I love living here. its very close to campus and the apartments are pretty big. I love that there are three levels to the house. gives everyone their own space yet we can all hang in the living room since its so big

My resident experience is good! My roommate is nice, and the building is nice. The rent is reasonable. I wish the area outside the apartment was cleaned more for snow and ice. However, my overall experience is good!

Very good office service and friendly staff. Maintenance does well and fixings things in a timely manner, and the online request system is very easy to use. I would recommend this realty company to all friends.

Maintenance staff are awesome people, staff are awesome as well. Quiet enough area, but a lot of litter bugs. Parking is sparse. Washer and dryer units could use updated. Lots of trouble drying jeans and towels even small loads.

It's located in a great location. Very close to uptown and campus. There is plenty of parking for everyone. It's very very very very very nice

Perfect place that is less than 5 minutes away from campus. And close enough to walk downtown, or meet up with friends nearby. Everyone is super nice and helpful around here

Nice location relative to distance to campus. Very nice building and apartment layout. Quiet environment for those who do not want to have to go to the library to study.

I love the location of these apartments. It is very close to campus, even though I am in Schroeder it is a very easy walk. Close to the cafeteria in Watterson too. Located in a popular area, so there is always something going on. Close walk to the uptown restaurants and bars. Apartment itself is very nice as well. Only thing I would like would be a half bath on the main level but that would be nit picking at this point.

Amenities could use some serious updates but the townhomes are very spacious/ are in a great location and everyone is extremely helpful when things go wrong!

I love that everything is included in the rent and we all get our own bathrooms. Everything is so clean and the parking is very nice. It is a great place to live

Living at Lincoln Town Homes so far has been great. If there is ever a problem they are always quick to help and fix it. I would recommend renting with Walk2CLAS.

The apartment is nice for a college place. What sets this company aside from the others is the staff. Everyone has been exceptionally helpful from the start of the process of finding an apartment all the way to move in.

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I love living here all the neighbors are so friendly! Only complaint is that maintenance hung up on me when I called about our air conditioning that had been broken for a week.

Truly is walking distance from class, furnished and everything we need is here. Staff are very friendly and respectful. Pet friendly... No complaints.

The apartment community it amazing! Everyone is friendly in the area including the people in the office. Always willing to work with you and make sure you’re satisfied

At first, I was very unhappy. We were told lots of things and either got a lazy job done or not done at all. But, after living here he staff helped situate almost everything.

Living with walk2class has been a good experience for us. We love living so close to campus at the townhomes. The company is great at responding quickly to our needs if we have any.

Overall, living at walk 2 class is great. They are always really great at responding to work orders and they seem to really care about their tenatns which I love.

The apartments were well kept up when I moved in, which shows that the company takes care of their properties. The staff at the office are always friendly and helpful.

Living here has been great! It’s a quiet community. Nice neighbors, awesome staff including maintenance. Walk2Class really helped make the transition to a new town a great experience!

This is an awesome place to live I would not want to live in any other place it's very quiet! We are under new management and I would rather have the other management back but it is what it is!

Woukd not recommend these guys to anyone. They start you off by having you walk the apartment by yourself so that you only see stuff. Then when you turn in a pre move in form it gets misplaced. This helps them in the end cause they can charge for all non working stuff that was wrong in the beginning

I have lived here for over a year now. The building is nice and maintenance is always helpful, the apartment is very nice and the staff is nice as well.

I love it here it's secured it's peaceful and I've been here one year on April thirtieth and I've had no problems whatsoever and if you need something fixed the landlord isn't a slum lord he will fix it immediately!

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Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful! Whenever we have an issue in our unit, maintenance is always available to help right away! Thank you, walk to class!

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