I’ve loved how quickly maintenance responds and how affordable it is here—I just wish there was more natural lighting and that they had singles available

I've loved living at Village West! The best apartments for the best price. I especially enjoy how the office puts on so many events for the residents to make it feel like more of a community.

Maintenance has improved greatly. The apartments are very nice and the new exercise facility is awesome. It would be nice if there were some vending machines that were always accessible

GREAT place to live! Cheap rent and awesome amenities. The free shuttle for residents is perfect. There is enough parking space. I'm a visiting scholar with a car so it makes parking super easy. Utilities are included in a $45 fee that's a flat rate, so I can have my AC turned up all the way in the summer, or take as long of a shower as I want! The wifi isn't great but they're in the process of revamping it, so I'm sure it'll be better soon. Overall, perfect place for a student to live. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!

the apartment is quiet and nice, the leasing office offers wonderful service, and they will instantly repair the stuff when you report it, good place

Village West has been awesome so far. It’s a little pricey, but the $45 amenity fee is great. Maintenance is always here within 24 hours of submitting a request. Appliances are almost brand new and in great condition.

We moved into the village west about a year ago and have had a great experience. New appliances are nice even though our washer broke within a couple months. Village west was extremely fast in replacing it with a new and much better one. Highly recommend living here.

I love living here! The office staff is extremely helpful with my questions, the fitness center is awesome, and maintenance requests are always taken care of so quickly and well!

The apartments are very spacious. So much room for activities! The amenities are solid. The fitness room is very convenient (only wish they had cubbies or a coat rack).

Village West is a great place for students to live. It is affordable and the apartments are very nice, with furnishings included. There are a lot of nice amenities as well.

Good service for a great price. Maintenance can be a bit slow at times, but it's usually pretty good. The bus is very convenient and useful.

Everything is so nice here!!!! I love the apartment ! The most amazing place is the office, in which there are study rooms, sofa, printer, and even COFFEE

Village West is located in a great location. Even for students that do not have a car, the bus system is a great opportunity to get to and from campus.

The apartment complex is always quick to fix any issues around the apartment and always keeps the outside looking nice, but the owners change a lot and that has lead to some documentation errors and the rent is expensive.

An issue I once had was when I was once locked out of my apartment, I went down to the leasing office to ask for help, and I was immediately let into my apartment without any verification of my identity or anything. It just seems like a security issue waiting to happen, or a possible theft.

The price is cheap. Staff is really nice. The complex made a great effort to improve the internet, although it is still very bad. I've been here awhile and I've seen management change many times. I'm still awaiting my gift card from last year. Other than that the apt room I have is beautiful

I love living at Village West! The staff is amazing. The aminities are some of the best around, especially the fitness center! I also love the way they renovated the apartments. Super modern yet homie!

I love living here. The staff are really nice. It's a good value for everything you get. The shuttle is really convenient. I can't say enough good things about Village West.

I have no issues with living at Village West. Their maintenance team always responds quickly to fixing anything that comes up. I enjoy the great study area in the clubhouse. The gym is also a great plus if you don't want to head to the CoRec.

Good service and the staff is super nice :D I have lived here for 2 years and looking forward to moving into my new apartment with village west with my fiancé next year :)

Sometimes the office work a little bit slow. Add some more activities will be better! Also hope can add two more shuttle bus stops at Berring Hall and Walmart!

Fantastic facilities which are beautifully maintained. Great little perks like coffee and doughnuts. I love using the gym and always feel safe.

The apartment is located in a scenic location. It is midway to Walmart and school. The facilities are top notch. I will definitely recommend staying here. It's value for money.

I think the living enviroment in villagewest is quite good. THe staff here is really kind, and the leasing office provides the printing and free coffee.

Village West is a great place to live! Their staff and maintenance team are friendly and knowledgeable. They have friendly text reminders about rent and their online system is easy to use. I cannot wait to use the pool this summer!