Units and property need better improvements, Updating office, should be your last concerns. Taking care of the resident already living here should be the first concerns. So many problems. The security lights on carport and building needs to be fix. I don't feel safe while walking around the property. The toilet in my unit smell so bad. I clean it 3 times a week due to the smell. Bath tubs is bad, the stopper in the tub is rusty. I have pictures. Cabinet wrap is done very poorly. The water heater in my unit have be leaking for the last 7 days. My water bill will be higher, I think mgmt should share the pay a percent I'd the bill. I report it on Sat Aug 3rd. Parking is bad for all residents, Residence who pay to live here shouldn't have to pay. When paying rent, trash and water. I never heard of this up north. Some of the resident park at the office or across the street at the school. Just to keep from paying to pat. Today, the only pool was closed without notice from on-site mgmt. Once again putting lipsticks on a pig. There's is mud in front of my vehicle. One night in May, I slipped on the mud while unloading grocery, I have pictures. It took mgmt 2 months to clean some of the mud and dirty. Moved from the manhole right near my vehicle. Not much room to walk. When the carport was installed is not centered. The breeze way need power washing, I had to clean the apartment because the cleaning people don't show up. The carpet had so much dirty from the construction, mgmt Shouldn't charge me, I got pictures. Some of the residents are very unhappy with green pools, rude office mgmt and very easy fixes. The Corporation is no better. Its about the bottomline, more money for you. Pest control is that extra money, just because. Let me know if Corp will be helping with my water bill. I still need proof of the failed rent payment ACH/Wire. I need a receipt for the extra $50.

When I first applied to live at the apartment complex all staff were inviting and caring. Hospitality was amazing and smiles were on people’s faces. As we moved in and a few months past I quickly learned that two of the three staff were the caring individuals. My experience here has been the worst of all apartment complexes I have lived at. The communication. The roles. The maintenance. Everything is just off. The maintenance men are great but the process and length to get anything fixed is unbelievable.

I appreciate your methods to meet our satisfactions or dissatisfactions, we have 7 days moved and the experience with the apartment has been bad, since it has many repairs to make them, has problems with clogged pipes and that for us is very uncomfortable. They do not determine the day that repairs can be resolved. I would be grateful if you can respond to the requests soon.

I thought I would really like living here, but it has not been a good experience so far. There have been several issues that are the reason behind the low score! 1) There were a number of items that had to be repaired after I moved in. It not only took 2 months to get most of the items completed. And it took me calling, emailing and going to the office constantly to get anything done! It's 5 months now and there are still a couple of things not done! I was given the following excuses, 1. They let their maintenace guy go, bc he was not what they were promised... 2. New Maintence guy was on vacation.. 3. And my favorite so far... was they had 8 units they needed to get ready for move in. So that just told me that they got my money and didn't care about me anymore, just getting the new tenants in! And now they are doing all the renovations, so I don't really expect anything I need to get done anytime soon, so I pretty much have given up..... 2) Next issue, I was told that they didn't flood during Harvey. Well, I find that very hard to believe when during storm a while back I was stuck in the Kroger parking lot for 2+ hours because Briarforest was flooded. Then once I was able to get in, I had to go through high water to get back to my apt. You can't tell me that they had that much high water and didn't during Harvey!!! 3) NOW, for the next issue... my apartment was broken in to. I know that no where is 100 % safe but I was given the impression that this was safer than most. I was actually told that there are $2 Mil. Homes behind us. So, I guess that means it's safe right? NOT!! My biggest problem is that they did not notify the residences of the incident. They said they only notify if it happens to more than one tenant. Again, I had to call them, where I should have been their 1st phone call that morning. If for nothing else just to check on me. Now I will say that the guys they had come out to fix the door did a good job and offered ways to add to the doors to make me feel a little safer... and there was an item that they added that they only had 1 of so they were going to have to come back.. then when I called the office that Saturday to ask if they new when the guy was coming back, I was told that was something I requested so they didn't have anything to do with it. She did go ahead and call for, but I could tell she was really put out. I'm really surprised I didn't get a bill for the work from the office!.... There are a few other items, but these were the most important. I have held off on writing a review because I was hoping it would get better. It hasn't! 😔

From the day one I felt staying here is not good in this community the front office including Manager is arrogant and they will show raisesim they will not communicate properly if you go for help and they will not raise request if we have issues in apartment they will not send the staff/plumber/Electricians if you have some urgent issue in your apartment. Management says she don’t know anything and the other lady assistence manager I guess she will talk all rules but they will follow any of them.I really feel very uncomfortable going to front office and talking to them they keep there faces very bad if they see any Indians coming for request. Me and my wife face this issue many times,I want to go out of this community ASAP but don’t have choice as I signed the contract.Aslo staff is not available till 11 am Tuesday weekday , they will leave before 5 , Sunday holiday I did not see staff working like this in any of the community.

Good but can be better, especially regarding security. There have been many robberies taking place in the community but none of them are taking any responsibility.

Experience is mixed, mostly bad. Lots of roaches in the apartment, very bad maintenance, bullshit parking policy. They are surviving only because of one reason - the community belongs to a good school zone.

Good: location, neighbors, having 2 pools Bad: limited parking space, got lots of roaches in my apt, maintenance response is slow, the bbq at the pool never works.

Maintenance staff is very minimal and you have to wait for months to get simple issue resolved. Swimming pools always hVe leaves and not cleaned regularly.

It was great when I first move in then after a while I started to have issues with roaches in my apartment. Then there was a problem with my AC going out twice

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It is one of the best apartments to live in. It has good amenities and great that they have kids play area, that is great to have in a community. The staff does great job in arranging get-together parties.

It's in a good neighborhood. It has great schools and shopping nearby. The front office staff are really good and helpful. The events they conduct are engaging.

It is good, it got very noisy recently. The community is working hard to better provide security and better amenities to the residents. The front office engages residents well with all fun get-together.

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It is a good community to stay. Location is good and amenities are also good. All the apartments have upgraded equipment, ample space and storage facility.

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I love my apartment but the parking sucks. The people in the leasing office are so nice. They are so helpful. I just having a problem with finding a parking space when I get in late or over the weekend

The community is good on an overall perspective but there are lots of scope for improvement. Leasing office stuff should give more importance to residents complaints.

Clean and quiet apartment. Love the location and the leasing agents are always very helpful. The only problem I have is with the slow maintenance response time and the limited parking.

Apartment community is fun and the front office are cheerful people. They are always planning something for the residents. Nice place to be in.

Our experience when we first got here was amazing! A few bumps in the road with our appliances when we first moved in but one was fixed. Waiting on the next then we’ll be fine!

Good location close to schools, parks, and freeway. Has small kids play area. New management is trying to make improvements. Has limited parking.

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It's a quite community and nice neighborhood. This apartment has good amenities for children and it is close to lot of good stores and restaurants. It's school zone is very good.

I love the leasing office poeple, they are very friendly and helpful. The amenities are well maintained. It is pleasejt and silent community. I love the play area for the kids

The residents are wonderfully family oriented. Great place for your kids to build friendships safely. My apartment is a perfect fit for my family. Only downside would be a persisten pest control problem.

Great, good and friendly neighborhood, a little insecure. i like the amenities. the parking lot is not enough for everybody. the maintenance work on time.

Very Nice and quiet place to live!! My family is very happy Living in the Villages of Briar Forest. My little boy who is 9 years old he loves the playground every day after school and homework he goes to play with a lot of kids