Great apartment great people great building great brick great gym also a pool and lots of coffees and plenty of good times so much winning all the time.

Great property management over the past year. Updating paint, carpet and gym equipment has helped a lot. You put on many events though most are too early for me to attend. Parking is good minus a few break ins.

I love how they take good care of us. This is a really nice place to love. They always remember you and they treat us well. I love living here. There's shopping and Restaurants all around us.

Love the location and the amenities. Plenty of restaurants and shopping within walking distance. Maintenance requests my apartment have always been completed within 2 days. The gym is top notch for an apartment complex!

No complaints and I've lived here for 6 months. Leasing office staff is great, and always very attentive. Love that yall are always reaching out to the community.

Love the building, area, and staff. Fun community, nice facilities, safe. It's a little on the pricey side, but definitely a nice place to live. Resident brunches catered by the Phoenix are definitely the best! Keep doing those!

Solid place to live. There have been some bumps in the road but at least it's not haunted.

My fiancee and I have really enjoyed living at the Westheimer. The location is great and we're definitely happy we chose to live here when we moved to Houston last summer!

The facilities are very nice and the upkeep of the apartments is great. They could use some help with keeping the gym going because the treadmills always seems to be breaking.

The westheimer is great. It's very conveniently on shopping and relaxation. But the most lovely thing for me is she so close to Lanier middle school.

Love the place. Not especially crazy about the new grey walls / black carpet in the common area, but the courtyards are fantastic and the apartment itself is a great retreat.

Building is generally clean and well kept - great location. Inconvenient office hours however... Overall it seems to be improving with better overall communication and added fitness classes, but there could be more... and there aren't many community perks/discounts like in other buildings.

The staff is really nice and friendly. The office has convenient hours. Most work orders are taken care of promptly. So many great amenities.

Just moved in and so far I am blown away by how gorgeous this apartment is and the amenities provided. Perfect location and you can't beat having a couple pools to relax in and a gym downstairs (which have been totally empty every time Ive gone so far).

Everything has been great so far! My only complaint is that the hallway on the 3rd floor by the freight elevator is often messy (ie, left trash, pet messes, bugs etc). Problem is usually remedied in the a few days.

This property is great! They never miss a beat! They have been so accommodating from the start. I lived at a nearby sister community where unfortunately my front door was kicked in and I was robbed. And thanks to The Westheimer I was able to leave my old place the very next day and move into my place here!

I love living here. Being a single woman I feel very safe in the community. I have met some really nice people that live in the area. The fact that there is a ton of things to do within walking distance is a plus also.

Overall, I am pleased. Staff is friendly and quick to help. The occasional request to assist with noisy neighbors went unheard but that's all.

I've lived in several apartment buildings in Houston, and the Greystar community at The Westheimer has by far been the best. They're kind and hospitable, process work orders extremely rapidly, and are renovating the complex regularly. I would stay here for a long time!

Although I've only been here only a few months, I consider myself a person of discerning taste so it is without reservation that I tell you that the Westheimer is a wonderful little community. Moving to Houston from Florida, I realized that I was going to be in for a big transition, but the team at the Westheimer made sure to make every aspect of my move as painless as possible. Arriving to my apartment for the first time, I felt dwarfed by how high the ceilings are, an absolutely wonderful feeling transitioning from my tiny little college dorm. The apartments themselves are beautiful without being garish, paired wonderfully with a convenient location next door to a plaza that includes a dry cleaner, grocery store, and Starbucks. They are installing a yoga and game room, a welcome addition that signals to me that the apartment owners are not resting on their laurels. If you're going to be new to Houston or are looking for an upgrade in your way of life, the Westheimer should be your next home.

Staff is very helpful. Never have problems with the office. Complex is kept up to date and has renovations for constant improvement. The leasing process was very straightforward. I also love the 15 month leases!

The office staff doesn't seem concerned for the residents or really engage with them when they are around. They are also not very understanding or willing to assist if it's something that would require thinking outside the box or putting in extra effort.

Overall it's been decent, It's very expensive and although I'm ok with that, I would expect to be able to pay my rent online but there are always issues with that.

Over all I enjoy living at the westheimer but there are a few things that I do not like. The main issue is that even though bikes have been stolen multiple times and the staff promised that the bikes racks would be moved to a safer part of the garage, nothing has been done. However I do enjoy the yoga classes and I love my actual apartment.

The staff is very friendly and the grounds are kept up well! The only thing I would recommend is high-pressure washing the stairwells since some pet parents aren't very responsible with their pet's waste.