Past few years it went down. When I first lived here it was quite. Then new managment came in and let ANYONE in. I saw someone try to shoot another person on my porch Sunday evening. Now there's another owner and they pretend these apartments are "luxury" not at all.

The property is great. The property managers/ office staff is great. The maintenance team leaves MUCH to be desired. The apartment itself needs more work. We have been battling roaches and ants since we moved in. It’s gotten a little better since they had to smoke bomb the guy upstairs out 🙄. Hopefully all the kinks will be worked out before it’s time to renew

absolutely fantastic location. so close to 295 and san jose. Very close to central mandarin and southside. Also very close to 95 making it very easy to get to and start going north or south as needed.

the community is great, the people are very friendly, they take very good care of the grounds but the maintenance staff could do significantly better.

Need to IMPOSE ON COMMUNITY RULES! Otherwise sos with the exception of the maintenance crew and service...OUTSTANDING! Rates are a little high but that is trumped by the location i guess.

I have a few things that need attention but for the most part everything is good. The ceiling in the hall bathroom needs attention. The washer makes am awful noise.

I guess it's a bias because I currently do not have a downstairs neighbor, so my apartment is very, ultra quiet and I don't stress about disturbing them. The smoke from the first floor apartment manages to get into my bathroom. (It's ONLY in the bathroom - not the door way, not the foyer, not the stair well...there's some kind of air ventilation leak). My neighbors, who seem very pleasant and nice and French, have a child of many temper tantrums Ha. That kid must be going through terrible twos x 1000! It's a nightly screaming fest. For the most part, I don't hear it and it isn't a big deal, but I sympathize with the neighbor below them. Amenties are weak compared to other apartments I looked into prior to choosing this one for the location. I could have gotten an apartment for $100 that included valet trash pick-up, car wash station, and a much larger dog park (seriously, that 10x10 space is a dog "park?" I chose Viera because of location, I didn't want to live on the 2nd floor, and the staff made me feel confident with their professionalism and personality. The maintenance crew is great, friendly, quick, and unobtrusive.

Really cute place, a few small issues, still waiting on maintenance to follow through with a few of the inputted requests. Nice neighbors, cute ducks, and overall quiet neighborhood.

Tell us about your resident experience. I won't be renewing my lease. I'm sure the same amenities, noise levels, maintenance and upkeep can be found elsewhere for a price that much more reasonable and equitable.

Great location and property and staff. When I moved in though, I had a place infested with fleas, a bunch of broken items within the apartment. Put the working orders in and the next day, they claimed to have fixed it by sending an email stating that. I got back home and it wasn’t fixed and it took them about 2 weeks and 3 phone calls for them to actually fix it.

More communication, still waiting to be told if we can use our fireplace or not. And some noise issues at night st the pool, people sit there past 11 p.m.

Lil more effort on pesticide treatment is needed, else you are doing a great job. Good gardens around. Pools are neat. Gym should be have some stuff.

Overall the community is very pleasant to live in. There are several areas where the fence need to be repaired as people just walk through the open spaces.

Great place. Everything has been good since I have moved in. The staff is great the neighbors are great. I have no complaints yet. Keep up the great job!

Very lovely apts. Had a few complications getting in. But other than that. I love it! Very comfortable so far and quiet. First apt with washer and dryer hook up. Such a plus!

I have lived here now for years and it's a nice community, the apartments are in pretty good shape and all the staff are nice. Over the years it seems like the complex is getting better to so that makes me happy.

You're doing a great job. My maintenance requests were answered almost immediately and were very helpful. The staff is helpful and the complex is nice

I’ve been here for a year now and I must say my experience has been great! Rent might not be the cheapest but you get what u pay for. Maintenance and staff are fantastic and to top it off I have a beautiful view I wake up to

My cabinet sliver handed is still not fix yet. I have requested it to be fix seen I moved in. Apart from that everything is working and functioning well.

Love living here the staff is so friendly and can't wait for summer so I can enjoy and relax by the pool. They are pet friendly and I highly recommend living here

Beautiful living structures, great staff, and amazing service. Spacious rooms and nice layouts, no wasted space. I would like garage to be offered is only complaint.

Great location, nice staff and good basic amenities but maintenance issues are not easily addressed. There seems to be a lack of communication and ownership for basic concerns. Overall I am happy living here but move in experience tainted my opinion a bit.

To begin with know that to be fair most have only seen the condition of only their own unit. That being said I have lived in 2 different units on this property over a period of 3 years to this day. The present management is a blessing over the past management. They have, from day one, been tirelessly working on improving all aspects of the property. The maintenance staff is excellent, but overwhelmed I'm sure. The grounds are on the upswing although I'll miss the bushes that blocked the sun from my patio. As for the 2 units I have resided in they are seriously dated. Walls carpets and windows all need work. Bedrooms need ceiling lights and fans although that may not be structurally possible. Bathroom resurfaced and work on some plumbing. AC is fine but extremely noisy. The location is prime. All in all a little pricey for the condition but I'll give it some more time. Would be fine with price if condition was improved. Big shout out to the entire staff for their strong efforts in improving things overall. GML

I love my apartment complex. I like the pools, dog park, gym and the beauty of it. It's so peaceful here too a majority of the time as well!

Nice location & good neighborhood to stay In Jacksonville. Office staff is very cooperative. Need little improvement on maintenance & pest control side.