Signing my lease was effortless! I haven’t moved in yet but my friends here love it. The pool is beautiful and the amenities are great. There’s also a ton of parking!

I like the place but my apartment is far from the facilities and I can not use them easily. rent and payments are not clear. my neighbors make lots of sounds.

I'm disappointed with the apartment. My unit was not in good condition when I arrived. A lot of the pieces in my unit alone were in a much poorer condition than I expected them to be in given the price I'm paying.

Pros: Really good location, multiple buses come by the complex, quiet, for the most part, clubhouse and gym. Cons: Rent is a little steep and they like to raise it, and the pool could be maintained better. Never the less, I felt safe here and enjoyed my time.

The apartment complex and amenities are really nice and I really like living here. I really like spending time at the pool and gym, and the clubhouse is always a nice study spot.

Second year living at west 20 and it just keeps getting better! I feel as if the staff has put in a lot of effort ever since new management took over, can’t complain! P.s. maintenance is always on point

Great residential amenities. The apartment complex has responsive complex managers. Maintenance is always available to fix issues in apartment.

I feel at home living here and the amenities is great and a staff that works wrings the clock to get everything right for me. That’s why u renewed for another year !!!!

The apartments themselves are well-maintained and I was satisfied with my room and apartment. Sometimes maintenance can be slow. The proximity to campus is worth it for the price.

Pretty good overall, there's just small problems with the staff. Also my neighbors leave trash out all the time. I love that the neighborhood is so pet friendly. Also the maintenance guys are super nice.

West20 is pretty good!!! I’ve lived here since August 2017 and I don’t have many complaints. The newest management is super helpful. Location is great and the apartment has been clean! Would recommend for an affordable apartment. You can also run to Southwest Rec pretty easily which is dope.

I have lived at West 20 since August of this year, and it has been a great living experience! The location is absolutely amazing, being so close to campus and also so close to so many shopping centers, the convenience is incredible. I also love the apartment and the amenities. The only issue I have had is that I always am waiting a long time for my maintenance requests to be acknowledged, but I understand they are busy! Overall, I love West 20 so much and I resigned for next year because the price and the convenience could not be beat!

I’ve been here for over 3 years, but it’s only because it’s one of the cheapest furnished places. Management was bad for a while, but is getting much better. Rent price keeps increasing but the quality of the spaces, pool, and hang out spots aren’t getting any better. This rewards program is a step towards benefits of living here but is still a small one.

I have had a good experience so far this year. The staff is very friendly and helpful when it comes to answering questions and providing assistance.

It's been good staying here. It's a good community and I would encourage others to sign up. Maintenance responds daily swiftly to complaints

It’s often better than being homeless. At this point I am simply adding text to reach your silly word count. Please give me money. Oops still need more characters hahahahahahahahahha

I’m my opinion living here has been pretty good. There were a few weeks in which the AC went out that was not great but since then everything has been good

It has gotten much better over the years in terms of office staff and getting those maintenance requests done! I think this place gets bad reviews because the buildings are so old, they need to remodel a little bit!

West 20 is an awesome place for students to live, had a great location near campus and butler plaza as well, The amenities of the complex are great

Maintenance is slow to respond to requests. Had to wait months for issues with our unit to be solved upon move in (laundry machine broken). Gate entry makes no sense and breaks weekly.

Apartment community is nice. We met our upstairs neighbors two weeks ago and they brought down cheesy fries which was very nice. They left their fork so we taped it to their door. They left us a sticky note thanking us for returning the fork so they didn't have to eat with their hands anymore

There are a lot of little issues but West 20 looks beautiful as a whole. It takes some time for the issues to get resolved and you have to hound management in order to get it done.

Nice apartment and nice community, we had a few problems but now it’s all good. The staff is great and polite and helpful. The worst thing happened to us so far is when these guys came inside our apartment (opened the door and entered without permission!!) to check the fire alarms or whatever, that was a bad thing to do I was so angry that day.

Everything’s been great, the apartment is located in a great spot, it’s affordable, parking isn’t an issue, my roommates are cool, and all the appliances work

West 20 has been a good place to live at and I have met some amazing friends here. The only thing is that this place needs some change. It needs some sort of renovations to be done to make people want to renew, especially considering the price has gone up. It just feels like this place hasn't had a single change since it originally opened. There is so much potential here.