Constant construction and almost unlovable conditions most of the time. Office staff is extremely rude and often completely useless. Constant fire alarms water shutoffs and apartment entry without warning. Would not recommend to even my greatest enemy.

The appliances are Cheap. The apartment building, elevators, everything other than the lobby is DIRTY. There is Trash everywhere and you can tell that the residents don’t respect the facility. And how do you shut electricity off for 12 hours??

constant smell of weed throughout the halls, floors have been remodeled but you can't tell because people let their dogs pee on the floor. Rent went up because they said there will be changes inside the unit but nothing has changed yet. Elevator is constantly broken down.

Dissatisfaction the community rooms, yoga and spin studio are not allowed to be used. My oven was installed wrong, the floors were not done right. My toilet doesn’t work right, always has issues. The fireplace doesn’t work. The closet doors are dirty and stick, they have spider webs and leafs in them from being left outside.

I’ve submitted maintenance requests and they aren't responded to. I even told the leasing office and they still haven’t sent maintenance. One request involved my oven and a piece missing that covers the flames.

Where to begin? Washing machines don't get fixed in a timely manner, there is only one of two lobby elevators operational from the lobby up because the buttons don't work at the lobby level.Takes a while for the water to warm up. Residents don't know who the owners of the building are in order to get in touch with them. People are very frustrated. Excellent marks for the maintenance staff though! There is way too much for 3 people - they are overloaded. The building needs more maintenance people and cleaning people!!

I didn’t see anyone out here in this apt outside as it is in the renovation from a quiet long I wish i can see some one if at least eminities are completed .

Terrible amenities. Elevators are always broken. Water gets shut off every other week. The maintenance team doesn't lock your door after completing a service. Not a safe or secure place to live. Homeless and other trespassers are able to easily let themselves in, then camp out in the stairwells or destroy the mailboxes.

Building management our terrible. Very slow and unprofessional. They don't finish things like repairs that needs to be done. They promised me a credit for not having the unit ready when i moved in, and never received it yet. (two months already)

The fire alarm goes off all the time at the worst hours like in the middle of the night or 5 in the morning. There is a fruit fly infestation & people leave their dog poop in the hallways & elevators. Not a happy resident.

We were facing many issues here at The Grand after moving in, Not receiving the fixes sooner. Even right now, all maintenance and renovation are causing the problems.

Seems like there is always something broken , not working , very frustrating!!!- then the pool area is so seems to be taken over or dirty the rest off the time-

When there is a problem, it takes over a week to get solved. And sometimes never fixed (elevators). The office staff can be very rude for no reason.

Waiting on the pool and washer and dryer. I feel like rent should be less since we still don’t have either. Is it ever going to get done ? My lease will be up in a few months.

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Management people are nice but the communication re. Construction is a zero. Come home to find buckets catching leaky roof and when we ask the management office they have no idea what's going on.

Constantly need maintenance, apartment was not ready to move in. Lights flickering in the apartment, faucet in shower dripping. Ac constantly leaking.

While it’s a convenient location to live, the promises made when I first moved in were empty promises and I most likely would’ve found a different place to live if I had known what I know now. It took over a month for my unit to be ready when I was told it would be ready on my move in date. And by October we were all supposed to have in-unit washer and dryers. While I do understand that complications occur, it’s almost the end of January and there are some units that have them and some that don’t. And those who do have it aren’t allowed to use them? There’s just a lot happening and it’s not fun to stress about a place that you’re supposed to call home. Home should be a place to relax after a long day or be at home to relax on a day off. Not wonder if the fire alarms are going to trip every hour or if your water is going to be shut off again.

Was very excited to live here and the initial tour was great. After that, the process to apply was slow and frustrating. There are too many third parties involved with the initial set-up that you don't know if it's actually VEDA or if it's just a third party trying to sell you their business. I wish VEDA just had their own website with everything that you needed rather than relying and allowing other parties to make the process confusing for the new residents. Then our apartment wasn't even ready the day we were supposed to move in which was super disappointing and frustrating. For a luxury apartment, this was not what I was expecting in terms of resident ease and convenience.

This has been one of the worst apartment living experiences I’ve ever had. I do not plan on resigning a lease here ever. The property looks nice and there are quite a few amenities that I do enjoy since the construction, but overall it isn’t worth it if it means dealing with the noise, messes, lack of security, and lack of responsibility. Not a single staff member has been trained to handle conflict effectively unless it includes lying. They do not care about their residents as individuals which has been proven time and time again through their unwillingness to assist when an issue arises.

Great amenities and awesome location, but the high rent price is not justified and maintenance requests are not fulfilled in a timely manner

The process of living through the active construction has been very inconvenient and disruptive. It's made the day to day fairly difficult during working hours, especially for those of us that work from home.

Apartments are comfortable. Management needs to pay closer attention to the details if they want to get to the next level. All in all, a great location and decent place to live.

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Hello, the grand apartments in sherman oaks ca is convenient place to live because it's very close to the 405 and 101 freeway. The grand apartments in sherman oaks is near the sherman oaks galleria which has very nice restaurants.

It's 2 stars because of two things; the construction- noise, mess, elevators often broken but we know this before moving in but it's mainly because of maintenance. It takes a long time to fix the problems (toilets not flushing properly, outlets are still not working, waste disposal smells like dead fish) but nothing has been fixed since we moved in a few weeks ago.... so far that has been our experience.

Dog urine & feces aroung the building as well as sitings within the project. Daily clean up IE vacuming the NEW carpet is Paramount to increase the effective age and moral in the project.