Villaggio apartments are well kept and most people mind their business. One thing I’ve noticed though was the leasing office staff are a little unorganized but they’re all super sweet and helpful.

New renter but the community seems very nice. Apartment is spacious, big rooms and high ceilings, but not all units come with washer and dryer

it's pretty good so far. I think you should definitely power wash the walls, they are disgusting. Also Male sure pet owners pick up their pet's turds.

At this point everything is well. All work orders were completed in a timely order. Erin is awesome, very attentive, great customer service skills!

We're still loving our home at the Villaggio! It's beautifully maintained and the staff is so sweet and helpful. The location is also a plus for me because I'm a full time student at BPCC.

I’ve Been here one week, and so far, so good. Based on what I’ve seen to this point, expectations are high. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the complex

It's been a pretty good experience so far no problems no complaints. The customer service is always good. My neighbors are really nice and they always take care of each other.

I’ve really loved living here with my family. It’s a quiet complex and really well maintained. The pool is clean and the landscaping is always done well! Very beautiful. The staff have been great during the years I have lived here.

Been here for a couple months. I really enjoy the environment and look forward to a wonderful summer here. The staff is very friendly and professional. I placed a work order on my ceiling fan and my bathtub drain was stopped up. I was contacted The issue was resolved in a couple hours!

Experience at the Villaggio has been great. It’s getting to that season where we will be thankful for the community pool which we look forward to using!

Maintenance guys are the best! When I call Lynn for any maintenance it’s done right away. And Erin in the office it’s the sweetest thing! I love the pool, and I love walking around the lake.

It has been great so far. Overall everything is quite. side of the building needs to be cleaned and the hall ways do not get cleaned very often.

Villaggio is a great safe place to call home! The staff is very helpful and always nice and welcoming. Also very pet friendly! Love the amenities!

The Villaggio is a very nice place to live,it’s quiet and laid back,we also live in a very low crime rate neighborhood and the neighbors are very friendly and nice.If anyone was looking for a great apartment to live in I would recommend The Villaggio to them.

I LOVE living here. The neighbors are super nice and it’s actually super quiet for an apartment. I also love that there is a gym that I can go to!

They made the move in process very easy and convenient! We love living at The Villaggio because the front office is very kind every time we speak to them about anything

Erin in the leasing office is great and I love how much open space there is to walk my dog in this neighborhood. The lake is also a really nice touch.

I love it here it has everything that me and my kids need to be a family it’s a good family place to live staff is nice they are very polite and not rude

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I'm still so happy to be here. The location is very convenient for me because I'm a full time student. My boyfriend and I recently upgraded apartments and the leasing office staff helped to make the transition as painless as possible!

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So far I love it, Nothing to complain about at all . Nice neighbors , good area to live in & the pond walks with my sweey baby is amazing at nighttime

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It’s a nice place to live . Has issues like any apartment but overall super quite and nice. We have been here over a year and the staff has been great.

This has been an awesome experience for me. Love living here. The area is great. I feel safe and secure. The staff has been wonderful and the move in experience was perfect.

Great staff and great neighbors. Apartments are really nice. A little on the expensive side but I think it’s worth it. With the space around the complex, it would be great to have a fenced dog park area. And some neighbors don’t understand picking up after their pets. But other than that, a great place to live.

Pretty decent appartment. I left these appartments about six months ago and ended up coming back. Its a little far from things you might want to do, but then again i sort of prefer that.

Villagio is an absolute dream. I work as a travelling physical therapist and I extended my contract for Bossier City just so I could live in Villagio longer - I would highly recommend this facility to anyone.