This apartment community is very neat and well kept. It is great to be around so many caring and kind neighbors that I am able to be in a community with.

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I love living at the View. Its amenities, safe environment, cleanliness around the building and fantastic staff and maintenance is absolute worth my money.

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I enjoy living here, though there are a few downsides. For one, being next to a fire station is both a blessing and a curse. If the building is on fire, I'll be a little less concerned, but 4 AM sirens really do suck.

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I’ve had a really great time living here. The staff has been extremely helpful with everything that they do. Also, the apartment being pet friendly is a major plus.

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It may not be the newest or fanciest place but it has great maintenance and the staff is friendly and helpful. I've lived here for two years and the staff always helps me with any trouble I have and they are always down to chat with me when I'm picking up packages.

I’ve had a very good experience living here. Staff is super friendly and the manager is very understanding. Would definitely recommend living here.

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I have been a resident for two years, and i plan on staying next year. The staff has been very reasonable, friendly, and take criticism very well.

This apartment has been a wonderful place to live. The space was so great during Finals! The seating throughout the entire property was great for studying!

Overall an enjoyable experience. The staff are helpful and friendly. If there is an issue, everyone is available to help with it. I would recommend it to anyone.

place is nice with the pool and everything. Only complaints that the walls are paper thin and you can hear conversations in the other rooms in your bedroom.

Love the view!! The workout room is great and I love the study rooms. I also love all the kitchen space and living room space. Pool is a plus!

I’ve been living at the View on 10th from the summer of 2015 til Christmas of 2017 and I must say that I have had an absolutely wonderful experience living here.

I love my apartment and the staff here! I wish the kitchen had more cabinetry because four people are sharing it and the noise can be a bit much sometimes.

While visiting here, I felt extremely welcome. From the moment I walk in to the moment I walk out I am greater with smiles. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

By far the best apartment option in Waco, the staff are friendly, the rooms are spacious, and the general accommodations (Gym, pool, etc..) are great as well. 10/10, would live here again.

I have enjoyed living at the view! Maintenance is fantastic and the staff is really nice! I also love how close the complex is to campus! My mom only complaint is the noise.

This is a great place to live! The apartment is a great size with awesome amenities and a friendly staff. The only downsides are that the walls are very thin, and the parking situation is not great. I would suggest paying for a reserved spot on your floor so that you don't need to park on the 6-8 floors. I have to park on the 6th floor and I live on the 2nd. Overall, I am satisfied with living here and would recommend it to anyone!

Everything is great! I love being so close to campus. The area downstairs is a great place to study or hangout with friends! The pool area is awesome to hang out around as well.

Good area and work orders are fast. Very happy with that. I like the apartment events and how there is free food given very often. It is sad though that I can’t make a lot of them cause of my classes

It has been a great experience so far! Management is great and really helpful. This is my 2nd year living here and I have no complaints towards the staff and the people in the office.

This is a good apartment complex to live in. Great location in proximity to campus but price wise can be a bit expensive. But otherwise good apartment

Awesome staff that are very helpful! The amenities are great and the maintenance people get things done on time! The room is very nice and I like that it comes with furniture!

Living at the View is a great experience. The amenities are very convenient, the staff is great, and if is in a convenient location in regards to campus.

Love living here. All the amenities are fantastic. The staff is always so helpful and kind. I feel like I go in the office every day and they still greet me with smiling faces.

As far as a student living apartment community goes, the View is really nice! They have events on occasion, free coffee/hot chocolate, and my room is pretty spacious. My only complaint would be that the walls and ceiling/floor are incredibly thin, to the point where it seems like my upstairs neighbors are constantly stomping around. However, overall it has been a good experience.