I think West 20 succeeds at a lot of things that are important to have in an apartment complex. The space as a whole has always felt very safe, and I really enjoy how they treat each resident as a person and they seem very understanding. That being said, there should be a way to get into contact with these people. They could be very avoiding at times.

It’s pretty dope. It’s a nice community. I love the area. The amenities are really good. I like that there’s a gate so I know when my friends or people are coming

West 20 is the place to live in! I've loved the experience here. The staff is welcoming and they are always planning fun activities for the residents.

My toilet breaks basically every time I use it. I live by the pool and the walls are so thin that I hear people partying all hours of the day and night. I was supposed to be, and my only living request was that I be, housed with a graduate student and I am now living with a very rude sophomore. Once my shower was stopped up for like a month because maintenance didn't show up and now the bathtub is likely stained and I have to throw away my shower liner. The bed is also the most uncomfortable bed I have ever tried to sleep on. Also, even though my roommate and I both spent several months not at our apartment we were still somehow charged overages on top of the price for utilities. If I thought anyone would take my lease, I would give it away.

Overall my experience has been really good and I especially love where I currently live. My apartment is very close to the entrance and maintenance is very quick and does their job really well.

Apartments are nice although management could step up there game a little bit with communication. They lost my renewal lease and I was not notified of that until I went into confirm my lease for the fall.

West 20 is a nice apartment complex with nice amenities. The staff is kind and helpful and for the most part it’s easy to get answers to questions. The best thing is the location. I have found that this apartment is located in the best place- great bus routes, easy access to all the stores, and great entrances.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay here at West20. Bugs were still a problem even on the second floor however. Cockroaches are disgusting. Wish they wouldn't have gotten rid of the cable. And do better cleaning and maintenance on the Jacuzzi please. It was broken for more than half of the time I was there.

A good place to live and not far from campus. Rent increases every year, which is a problem for most college students I would assume, however its the same all over Gainesville,

It’s great I think it’s an excellent place to live especially if you are a student trying to live in a comfortable place. I recommend it highly.

Well my experience at west 20 started off pretty well, especially since I was rooming with my friends from high school and everything, but then it just got worse as we encountered bats in the apartment, I had my bike stolen (which had a secured lock in it), and by the fact that the outside of the apartments weren’t so clean. Everyday I would go up the stairs I would see a new bug, and I just found that disgusting. That’s why I am giving my experience a 2.5 stars.

This complex has a great location, staff, and amenities. I love being able to access the pool and the bus stop being sooo close. It is cheaper than living on campus.

Good accommodations close to campus. Apartments are spacious and have plenty of amenities including 2 pools, a billiards table, and a full workout facility.

The location is great, maintenance is always super nice and quick, but the management is a bit of a mess sometimes. I often get conflicting answers on the same questions.

Overall I've been very satisfied for the last 3 years. Some of the community features can be updated and renovated (pool/gym/landscaping upkeep), but overall very satisfied with my time here.

I liked West 20 a lot my first year here, and then when management changed I struggled a lot with the lack of business savvy-ness they had. My sublease fell through because for 3 months they kept telling me different information.

I enjoy living here. It’s pretty quiet and well maintained and the amenities are great. I like how the community is gated and there are social events every so often.

I do not think the management team does a very good job of working with the residents to come to an agreement on issues that arise. For example, my old roommate left without giving me any notice and I was left with 2 empty spaces in my apartment for the following year. I asked if my two friends who signed for a double could switch and West 20 made it a painful process for this to happen. I had to get higher authorities involved which eventually ended the situation working in my favor. However, it shouldn’t take me going to higher authorities for West 20 to cooperate with me on such and easy situation to handle.

For the most part everything has been great. However, don't feel too safe walking through my building at night since our hallway lights have been broken for a good 2-3 weeks now and it hasn't been fixed yet. :/

Hard to get a call back from West20 when there are issues, you have to be really persistent to get something done. The workers are fine it’s more of a management issue

I really like the customer service if I have any questions people are there to help me. Also I like their community events with free food. Feel very welcomed here

The location is good. Price is a little expensive and the buildings are very old. My a/c was HORRIBLE. Broke three times and was never really fixed. Maintenance requests could take a very long time to be filled. Had a horrible time trying to get my friend moved into my apartment once old roommate moved out.

All around great service, great location. Very affordable rent. Wish I’d rented w West 20 since my freshman year. This is a great complex and I can’t wait to renew

West 20 has a great community where the residents are respectful and the staff are fun, helpful, and help make the experience better. The location would have to be one of my favorite things about West 20.

Love West20! Best apartment place in Gainesville! They really care about their residents and property. I wouldn't give it anything less than 5 stars!