The View is a great place to live. The granite counter-tops are nice and the rooms come furnished. The living room comes with a TV and each apartment has its own clothes washer, dryer, and dish washer. The only negative is that some of the interior walls are thin.

Im very excited to be a part of this community. I have heard several great things about this community. A special thing i am excited for are all of the activities as a community outside.

Great place to live and very close to campus! Management is super friendly and is available when needed.Lived here for two years now and it has been great!

I think the apartment has great amenities for residents. However the walls are quite thin between rooms, so it is easy to overhear noises and conversations from other rooms.

Staff has been amazing. I have not had one bad experience with staff at The View. I had to request to move in early and the staff was friendly enough to let me know they were going to do their best to make it possible to move in early.

This place has been great so far! I've only lived here for about a month but I have definitely loved it. The staff is very helpful and nice. There are many amenities that make living here a great experience. I haven't ran into any problems so far. It's also very close to Baylor so going to classes is very helpful. I would recommend The View for everyone looking for a great place to live near Baylor!

The View on 10th has made the leasing process very easy. Their staff were always available to answer questions and be as accommodating as possib

Nice living space with social amenities and workspaces for educational purposes. Well equipped gym and serene swimming pool. Comfortable beds

Everyone has been so wonderful about helping myself and my roommates through our first lease process. Everyone is so friendly and Christina went above and beyond to accommodate us and answer all of our questions. So excited about moving in this Fall!

The view on 10th is a very nice residence. The people and staff that work here a kind and personable and help in any way necessary. Moving in is mad a breeze because they are so nice

So far the front office at The View has been amazing. They have been very friendly and accommodating! I have not moved in yet, but in general the facilities on-site are very clean.

This website is really easy to use and it's got awesome rewards!! I am thankful That I have the opportunity to take advantage of its perks!

I love this apartment complex. It is pretty much everything you could want in an apartment. The amenities are great, and the units themselves are great. The people here are all pretty chill, and the management is super good.

Love the personal attention! Can't wait to spend the year in this apartment. Everyone at the View on 10th is extremely nice and very courteous.

I am excited to move into my new apartment in a few weeks! The location is fabulous compared to campus and the complex is nice. I wish we could move in sooner than the Thursday before school begins though.

You are doing great. Love living at the view with a great view. staff is great and my room is homey. could not ask for a better place to live.

Overall I've enjoyed my 3 years here at the view. I moved in when it first opened and have enjoyed the friendly staff and amenities. My one complaint is the occasional noise from the pool late at night. It's infrequent, but yelling can be heard all the way up here on the third floor.

I love the view on 10th and how sweet and caring the staff is. They truly care about their residents and do whatever they can to make sure we are happy.

It is very beautiful and the roommate choice was perfect. I love living in the beautiful apartments and the beds are so comfortable, and I love the pool look!

The View on 10th is a huge community. The amenities and people at the office are great but I feel like because there are so many residents we don't really know each other all that well.

Cant wait to move in! The view offers a better living environment than in the stuffy dorms. Not only that but the pool and community gym is a great aminity as well!

I have really enjoyed my 2 days here so far. The amenities are enjoyable and the internet is superb, to the point where I dont have to buy the new one. Please dont change that. I like my stay so far.

Great overall however the wifi Is super slow. Also the apartment is super dark. It needs more lighting or lighter cabinets. I like living at the view.

ibhad a good time living here great staff and comfy living area. Makes you feel like you are At home. Decent prices and location to campus is great

The view is amazing, I am already looking forward to moving in and decorating! I could not be more excited about this upcoming year! 10/10 would recommend