplest request, and is immature enough to ignore my emails. Packages were held for days at the beginning of the year. There is not enough resident parking, and no guest parking whatsoever. Overall, living here has been the single most regrettable decision I've ever made.

Overcharge you for everything, terrible place to live, walls thin. Can hear everything, trash everywhere, random monthly charges added to your account, wrongful towings they can’t refund you for.

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Could be a nice place to live but management not very attentive to your needs. New management staff has improved and are nice but when it comes to resolving complaints or worries not much help at all. Main concern is that they don't clean units before new tenants come in- ours was filthy and with roaches. Hallways and stairwells are filthy- it has improved somewhat.

Management is poor. They lie to residents and tell them what they want to hear instead of the truth. I was told By the GM that the apartment complex was over 90% full a month ago and that my lease would be able to be taken over when they hit full capacity. In reality it was only in the 60's. Complete lie to get me to stop asking them.

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The walls are very thin I can hear my roommate cough , the outside locks do not locked so it’s cracked and can be accessed 247 it also has no parking for any company or guest to park. The dogs poop in the gravel next to the main door and the leave it for weeks till it molds

A bit skeptical about moving into varsity house.. after receiving our room assignments me and my roommates made a quick trip to varsity house to see which building we’d be in, how close to the bus stop, etc... When we arrived the magnetic key throb door were completely broken, allowing us to get in EVERY door with ease.. There were beer cans and broken glass and do poop covering the hallways- which by the way have very little resemblance or relation to anything portrayed in the beautifully designed office. It was pretty naive of us to sign the lease without requesting to see past the leasing office (which is where their model apartment is shown). Needless to say, we are extremely disappointed and upset that we were mislead and taken advantage of.

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Wouldn't recommend living here. Things change way too often, rules are not clear and most things go unnoticed and unfixed. Disappointed that it's not what i signed up for.

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Management is terrible Tons of spiders, wasps, and cockroaches The gym is full of dust bunnies The hallways are full of vomit stains and trash (security cameras could hold disgusting residents accountable) I know people who have had their apartment flooded and even car stolen Half of the doors don't work Nobody ever answers the phone (I've been locked out of my apartment for 3 hours from 12am-3am because my key fob stopped working) I would rather energy go towards keeping the property clean and safe than these weekly events like Waffle Wednesday

Walls are paper thin. Washer machine broke! Need to be FIXED ASAP. Front desk staff are not quite responsible, I went to pick up my package and they said as soon as it arrived they will send me an email to pick it up. Amazon Prime noticed me that my package has arrived for over a week, but they never sent me email to pick up my package

The parking is horrible, walls are thin, and managers are mean. But the place is decent, the people are friendly, the closets are spacious and the club house is beautiful. I really wish they would fix the parking situation because I would have definitely renewed.

This is by far the worst apartment complex I've ever lived at. The quality of the apartments are horrible and the management is unfriendly and deceiving.

It could be better. The site lacks organization and a genuine care for the residents. So much could be improved because the area is so nice.

We get charge overages and we don’t use the A/C much. Half the month the A/C was off and we got an overage that was $3 less than the previous month. We had the A/C on all month that previous month.

Sadly, I am very disappointed. The buildings and the hallways are always dirty and have a horrible smell. The office never knows anything and very few times give you actual solutions. Most of the time they tell you to either call back or that they will call you back and never do. Not enough parkings for residents and you’ll be lucky if you get a good one. The doors to enter the buildings are supposed to be locked and they never are and when they are they’re broken. At first I thought it was a great complex but living here has shown me that it is not what I thought.