The warehouse and factory is a very nice apartment complex, it gives a nice rustic feeling to the residents. Since the new management has taken control it has been even better

I've really enjoyed the new management that came in. Peak campus was awful. As a resident with peak, I would not recommend them. This new management group seems to be a lot more professional. Things are slowly getting better.

So far my experience here has been a little rocky, but it’s gotten better with the new management they have made sure I have gotten everything I need

Good place to live. Reasonable price in college station area. A lot of dogs in this building. The staff are really friendly and helpful to the residence.

Great experience Live the experience, and the staff is amazing. I chose to live here for the location and the industrial look and feel. Overall anazung

The apartments are nice, although move-in was incredibly unorganized and took me hours (apparently they didn't have my key and had to go make a new one). Then once I finally got my apartment keys the elevator broke so I had to carry all of my belongings up the stairs to the 4th floor. New management seems very nice and I'm excited that they will hopefully be much better than the previous ones!

I love the apartments. They are very cute and a very good size. The only problem I have found is the management. Hopefully the new company that we just got will continue to improve things, but we are three months into our lease and still don’t have the TV we were supposed to have at move in. Other small things like that add up to be annoying, but overall the style of the apartment is worth it.

I love living here at warehouse and factory apartments. It’s very close to the engineering dept at A&M and wouldn’t live anywhere else. It’s a pet friendly community and I love the exposed brick walls with concrete floors