The only problem I have is that they wouldn't clean the carpets in these apartments or take them out an but tiles on the floor for there resation

It's a great experience to live in a community base apartment complex. The non insulation makes it a very uncomfortable place to live. My neighbors are very very noisey. They wake me up out my sleep every morning.

Noises after 10 pm, tenents blasting music with their cars, people not living in the complex using swiming pool and basketball court blasting wrap... pest control!!! Roaches for almost 2years not under control. It should be done whole building not by apartment.. staff friendly and respond quickly!

I’ve been living here for nine years and I love the location and the apartment. Would like to see some upgrades within the apartment I’ve been asking for my tile to get changed because it doesn’t come clean and it’s been like that since I moved in but nothing has been done.

I enjoy living here and have been here for many years. I rated a 3 because needs improvement, and alot has to do with other residents not caring about the community.

It’s not a bad apartments complex. I love living here, I love the amenities and I love that they try and do community things things bring us lo together. Some things can be a bit better but overall I love living here.

To be honest this place was my last choice to move ... but I’m glad I’m moved here , it’s an okay place staff nice and neighborhood okay ...

It can be a nice community but there are certain upkeep that are ignored. For example, between buildings 6 through 12, there are 9 lights out in the parking lot and against the buildings. It doesnt take much to change a lightbulb, and the light helps all of us stay safe at night. We have gate in the front but it is never implemented. This is wht we are bothered by solicitors attempting to recruit people for their churches, for their volunteering groups, and even people trying to beg us to use their carpet cleaning services. Pest control either needs to change their poison and bait or a new company should service this community as monthly requests have not rid the apartment of cockroaches and I have lived here for 1.5 years.

Little staff . Poor customer service. They need better handling of the pest control. You call and there are few times that they answer the phone. It's not so bad, I hope they improve soon!

Good place to live, I think the price is a little be over for what they offer. Maintenance is sucks, never do they job right. People who have pets never clean they mess.

For the most part it's been good. There are some areas though that need some work, I feel security is kneaded greatly here when it was here it was better in a safer feeling. Some of the appliances are very outdated and need a major upgrade. Areas needed for Residence Inn pets there's nothing to be able to take your dog out and play in a secure area like other complexes I seen have, like where my daughter lives not far from here. It would be nice and a more homey feeling on the property if there was seating areas around where you can enjoy the outdoors. To some degree there is a language barrier with maintenance employees. There needs to be more activities for the kids for example a movie night on the weekend. There are more suggestions that I have but not enough room to be able to put down here

We need newer appliances. More up to date appliances would be great to have for the residents to use. Living here has became a pleasure and enjoyable.

I've been here four years and only had one issue repeatedly and that was the AC they wouldn't fix till a week later because the temperature outside didn't meet their standards

I have mixed feeling about being here. Very cheap rent. Which I love. Otherwise maintenance request take over a month or you have to go to the office multiple times. Glad when they kicked out a lot of the bar people. I want the old security people back though.

Good community ,good location,good price,everything good,pool and staff are special..great place for my children’s ,... the only thinks is no have door infringement

Since I moved in to my apartment over a year ago my life has been so different. First, I prayed to get on the bottom floor and I now feel more independent than I have in a very long time. Thank you for this opportunity for me to grow.

The place is really nice . Is clean . I never have a problem . The staff is bilingual . Sometimes if you ask for maintenance that take to much time and that's is a problem but well nothing is perfect

The staff are very friendly and are accommodating. The pool is immaculate because it is cleaned daily. Maintenance is always prompt in remedying any problems.

I enjoy the Westwood apartment community. I have lived in the community for 4 years. I just recently resigned the lease. The staff is very helpful and are prompt. The community is well kept clean and the landscaping is nice! Thank you Westwood!

I have lived here for several years and have had no major problems...Its a nice community, I just wish that other residents cared a little more and took better care of things in our community...

I live at Westwood Apartments for 8 years and I love it . I have no problem with anyone it is quite where I live. The management are good with all the residence ..

I have been here for almost 2 years and I have learned to adapt. My side of the neighborhoods is quiet for the most part and love that there is a place I can afford. Without this place I would be homeless

The staff is nice and polite. Very welcoming. I love the office decor. They try to fix any problem as soon as possible. Love the pool and the gym.

It is a good place to live despite a bad experience I had recently in this same place It is a good place to live despite a bad experience I had recently in this same place I would recommend it to a friend as a nice place maybe not so safe but nice and focused to live as it has many everyday things nearby

I love the staff here. I love the grounds, trees, gardens, playground and nice people. Kid friendly. Helpful caring staff. Lovely pool. Just needs some upgrades of lighting and floors /paint.