Love the area. Convenient location to school. Office staff is so friendly and helpful. Neighbors are real nice as well! I dont feel unsafe walking at night from my car

The community here is great! I moved here from up North where people are stuck up and uptight. The people who work here at Parkside are very laid back, understanding and really assist in all your needs ASAP. The Villages of Parkside are conveniently located by an elementary school, a couple parks, gas stations, laundry mats, and only a mile down the road are some restaurants and grocery stores.

I think it's a nice place near from my work&affordable units,, Especially to the military families,we don't need a downpayment for moving in! It saving us a money

I'ts a nice&clean place, they always check whatever issue we have in our house,then trying to fix it!the staff&maintenance are friendly!they have affordable units too

This is one of the most wonderfullest places to reside inside of. Everythang perfeck. We got a basketball court where the basketball warriors apart of the basketball association of America have tournaments. We also have a Greek restaurant across the street that drops the bag of buns on the ground, uses shriveled up pieces of hamburger meat that don't fit the bun and will forget to cook yo fries like he got short term memory loss or sumn. Also, if you get into an accident, just call Morgan and Morgan and tell em its time to go to court again. Avoid the deers when you driving thru here, they act like they brain don't work and will come out in traffic and get hit. So like I always say: if you wanna experience the real deal, come on down to Peacher's Mill! One final note is that sometimes it's cold but it ain't no problem for me because I was born in the northern states. That's why I can deal with these temperatures wit a short sleeve shirt on. But if you was already born in the South, that ain't somethin I can recommend because it takes years to build up yo immunity to the coldment. And make sure you don't park in any handicap spots because you best believe you will be getting a knock at yo door and some angry looks. Yall know EXACTLY what yall doin when yall be parkin in them spots. You act like you ain't gotta follow the rules but YOU GONE LEARN TODAY!!

Cute apartment, nice and clean, friendly management, great location. Love the pool and looking forward to having a place to workout when that's ready.

Sometimes it is hard to tell what I actually enjoy. Are you doing me about my actual residency or this website resident experience. Instructions unclear am confused

Love living here. It’s quiet and the staff is super nice. The staff takes of any issues and my neighbors are super nice. I wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else

Its really quiet place to live. and pretty cleaned outside. one of man who works in the office. He helped me a lot and letting me know all updated

Been living here two years. Never had any real complaints with management. Always friendly and willing to work with the residents. A+ rating

I love the community here. The office staff is quick, good listeners and is genuinely concerned with your stay! Maintenance staff is also very quick!

So far so good, been living here since 3 weeks everything as been perfect since, no complaints so far, liked how big the common areas and park are.

The staff was really friendly. I had a weird neighbor that moved in and was obnoxious and kind of rude. He had this big plant outside of his door and he wouldn’t move it. My dog tried peeing on it when I was letting him outside and the guy got mad. Like dude, don’t put a plant outside your door. Take it inside? But whatever.

Maintenance is very friendly and quick if there is ever an issue with the apartment. Rent is a little high for not having a washer, dryer, or dishwasher.

The apartment is great , It has its bad parts but nothing to hard to fix. The community is great and very quiet for the most part. I love my new apartment!!!

I really like it here, it's quiet most of the time. I appreciate your help when I need maintenance or anything I need assistance with. Thank you

Neighbors smoke a lot and comes into our vents we don’t smoke. But other than that we have no complaints. When we have a maintenance issue it is resolved quickly

Amazing! I’ve had to maintance visits and they’ve done an awesome job!! Neighborhood friendly as well. We’ve only been here for 3 full months almost, and we absolutely love it here!

Living here is nice but the office staff and maintenance are a little slow at getting things done. We moved in the beginning of October and now, in the middle of November there are still things broken from when we first moved in.

It is a great community. Everyone in my building is so friendly. Everyone in the office is lovely as well. I love that there are extra parking spaces for when guests visit, instead of having an over crowded lot.

Five stars! So awrsome and cool! Too much to write where should I start? Maybe I’ll just write because the points. 140 seems like a lot but now I’m at 154

Quite area.and clean, everything is conveniently located and friendly staff, laundry facilities,swimming pool,basketball court, picnic area and playgrounds on property

They have assisted our little family with great help, from moving into a bigger place within the area since we're having an additional added to our family. Thank you!!

Love it this is the best place I lived at in a long time , nobody bother us and it’s very quiet , I can tell my friends about this place ...

So far it has been a really great experience. Nothing to complain about. The workers down in the main office have been very helpful. Just wish it had a washer dryer hookup.