Pools always dirty. My house apartment smells like marijuana constantly. The apartment needs a complete remodel, nothing has been updated since it was first built.

It is very frustrating that I was told there would be plenty of uncovered parking near the unit, yet not matter what time of day I come here there is never any uncovered parking nearby or even reasonably close to the unit I’m in. So instead it looks like I’ll have to pay yet another additional fee for parking. The people I have met so far are rude, which isn’t the apartments fault I understand. However, it is just another negative. Whoever was hired to clean the unit before move in did a terrible job. Literally any trash that was there was simply swept off the patio; first floor unit. I mentioned it in the paperwork, yet it’s been 2 weeks and the trash still sits in the same spot.

So far not a bad place to live. Trouble getting into the apartments because of poor employee performance. But the place looks nice and seems to be somewhat kept up

I have lived here since October 17 and the only way it seems to get any action done is through this. I have a formal complaint about the man who lives in apartment 615. Today 01/18/19 he made the comment under his breath in passing that I need to put my dog in the pound. Essentially tell me to put my dog down because he has a lot of energy. My dog is an emotional support dog. And this man and his zero knowledge of dog behavior has now made comments to me on walks now 4 times over the year or so I've been here. I don't appreciate someone telling me to put my dog down nor do I think that is something to joke or pretend. I will come into the office tomorrow 01/19/19 to speak with staff to try to resolve this situation. Personally I feel like I have been attacked by a person that doesn't understand animal behavior.

The staff doesn’t respond to work orders until you’ve reached out several times, I think they should give At..least til the 3rd to pay rent so sas

Some of the management team is less friendly but overall nice. They are quick with maintenance requests. I think they should have assigned parking with living quarters instead of having to buy a spot.

This is my first apartment and it’s affordable and in a great neighborhood. In the beginning we had a issue with everyone leaving their trash out and we ended up having a rodent problem. Although it took 2 weeks for the office to act on this the issue was soon resolved. I hope we don’t have this problem again next summer.

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I love the big closet. The area is a nice place to live. The staff is helpful and nice. The office is decorated wonderfully. I appreciate that there is a small work out room. My son has a dog and loves the fact that there is a doggie park

Great neighborhood and neighbors. Wonderful location with decent amenities. Maintenance crew is the best but inside staff is just alright. Dog park doesn't have a water bowl for dogs and the fees for things like valet trash and pest are outrageous compared to other locations nearby. Parking situation is ridiculous, if you don't pay $20/month for a parking spot they force you to park far away from the buildings by having about 90% of the property reserved parking. Including disabled parking.

It’s a safe place to live, also most of the neighbors are kind. The only problem is lack of parking space which makes it hard for the guests to visit.

parking sucks, not enough parking, need more parking parking need character, need 140 characters parking sucks, parking sucks, parking sucks

Its ok i guess. Gym is terrible but my neighbors are quiet so im ok i guess. Parking is shit. My work schedule doesnt allow me to put my trash out when needed so I'm paying for something i cant use.

The area is nice, the people living here are nice. Maintenance is amazing however the office is slow to respond..but the employees are nice. Would recommend to anyone looking for affordable living within the suburbs.

The staff is always changing, maintenance requests are completed a week out and every other week we get to hear the alarm going off at the front office for 30 minutes until it’s resolved. We see cop cars in the complex every week (no exaggeration). Every other week we see a fire truck and EMTs. This complex has made me eager to leave when our lease is up.

I enjoy living here although I wish my apartment was updated. I've lived here for 3 years with no upgrades. The managers are helpful and seem to care about residents. They know me by name and my apt number!

I recommend this place for low maintenance people. If you're needy and not very independent in terms of apartment living then keep it moving. There is no leniency with late payments, fees are assessed and evictions are filed very quickly(this never happened to me), but again, if you're low maintenance and independent, you'll be fine. Example: I have never had a working key fob for the gate/gym but it's not a deal breaker for me given the affordable pricing. Also staff rarely answers calls but I'm sure they're busy or understaffed. Now that prices are increasing significantly, I look forward to the community and staffing upgrades, as well as improvement in operations. The maintenance men are great and very friendly - they make up for any shortcomings.

The neighborhood is quiet. Neighbors are friendly. From what I have seen, they keep the arear clean. I would like a better turn around on maintenance request but other than I like the apartments.

There seems to be a lot of confusion and transitioning of the office staff. Everyone we really nice, but I’ve had better experiences. Overall, the property is nice and clean the area is nice. I hope to stick around for a few years so hopefully things will continue to run smoothly.

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Management could be nicer sometimes. Parking is horrible on my side. Sometimes I have to park in front of the leasing office. Tons of open covered parking spots but cost is too high. I rarely get notified of packages being in the office. Valet trash fee sucks. The cost is too high and the people that pick up the trash people are picky about what they will take. If something is not in a bag they will just leave it in the trash can. It could be a water jug and they'll just leave it. Other than that its been great.

It’s ok. We had to call them and tell them to fix a lot of stuff. But they came fast. There was a leak in the wall our first week. And bees All over out balcony.

I like the location of these apartments as well as the price. Never had a problem. I would recommend you check them out. I just signed my second 13 month lease 4/30/17

Everyone is really nice until you actually sign the lease, then they act like they don't care much. But over all the apartment is nice, and so are the amenities

Great Staff! Toilet and Disposal need to be worked on - other then that it is amazing. Love the built in shelves! Bri, in the front office, has been super kind and that is much appreciated as I haven't lived in an apartment in a long time!!

This is now my second time I am here to live. I like it’s location and over all layout. Rents are lowest in area. It’s so convenient to walk on biking trails and go to John and Judy gay library.

I love living here! Just about everything is so convenient! The only suggestion I have is for the reload machine for the laundry card to be more accessible after office hours. Other than that; staff is great, service requests answered in a timely manner and it is a safe and quiet environment.