The best complex I've ever lived in. The maintenance guys got to fixing the few things that was wrong when I moved in. The price of rent if affordable.

Amazing Quiet Beautiful location I can’t complain I would definitely recommend this apartment community to everyone The staff are amazing and friendly and maintenance is fast and efficient

Hello Being living at the Whisperwood Apartments for 3 months, so far pretty quiet, they keep up with maintenance in a timely manner. I have seen many negative comments but i do have had a good experience while living in Whisperwood.

Complex grounds are clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly, efficient and helpful. There are a variety of different apartment layouts available.

When I first moved in I was very happy with everything but it seems the longer I live here the worse it gets. I’ve currently been waiting almost 2 weeks for my countertop to be replaced so that my dishwasher will stop falling out every time I attempt to use it. Maintenance came to measure for the new one and I haven’t heard a word since. Not to mention the door jam which is preventing my door from closing properly making it a huge safety issue.

The apartment was fine at first but after only being here less than a week we noticed a roach infestation and have been battling with management to get this issue resolved. We are now going into our 5th month of our residence in Whisperwood and have yet to have our roach problem resolved. Management was nice enough to offer us to switch apartments but that could not take place until about another 30 days. There is no urgency to take care of their residents and for that reason alone I have ranked Whisperwood only half a star.

Great community, however, they need help in the leasing office, even though management says they dont and the gates mess up from time to time and don't work properly.

Whisperwoods really does live up its name. Its always peaceful and quite. Along with resort feel every day. So coming home is always like going vacation

I absolutely love it here soo far I cannot complain. I do work a lot but the days I don’t just having all the amenities is nice. Also being able just to walk my dog and be at peace when I’m here is amazing

Ms. Barb is outstanding, she went above and beyond the call of duty. I trusted her so much that i did not look at the apartment til the day i moved in. Thank you Barb for your hard dedicated work.

I love Whisperwood. The amenities are wonderful, staff are helpful and co-residents are friendly. It is very quiet here, I am never bothered. Wonderful place to live, you won’t regret it!

Everything is good here, it’s quiet, but fun at the same time. There’s always something to do. The basketball court is always fun, with people always there!

Quiet neighbors. Friendly kids. Fast service. The employees change a lot, but the maintenance stays the same. I have enjoyed my stay for the most part

Nice place just has some age to it. Some of the sign with addresses are faded and some of the exercise equipment s in need of repair. Other than that a great place.

I love all if the amenities Whisperwoods has to offer. One of the top reason I choose Whisperwoods was because of the amenities and it was a gated community. I have been living here for over 2 weeks and the gate is always open. Any can come in and that concerns me.

I love it here. Nothing has happened for me to not love it. Maintenance does actually come fix things on time instead of never showing up...

Not bad so far. It’s a large community so it is expected to have issues here and there. I can hear the residents above and next to me but it’s not awful. Just normal noise to be expected in an apartment. Neighbors seem to be nice and cordial. Maintenance is good so far. A few roaches around the apartment but they spray every Friday and will spray inside the apartment if you call maintenance ahead of time. Like I said not bad so far.

Would be nice if the gates would stop breaking every other week. Also, we are in need of some serious lighting in parking areas. I dinged a neighbors car because it was black and I couldn’t see it with the lack of lighting. Not happy about that.

I’m disappointed with how our move in was handled and how sketchy the neighborhood is. The gates to the neighborhood are always open and that’s pretty unsafe, especially for how much I’m paying in rent.

Great place to live and nice neighbors . helpful staff and lovely pools and spas in the gym . i love the hottub and the saunas very relaxing

For all the fun things there are to do in this complex it’s a very fairly priced. The people I meet out walking my dog are friendly and the staff and maintenance are very attentive. Love seeing all the flowers blooming and having neighbors I can trust.

Was told would be given a discount for working at Aflac. Was not given the discount for the first year. Upon realizing this, staff advised me they could not give pro rated discount and could only provide discount going forward regardless of being their error.

I love living here. The community itself and all of the amenities are so convenient! The staff are amazing and I've never had a problem with maintenance or anything. Of course, they are apartments and you get what you get with annoying neighbors. We even had the police questioning us at 6am about our neighbors. But that's just what you get when you move to Georgia. The gates do not work 90% of the time, but you get used to it. The parking lots, roads, and speed bumps definitely need to be updated soon! Other than the few small things, you won't find anything better in Columbus as far as apartments go.

I moved in the last week of February and so far so good. Neighbors are friendly and so is the staff. It’s very quiet which I love and clean.

This is a great place to live! They have lots of amenities and a great staff that cares about their residents! The pools are gorgeous!!!!!!!