I’ve really enjoyed living here at Veda. The staff are really friendly, the buildings upkeep is great, the facilities (especially the gym) are incredible!

I like the remodel but not the rent increase. The gym is pretty cool. I like using the grill and some of the residents are nice. Bring the prices down and maybe it would be a much better experience.

Cozy place, good neighbors, all the amenities in the house and an amazing area!I love living in this house.I hope I stay here for a long time!

Only been here a week, but love the amenities, location, and my new renovated unit is very clean. I like the idea there is more than one way to the gated entrances to park (alley) and the service elevator takes me right to my unit. The only thing that is a minor inconvenience is having to unlock the elevator and then utilize the keyfob to unlock your floor. Other than that, everything is so far so good. Greg in the leasing office was a great help for what it's worth.

Staff here are terrific, extremely helpful and caring. Maintenance issues are addressed very quickly. It almost feels like a hotel-like atmosphere when you enter the lobby area.

The office staff never follow up on your issues. I have been promised several times when I inquired about issues that I had and was promised a call back. 100% of the time NVEVER HAPPENED. The maintenance staff are nice, but when you request maintenance, it takes a very long time until your request is addressed and most of the time take more than 1 visit to complete. The only positive I have to say is the location.

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We moved in but a lot of things were not ready at the Apartment. We inputted a service request but nothing has been fixed yet. It is a nice apartment complex and we pay a high price for it.

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Love the quiet feel of this apartment building. We don't share any walls with anyone and LOVE it! The parking is secure and we definitely feel safe here.

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Besides the thin walls, loud neighbors above me, limited parking, and limited amenities for my first year living here, overall I’ve had a pleasant experience.

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I like living at the Veda. People are really nice. There have been some bumps in the road but they wind up fixing the issues. The leasing staff are very helpful and listen to my concerns. Sometimes they can help, but if it is something they cannot help with they try alternative suggestions.

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Great community! They really redid this place and put thought and effort into the amenities and the property itself. Would be great if they would’ve insulated better for noise between floors.

We really enjoy living here. It’s like living in a hotel without the turndown service and the suitcases. Management is super responsive and most of the renovations have been completed. Very cool amenities, cancelled our gym membership.

Everyone here is very friendly and outgoing and as soon as I moved in here with my boyfriend I felt very welcomed and at home. The other residents gave me lots of advice about living out here since I’m not used to living in this type of area. Love it so far :)

It’s been great actually. The people here are super friendly and I love the common are and business center. The gym is ehhh because they need mirrors

Was very excited to live here and the initial tour was great. After that, the process to apply was slow and frustrating. There are too many third parties involved with the initial set-up that you don't know if it's actually VEDA or if it's just a third party trying to sell you their business. I wish VEDA just had their own website with everything that you needed rather than relying and allowing other parties to make the process confusing for the new residents. Then our apartment wasn't even ready the day we were supposed to move in which was super disappointing and frustrating. For a luxury apartment, this was not what I was expecting in terms of resident ease and convenience.

MY experiences are improving. Management seems more inclined to fix and help. Front desk is improving. Maybe the fixes are becoming clearly an incentive. Neighbors and other tenants treat the building like garbage and that contributes but ultimately it is getting better.

This has been one of the worst apartment living experiences I’ve ever had. I do not plan on resigning a lease here ever. The property looks nice and there are quite a few amenities that I do enjoy since the construction, but overall it isn’t worth it if it means dealing with the noise, messes, lack of security, and lack of responsibility. Not a single staff member has been trained to handle conflict effectively unless it includes lying. They do not care about their residents as individuals which has been proven time and time again through their unwillingness to assist when an issue arises.

pay too much for the plumbing to always being going out. Got an email on sunday to not use the toilet, without a followup email as to when I was allowed to use it!

Application and move in process was very easy. Had a few hiccups signing lease but it all worked out in the end. Greg was great and very helpful.

Problems seem to regularly pop up in our apartment, and maintenance can be very slow to resolve the issues sometimes. This issue seems to be building wide, as problems with water, electricity, and elevators seem way too common. Multiple times we have had no water for an entire day. That's unheard of in the half dozen apartment I've lived in previously. The other major problem is the package lockers. Amazon is a major delivery source, and they frequently have no idea how to deliver packages in the lockers. Amazon Logistics (the primary delivery service for Amazon Prime), does have a designated routes, so deliveries are not made by the same person. There needs to be a better way to help these drivers learn to use the lockers, so we can use the lockers.

This place has been good overall. I like the space in the apartment and think the price is fair. Negatives of this place include having the water shut off regularly, other things breaking down or needing repairs, and the small kitchen.

Just moved in a few months ago and I love it so far. The lobby and common areas are decorated beautifully and are always super clean. The water and electricity have been shut off often for emergency services, which is an inconvenience but I guess that's what you get for living in a large building. The renovated units are gorgeous but the floors are extremely uneven - which is pretty strange. The AC in the living room works great but the temperature in the bedrooms are a lot warmer and don't seem to get much airflow. I also wish there were more security guards at night and security cameras installed in the parking garages as there have been recent break-ins to cars.

Love living at Veda. The neighbors are great. The renovated apartments are great, with brand new & updated appliances. The amenities are the best when compared to other apartments in the area.

Great location and amenities. Don't be need to go anywhere as the gym abscess pool is agregar. Only negative is I hear my neighbor upstairs.

Unit is nice but overall building is nothing special. Amenities are just okay for the price you pay in rent. Move in experience was fine. Even though the building was remodeled you can tell that the elevators and other building infrastructure is old.