Awful! Slow to know repairs being taken care of! Not happy ( or feel safe about garage security being compromised! So many concerns w/ maintenance issues.

I have not had a great experience here. Majority of the appliences in the apartment is broken but we are so tired of submitting work orders that we don't want to anymore. We had a staff memeber break into our apartment, never gave notice and never receieved permission when no one was there. Our issue with this is we have valuables and when a note isn't left no one can be held accountable. We also havent had cell service since day one which is a safety issue. The location here, however, is great. That is the only reason i am staying. At first inwas refering people left and right, 12 people are loving here because i referred them and their roommates but i am no longer referring anyone else. I am so disapointed with how the issues have been handled.

My apartment has been falling apart lately. The soap dish in my tub just fell off the wall, the dishwasher its falling out of the wall like it was never drilled in properly, and the drawers in the kitchen seem to be broken. There's never enough hot water. There is still paint all over my floor from the sloppy job they did on building this place (never came to clean it up after multiple times asking). So frustrated and can't wait to move out.

I am really disappointed with the view because of all the maintenance problems. Yesterday my apartment flooded and it took long to get help.

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It's good, but the kitchens are not laid out efficiently and everything just feels shoved together. The amenities are nice, though. If you are ok with being in close quarters with your roommate's, this is the place for you.

Everything is fine. Maintenance requests are fixed pretty fast. Parking needs improvement, as people are taking reserved parking spaces and causing inconvenience.

I like the location, but requests take a long time and that's quite inconvenient. I'm glad the package system has gotten better though. Also the outside parking is terrible and causes a hazard.

I feel like the View could improve by being more organized. maintenance is not timely, and the hallways are often extremely unclean. Also, the trash room always over flows into the hallway, leaving a horrible stench in front of my apartment.

You rate extremely high because my registering experience was great . I'm so excited to live at the view next year it will be a great senior year .

It sounds like people are running to and fro and there are bugs everywhere. The water pipes are increasingly loud at night to the point where i sometimes feel like i’m being water boarded.

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The View is ok. I enjoy my room, although my AC has been weak and my room is around 82-3 degrees constantly. I have asked for maintenance to come and check it out and after 2 inspections, nothing has changed. The Wifi and TV are great, and the parking garage is nice.

The view has been a pretty good experience. There were some issues at first but now its starting to get better. They always have great opportunities and different fun things going on in the lobby that are awesome

Very clean and very nice staff. There is never really a noise issue, but the maintenance could be a little quicker. I am happy with my living situation overall.

The view has allowed for ants to continue to be in my apartment even though I do not have food. However, the front desk people are always nice and lovely.

Had some problems in the beginning with our washer and a leak in our room has yet to be fixed. But overall, nice place minus the crickets in all the hallways.

Not responsive and fast enough. Needs to hire more people if the excuse to everything is "sorry there are too many residents so we couldnt get your phone calls or emails"

I was placed in a four bedroom apartment in January. I went home over the summer and had three new roommates. I explicitly asked that I live in a place with no smoking. All three girls smoked on a daily basis. I was the one who ended up havin to move. I had to move into a smaller room and I had to pay 40$ more than I did in my old place. Although I love my new roommates and I like how fast the managers worked to move me, the new roommates should have been the ones to move.

Expensive, lots of maintenance, loud neighbors, but besides that it was an overall enjoyable experience for the time I have been here this past year.

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Management switches have caused multiple problems (portal down, unable to find number for emergency maintenance number anywhere when portal was down and roommate ceiling was leaking); services i pay for are not being covered such as printing; hallways aren't always clean; had ants the first week staff is friendly and helpful except for a few that aren't very helpful and i watched one employee mute a phone and continue to help a resident in the office while a parent remained on the other line trying to tell him about our ant problem (it was my roommates mom because i heard her over the speaker and she said our room number)

There are many maintenance issues that still haven't been fixed. But the staff is friendly and it's a nice place to live. Plus it's super close to campus!

Living at The View is so convenient because of its close proximity to campus. I like how there are property events because it envokes a community feel. There are slight issues with maninenance that need to be fixed, however.

The pests are an issue. We’ve had a constant ant problem since the day we moved in nearly a year and a half ago. Also, we are being charged for electricity. It’s not right to advertise utilities included without making people aware that utilities are only PARTLY included. Our laundry room smells like mold. However, all that said, the convenience for college students is really nice.

Management is getting better, it was a lot worse last year. The sublease process is also better this year than it was last year. Keep improving.

The View on 10th is a nice place to live. Friendly staff and large rooms, provide a decent college apartment. The only negatives I would list (reason behind 3 stars) are dirty pool/broken hot tub and dogs going to the bathroom in hallway.

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Although the view might not be the newest of all these apartments popping up, I've lived here for three years. Not because the furniture is nice or the rooms or even good roommates. I stayed because the people in the office actually want to help me live as comfortably as possible and I love that they care about their residents.