The apartment overall is great but there are a few issues/things to note: 1. The water pressure in the shower is extremely low; abnormally low. 3. The water quality is horrible. There's an enormous amount of minerals in the water which leaves white spots everywhere. I understand this isn't a building issue and more of a city issue. Although the building could use methods to minimize how bad the water quality is. A water softener is an excellent way to help with people's dry skin. 4. Getting in and out of the building isn't "quick." Parking spots are far from elevators and elevators are far from units. 5. There shouldn't be any "compact" spaces for residents. Leave that for guests. 6. The garage opener does not work well. Sometimes you have to press and hold it for too long to open the gate. 7. The bumps at the garage entrance are unnecessary and just create annoyance.

Love the people the community that lives here. The leasing staff is always helpful and friendly :) Maintenance is awesome vela is very clean. unlike my room

Great place with terrific amenities throughout the complex! The complex is in the heart of the Warner Center with everything and more within walking distance!

My experience has been great, my neighbors upstairs are noisy and i was highly upset that printing isn’t free (you’d think that paying so much $ for ame tired and lifestyle that printing would be included in that amenity) so that’s why i didn’t 5 star this review.

Vela on Ox is such an amazing place to live. We’ve been here since November 2019 and have been so happy. Alicia was amazing and made the complex stand out even more. Quick to respond for issues and work around your own time. It is a safe community and they keep throwing events for the residents. It’s amazing!

It has been an incredible experience. It feels like I live in a resort and everyone here is so friendly! The staff goes above and beyond as well! If I could rate more than 5 stars I would.

Amazing living experience! Super worth the quality of life living here! This is my first apartment and I'm super stoked about the community and the upkeep of the building!

Living here has been great so far. All of the events we have at the Vela, has really brought my neighbors and I closer together. Overall, this has been a great decision moving here!

There a few cons. Elevator programming is a little buggy as with other digital devices such as energy metering from what i read from email bulletins. However the pros outweigh the cons! Apartment is clean, property managers respond in a timely manner, tons of perks and amenities. Building is secure. I love it!

We really enjoy living here, the amenities are great for us and our pets, and the management is friendly and helpful! My wife uses the oil and I workout in the gym, and we enjoy the game rooms.

Great service from Alicia overall experience of moving in was smooth. Information provided by the employees and willingness to help with the needs were excellent.

The office staff is super friendly and helpful. The complex is clean all the time. The neighbors are super friendly and easy to get along with. The parking structure is a perfect size.

First two months here and everything is fine. I love the cleanliness of the building and grounds. Staff is friendly and helpful, residents are the same. Looking forward to holiday activities

Staff has been amazing, specifically Alicia! Everything in this place has been well maintained! Love the community events and EVERYTHING about this place!

I’ve lived here for a little over 6 months now and I’ve been extremely happy living here overall. The gym is 2 stories and there’s a pool, really nice amenities with comparable rent prices for the area. Velas leasing team are also amazing, and provide terrific service all around and are always super friendly. Also very dog friendly which I appreciate. I Would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good spot to live in the valley!

It’s been a very easy move in. It is a new complex and so it is very quiet so far. The leasing agents have all been very helpful and have answered all my questions.

Been 7 months and building is just as clean and kept up as when I moved in. Staff is best of any building I have lived in! I would highly recommend touring building

We love living at Vela and honestly it's really due to the leasing office and maintenance team. We followed them from another building when they moved over to this new building. Sabina, Rick, Liora, Alicia, Brittney, Matt, Eddie and the porters work their hardest to do what they can to make living at Vela the best for all of us. You'll see any one of them picking up trash or cleaning up spots to make sure the property looks the best they can make it. You can't control tenants that have no respect for the property and don't clean up after themselves or their pets. I thank them for their hard work because it's not easy with a new building and new people moving in regularly. They do care how the residents feel about living here and do what is in their power to make it the best it can be. I honestly wouldn't stay at this building if this team were to leave. It's truly important to have a great team running the building. We've lived in more buildings than I'd like to admit and this team is above and beyond what we could ask for. The problem is there are so many entitled people that don't realize what it is to live in an apartment building. I would absolutely hate to lose any of these people because of the lack of respect of tenants in this community. Living here feels like a home and that's a wonderful feeling. Take a minute to say hi to one of the people working here and thank them for their hard work. They have hundreds of people living here that they have to help.

Clean apartment with a lot of amenities. The maintenance team is on top of their game. The main thing that is annoying is the ceiling could be more insulated.

Overall this place is nice, has its pros and cons. Everything is new and fresh, security guard, pool, lots of amenities. Overall I would recommend here to people with fast pace lives.

The appartment is very comfortable ,all the eria are designs very shick and be in a very acceptable standard. The kitchen electrical aquipment are good . All the assistants are very friendly and helpful. The corridors and all other places are very clean . There are good spaces for the cars in parking lots. I am very happy to choose this appartment and will offer it to my family and friends.

Overall everything looks perfect, the staff are very friendly and respectful The leasing process was very smooth and quick The building is super clean and organized.

Hi, Clean environment. Easy portal access.but getting lots of emails Nice sales persons. Hopefully stays clean and get my parking spot soon. Thanks

I love living at Vela. There’s is so much to do within the community. The complex is always kept immaculately clean. The apartment homes are beautiful and you never want to leave!

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Initially, Vela was a wonderful place to live. However, I feel like due to the lack of screening of residents to increase occupancy, a quite unsavory bunch of people have inhabited the complex. A young group of residents who contribute noise, smoking in public amenity spaces, not cleaning up after pets, etc. A youth movement that has, in such short amount of time, really lowered the bar for the facility. Also, many of the features of the building (parking gates, elevators, hot water, etc., are often inoperable.