Love the amenities of the apartment. Staff is welcoming and helpful too! I rated the apartment 3/5 stars because I despise more than anything the outside appearance. Definitely time for renovations!

I barely get any parking close to my building. There are bugs all over my apartment. However, maintenance is very helpful and usually comes out to help right away. Also, the people that live here are super nice.

Okay okay to live, parking In back buildings aren’t the best, at all. Expect to park 3-4 buildings away if you live in the back and get home later in the evening.

Many issues living from the gate not working for months, to spider bites on a regular basis, to dog poop all the time, not enough parking. And the rent is going up

Overall great place to live. Maintenance needs to be better at communicating as well as the management on site. I Still need lots of things done inside my unit.

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There is a lot of pets on the property along with stray animals. Also mantience has some faulty workers who do not complete the request just sign as they do.

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The community and residents are nice. I’ve never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. I like the layout of the apartment. Maintenance is punctual and very nice!

Community events are rare. Nothing that is broke ever gets fixed. The apartments are nice but definitely overpriced. The office has difficulty communicating with residents.

Everything is great except one major complaint. Fab doesn’t work to clubhouse or pool and was told it won’t until gate is fixed. Been here almost 2 months and still waiting. Very inconvenient.

I enjoy living here and the atmosphere. I don't enjoy never having a parking space, yet I pay good money to live here, and the clostest parking is in building 28 and I live in 6. There is never a day I have a parking space in my building's designated parking and it's become very frustrating.

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The maintenance staff are friendly and timely, the office workers are accommodating. The apartment complex itself it pretty nice. They're remodeling most of the apartments and they look pretty nice.

Great staff but older property. Its in an awesome location that is near almost Every thing u could need as well as close to interstate for people who travel out of town for work

The units are nice but we pay to live in a gated community. The gate hasn’t worked in over 6 months. The trash compactor has been closed since before summer with no signs of opening back up.

I love the apartment itself but PARKING is ridiculous. If I come home later than 6/7 the closest parking is the front office for building 7. It has in part to do with the ridiculous amounts of handicap spots and space that garages take up. An option may be to go ahead and assign each apt at least 1 parking spot so that residents have at least one spot near their door. I refuse to walk from the front all the way to the back just to have a parking spot for how much I pay to live here.

Though it is a gated community, the gate has not been closed since May. At the beginning of September the gate was finally back up, but is not functioning correctly and twice I have been stuck in a line of cars trying to get in. Pretty disappointing.

Ruff start with Vintage at the Parke. Communication from the office staff is not all that great but ended up being really nice peoople. The apartments are pretty decent

I like it so far. I got some noise from my neighbors. I tried to contact you many times, finally you heard from me. Other than that everything was amazing.

The units are very nice, but parking is a major issue. I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to find a spot within a reasonable distance from my unit.

I have enjoyed this past year at Vintage and will be renewing in the fall. I feel that there are many positives and a few potential concerns worth noting. Positives: Professional and friendly staff, welcoming neighborhood environment, excellent family amenities for both children and pets, reasonable pricing for what is provided Potential concerns: building-adjacent parking is rare (though handicap spots seem available near buildings if needed), dog waste (they do not DNA test dogs for waste identification), occasional privacy issues (providing less than 24 hours notice of entry for planned renovations)

Vintage at the parks is a Great community and great staff. The neighbors are friendly. The only downside is the limited parking and the hidden charges that weren’t disclosed when I signed my lease.

Everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly! It’s very clean and a great place to live! Office and maintenance are very quick to help and the amenities are awesome!

Place is great, however rent is high. Going thru a transitional phase of ownership. Scared to see what other changes will occurred. No place is perfect.

I really enjoy living here....... but the cars speeding thru the parking lot makes me fear for my life as well as other residents. I think more speed bumps need to be added. One near the mailboxes and another maybe between buildings 2 and 3. I’m actual afraid to cross the parking lot it’s just that bad.

Nice & Modern Complex.. We got a pretty decent special for move-in . Neighbors are a tad noisy sometimes but only seems that way because the first floor walls are thin. overall a great place to stay.

Great community and staff. Very quiet. Great amenities and property is well kept. Very few negatives with this property. School districts are great