It’s perfect for a college student! The staff is always so helpful and nice. They are eager to help you if you need any changes to your room or building. My overall experience has been great. This will be my third year living at Vivo.

Vivo is a great place for students. The staff are friendly and provide timely help. The apartments are well furnished and well maintained. The location is great and is very near to the University of Toledo.

I love the rent it is affordable. Vivo is nice for me and my friends. The apartment is cozy and warm. I visit my friend place and he loves. Bb

I love it to pieces I’m super excited to move in it can’t any better than this and I love my roommate I love the apartment everything is so nice.

Vivo is a very nice and quite community good for college students. I like living here and I have a great roommate however I would like the ability to paint my appartment

great experience, quiet place, close to key places, modern apartments, fast maintenance, free parking, always renovating, plenty of spaces outdoors, clean place

I am very delightful for the opportunity to live here in Vivo and I feel safe here to live. Expectations are achievable here . Very happy to join vivo

The staff is friendly and was super helpful in answering my questions, and helping me choose a living space that was comfortable for me. I can't wait to move it!

Vivo is a pretty cool, fun, and safe place to live. The staff is always friendly. They are always doing some kind of community event I recommend going, if you want to meet some new people.

It’s such a nice place to live nearby campus! Nice neighborhood, friendly staff, and reasonable floor rate plan for students who wanna live nearby school but couldn’t afford too much!

It's a cheap place for someone who is tight on money. The location to the school is great. Maintenance is very slow though. The electrical is very iffy. It kept going in and out.

Close to campus, variety of floor plans, good price, and free parking. Perfect for college students looking to live off campus. I have really enjoyed my stay at Vivo.

Vivo is a great place for a college student! It’s so close to campus and has a great environment. The staff is very nice and helpful. I love it!

Helpful staff and always got what I needed. Neat place. All residents are quite and never faced any problems. Snow can be cleared early at times. On a overall basis it’s a good place to live.

Vivo has been an amazing experience. It’s been great fun staying here. It’s quiet so I get to study in peace and it’s loud on weekends so it feels really lively.

Living at vivo was the best decision for me. It directly across the street from campus so, it's easy to commute. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

Excellent service, great high quality employees. Help a lot with maintenance and other things that go wrong. Highly recommend, will definitely come back

Vivo is one of the best housing out there and it’s an affordable apartment for students. I enjoy living here and I’m glad to part of the team.

Has been pretty good so far. Really feels like "home away from home." I would definitely recommend the complex to anyone looking for an apartment in Toledo!

I recently leased an apartment at Vivo Toledo. My experience there was fantastic due to the friendly atmosphere, and ability to answer questions, from the staff. I would recommend this complex to anyone!

Overall pretty okay. Great price and affordable. Some of the office workers have no clue what is going on but the general manager is in very good control. Work orders are processed quickly and done well.

excellent experience, calm place, safe environment, very close to the university and to the hospital, pleasant neighbors, excellent maintenance

Vivo has been an okay living experience. Sometimes management does nt=ot help to resolve problems that one may have. Also, the plumbing is terrible in the bathroom

Short term leases extensions would be beneficial. Sometimes students can't afford to pay when not in school. At least extensions should be short term

Living here is not so bad. I like that they finished repaving the roads in may and that the apartment is near many restaurants and there is plenty of space for parking