I used to love living here. Sadly as time has passed the neighborhood has gone downhill. I’ve seen efforts within the staff to turn it around so I am hopeful it will be pleasant again soon.

My Resident experience has been a 3 out of 5 since living here. I can easily go up to the front office and talk to anyone that I need to take care of any concerns or needs that I have. I do think that some things are overpriced.

Overall experience is ok. Maintenance isn’t getting things done. Also all my neighbors pay different for rent even though we all have the same apartment. Apartment complex often has trash everywhere. And have issues with receiving mail

I love the area as well as our apartment. After leasing, the staff started to include fees we were not aware of before hand such as overage fees. The staff is nice and friendly.

This has been one of the best places that I have ever lived. I love the location, love the apartment, and love the amenities that are offered here . We hope that this will be our home for many years to come.

It’s nice but could use some work in general. The apartment has nice amenities but that doesn’t make up for the employees not being able to answer the phone

Absolutely love living here! Great place for everyone. I play for the Columbus river dragons, and me and my teammates absolutely love everything about this place. Great gym, pools all over, hot tub, just everything you ever need and more!

I love my apartment. My only Two issues are the entrance and exit gates. They don’t always work. Also the stair well that have spiders and webs that are hanging near and around the entrance area of the stairs.

We are watching TV Gunsmoke and his family in a very nice place and we hope that this isn't going away. I am not so Happy for the best decision of my Blessings for

Overall, the apartment community is great! The maintenance is always friendly while taking care of what is needed. It has been fairly quiet around our apartment building.

My apartment is beautiful but some of the staff is rude. I really like how nice all my neighbors are and how fast maintenance is completed! All the maintenance and pest control people have always been super nice too!

I have had nothing but good experiences living here. The pools are great and there is always good company there as well. Maintenance is quick to get back to you on any concerns.

Things have greatly improved! Tewa is still possibly the best thing going for them and she is greatly appreciated. The service has made leaps and bounds and hopefully the trend continues.

The leasing office has been very helpful and accommodating. The pools are very nice, however, there are a lot of wasp and bee nests surrounding the hot tub that need to be fixed!

The apartment is spacious and the environment has been quiet thus far. We are experiencing a minor bug issue; however, we just moved in yesterday and cleaned really well. Hopefully they’re gone within a week. Overall everything is what I expected and I love it.

Melody made it very comfortable when she showed the property. I’ve been here for a week, and I Love it! It’s quite and clean. Privacy is important.

Staff is friendly and helpful. Certain staff members don’t deal with stressful situations but it’s a matter of learning and getting used to it.

Nice community . well maintained landscape and quality amenities . Very proactive and always helpful maintenance personnel , promptly addresses any concern raised.

The property so far is wonderful...the PROPERTY...draw back- 2weeks since move in inspection and work orders have not been completed or even called about..but let me take it back because it started with staff not placing the work orders in that were given to them IN HAND. Cats all around the building atieast the one I’m in with food on the ground and stuff out to feed them and folks seem ok with this! They are like a posse all over the steps and walk way. yes this has been sent up to mgmnt to handle so we shall see where this goes... my app process and move in was done with Tewa with no issues she made sure I got what I asked for but it seems if I’m not dealing with her...don’t know what’s gonna get done...praying for a turn around! It is a big property which is why I am waiting for my return to the office to sit down with someone and get a better understanding of how things work around here....patiently waiting.

I am a new resident and I loved this place! Absolutely phenomenal staff and gorgeous scenery! The apartments are luxurious at the fraction of the price. Amenities are never ending and there is always something to do. Overall a fantastic experience.

Love it here, I have no complaints. I have been here for a year and have kept to myself in my little building area, but my neighbors are nice as well.

Overall a great place to live. Maintenance staff is timely and efficient. The grounds crew are always working to pick up litter. Staff are always friendly. I wish there was an easier way to pick up packages however. Rather than bugging the staff to walk all the way down to the mail room and dig through numerous packages seems like a hassle. Great amenities and programs for residents

It’s been good till now. Maintainence could be better in responding to work orders. Very good staff and amenities till date. Friendly neighbours

I very much like living here. I’m definitely thinking about renewing my lease and staying here. The leading agent Tewa Harris is the best. I highly recommend her.

Place is really dark at night. Not enough street lights. Lots of people loitering and using grills on the sidewalks. Apartments have plenty of