Wellesley-apartments was a pleasure to live in years ago, the complex can be alot better if management would approve Reliable Security, allow the residents to be able to use all amenities without restrictions like using the treadmill anytime and not only during work hours of the office and renovating the inside of these apartments and the appliances that are OLD AND OUTDATED.

We have been here for years and it has been miserable the whole time. If we could afford somewhere else we would have left long time ago. The reason I gave two stars is due to the complex being in a great location and being affordable with our income. Better security would be nice too but I guess you get what you pay for.

I’ve been living in the community for about 5 yrs with no problems but up until now . Things have change a lot. The gate is never closed like stated in flyers. People cars being broken into. And someone recently got kilt. The community could be a little better. Other than that, the rent is affordable compared to other places.

We are charged a fee to pay rent online, and they allow people to keep trash by their doors now and that makes the community look bad. Things have change a lot since I first move here. the things listed above were only a ways, that I feel have changed and not necessarily for the good.

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Good, the office team is great and the maintenance team is amazing quick and efficient.the gate close in the morning then broke 30 mns later.security wise ok I would definitely recommend it.

Security could be a lot better than what it is now. Otherwise, it is a really pretty community, specially around the back were we constantly do bbq for birthdays.

The Community is ok, the Amenties can be alot better and the apartments needs to be renovated. The Location is Awesome and the Mantaience workers are Cool as well as the office staff.

The leasing counsultants dont know exactly whats going on. The maintenance(Rob) excellent he fixes the problem without complaint and on time. Management is froen upon.

I like the fact the environment is safe and quite but when I complenent about things that need to get fix like my fans, and my oven I was expecting the get a new one or with a better condition since I'm a new residence in to the apartment.

Could be a bit cleaner and please fix the front gate. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to communicate with the office at times you call and it just rings.

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The neighborhood is nice and the people are nice. The maintenance requests takes some time to be completed. The rent is also really affordable

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I have been here over 3 years I have seen many things. It is a family community. The staff is okay. Rob in maintenance is super. He fixes the problem without delay. Wellesley is a nice place to live.

My experience living here has been good and for a single mom the price is good compared to other places and the location. Maintenance is the best as well.

I been living in Wellesley for about 6 yrs or so, maintenance are quick when you out a work order, never had an issue with my neighbors, good location can't complaint

I love living here have been here for fore years and would not change a thing .Everyone is nice and the Neighborhood is very clean any orders that you put in it’s taken care of right away

This is a great place to leave there is a playground for kids to plays if you plan to do party you don’t need to go out there is a special for party only make a reservation in advance. Also Wellesley apartment has a big and nice pool to enjoy during summer with your families. If you wish looking for anime and quiet apartment come apply at Wellesley si you will have a better place to live Wyeth your loved ones.

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Good apartment, the staff and maintenance men are amazing and will fix problems right away, if not in a timely manner. It's a great community with some fun events also.

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Overall, I like living here. It's certainly one of the better pinnacle properties. I wish we get the occasionally vehicle burglaries. My car's window got broken once.

Living here since 2011 in same apartment. Maintenance men, especially Robin, has gone out of his way to be available for any repairs needed. Grounds are kept nicely. I do wish after 7 years the company would off a paint job for the apartment. Unfortunately the gates do not work and the increase in shootings has risen. Living on the ground floor this is a major concern

I really enjoy living here. At times neighbors are noisy but when I address this with the rental office, it gets addressed timely. Office staff is great.

Loving community. Need more lights in the parking lots at night. Way to dark. Notifactions to residence about they trash attracting racoons.

The front gate is always broken I have had my car stolen. The neighborhood is quite and has a lot of children. But can always use more security.

I have been living here for just about 4 years , maintenance is always speedy if you call in the front office is prompt to answer or return your call. My kids really love that throughout the year they have fun activities at the clubhouse for them to enjoy.

Enjoy living hear. Great maintenance crew. Grounds kept well but disappointed in the security. The gate is always out of order. Office crew is friendly.

This is my sixth year at Wellesley Apartments and all I have is good things to say about the management staff and maintenance crew. Awesome! Keep up the good work!