Very nice Apartments. However, rooms are too small and I miss having a dining area for company. Also, the closests are too small and there is no onsite storage space.

The apartment is brand new and so pretty! I love all of the amenities (dog park and spa, gym, pool, etc). The office staff are all very helpful and friendly. My only complaint is that residents don’t pick up after their dogs, though there’s doggie bags and trash cans everywhere.

The community need a playground area for kids. Being a smart apartment eill be great. The carpet on the elevator should be clean often. It looks like old comunity.

The building is new and very secure. It is easy to hear through the walls and any room besides the master is small. Outdoor porch is small but nice except it’s fully screened in with no exit door directly to the outside. There has been a few issues to fix but they have been taken care of promptly when notified except it has taken some time to put my name in the call boxes. Construction is still taking place affecting a few things. Valet trash container is small but I do understand there’s only so much trash that can be picked up. Free coffee in the common room is great as well as the games. Community days are cool. Pool is very nice. Gym is nice and great to have on location. Outdoor trees, grills, and lights are great. Dog park and grooming area is also great! Lots of amenities.

I’ve been living here for about 3 weeks and so far things have been great. It’s a new apartment complex so everything is in great condition and working fine for the most part. The amenities like the gym and the mail center are pretty cool. Maintenance is very prompt and everyone in the office is super helpful. The reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because of the gate and the fact that we have no storage space. The gates close so slowly that literally 4 cars could come in behind you which defeats the purpose of living in a gated community. I think they should either add a bar or significantly decrease the amount of time the gate stays open. As for the storage issues, in our previous apartment we had storage space so now the things we would have stored away they’re kind of jammed into the laundry room or in the closet. Overall, nowhere is going to be perfect but I do enjoy living here.

Walls thin you can hear everyone and everything compared to solis next door. Evrday dogs in the dog park attack each other outisde and make a loud commotion

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Mail room needs to be a-little more organized. Anyone can get in there and take whatever they want to. Everything else has been great and easy going.

Just moved into this community. Community amenities and security are good. I will review further after a month of staying here so that it is more appropriate

Just moved in , water smells terrible like rotten eggs . Does anybody else’s smell bad? Otherwise nice place. Stephanie was extremely helpful every step of the way!

So far we have had excellent service here. Every time we go downstairs to ask for something they have exactly what we need &, having it be our first time living away from home this is amazing. I wish there was a clearer way to set up things in the post office because there have been multiple packages that I haven’t received notifications for because the set up process to get notifications hasn’t been smooth. Other than that everything is amazing, love it here!

Very good place to stay with a friend or family for a friend who was really sad to visit and Canada is my day it is so fun to play and it was

Great place! The only thing stopping me from giving it five stars is that I wish the pool was a bit colder and the app updated a bit faster. Other than that, everything else is awesome!

Overall my experience is good but there are always some comments. I really don't like the fact that there isn’t a cart or trolly or someone on the complex to help tenants with heavy stuff. I moved in and am building my apartment from scratch Its common for me to have new furniture and heavy and difficult things to take to my apartment, but its always a problem with no help or assistance from the complex. Since I live alone, I end up having to pay someone from outside to do that for me. I moved around 10 or 15 days and my remote is still not working so when I go get mail or to the pool I get stuck on the grids and cant come in the building from the back/stair case entrance I have a neighbor on the third floor that listens to loud and heavy electronic music every night, from monday to monday, always passing midnight and on... Apart from that, everything ok up to now.

Vintage winter park is a brand new beautiful community. Apartments are really nice in and out, the amenities are amazing. There are a few downsides such as thin walls but that seems to be normal with new apartments these days. The people are friendly and welcoming.

It has been a wonderful process so far! The facilities are gorgeous and the living spaces are perfect. Communication with the office staff is a little difficult but they are amicable.

I love It here! The community and amenities are so nice! The only reason I didn’t give It five stars is because the walls are a bit thin and I hear s lot of what happens in the hall and above me.

Over all it has been good. I've been here since April and having a good time. I've attended a few events and they have been fun. I also enjoy the community every one seems to be nice and friendly.

5stars if it had a basketball court or a hot tub. Everything else is top notch. Good community nice apartments. Lights do go out a lot more than expected during storms.

Moving into this beautiful apartment complex has been wonderful. The amenities are so nice and them being open 24/7 is amazing. The staff is helpful and they try their best to do what they can. Friendly neighbors and nice indoor living style. The valet trash pick up has been a little bit inconstant but it's gotten better! Definitely would re-new!

The team here is excellent and the amenities are really great. My only contention is that the wine bar has been disabled for about 2 months, rendering my Vintage card and the allocated funds on it useless. This amenity was one of the many selling points for me so I am eager to see it back up and running. Other than that, zero complaints; there are plenty of weekend events held here and the management team in the office has always gone above and beyond their call of duty to accommodate any needs that may arise for me.

Few minor move in issues, nothing too serious. Community is a little more relaxed on their rules then I had hoped for. Overall very beautiful property

For the most part almost everyone is very nice and welcoming, a few less social people here and there but it’s nice to already have friends next door!

It is nice, they love my feedback and take actions to rectify any scenarios. I enjoy the living space and and feel very safe here at The Vintage Winter Park.

Stephanie is the best in the front office and definitely made my move easy and smooth. There are a few apartment problems (can't get in all doors, ground vault pops, etc) but otherwise it has been great here.

I haven't officially moved in yet as of typing this, but the experience up to this point has been pretty excellent. There were some bumps, but nothing that couldn't be ironed out in a quick fashion. I appreciate the time the staff in the main office take to ensure resident's stresses about moving.