Staff is absolutely amazing! Property is very beautiful and well maintained. Great prices. Alot of fun pools. Security is great. Gated access and random police on duty

I love it here, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. The staff is very friendly. It’s a nice neighborhood very big, the pools and lakes are so nice.

My experience so far has been great. I love my apartment complex. I waited so long for this, and my fiance and I are very comfortable. Thank you all for accepting us.

I have herd lots of things about Whisperwood Apartments, but personally I have had a really good experience. For 1 the internet is great the apartment was clan and when I have problems they generally get to me quickly about my problems.

Had a number of issues with fleas on the carpet, kitchen light not wired, but things have since been resolved. Really friendly staff who are very attentive and helpful

I expected the walk ways to be much cleaner than they are. Since there are so many trees around our apartment, there are always so many leaves on the walk ways and the stairways to the actual units, I thought that they would be kept in a much nicer cleaner way than they are kept in.

Pretty acceptable place to live. Rather annoying how there’s only the dumpsters near the entrances. Also, the pool wrist bands are annoying, beyond that, the place is pretty nice.

So far I have been here for a week and things have not been going as expected. I moved into my apartment with no hot water, dirty drain in the shower, my bedroom light switches did not work and the bottom cabinets in the kitchen were horrible. I told the front desk about not having hot water, they considered it a maintenance emergency yet maintenance never came for 2 days. I decided to call maintenance myself and they came within minutes and it was discovered my water heater was old and didn’t work so I had to wait another day for a new water heater going on 3 days without hot water. When they came I was not home, they called to tell me the keys they have for my apt didn’t work could I leave my job to open the door I was unable to. So they had to change my locks. When I got back my walls were dirty from them installing a new water heater. Since move in I’ve been asking about the WiFi and I was told I should hear about it shortly never heard anything. I called again and my leasing consultant Jennifer said she would email the internet company about getting the modem, which was weird because I’ve been asking about it which confirms when I asked the front desk no one informed anyone and just pretty much ignored it. I still have yet to hear anything about the WiFi it seems like no one really cares about me as a resident. In the move in packet it’s states you would have WiFi upon arrival which is not true I’ve been here a week still no updates on WiFi whether I need to pick it up, what time, nothing. Customer service could be a millions times better as well as those in the office communicating with each other if your leasing consultant is not in the office you can forget about anyone helping you out or even relaying the message because apparently only your leasing consultant can help you no one else. I really wish I had a better first experience here, they set the expectations high when I visited for a tour and everything just seemed to go down hill from there. I will hope this gets better because I will be here for a while and not enjoying where you live should not be a thing.

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Maintenance is good with getting back in a timely manner. The office staff is amazing I love Taylor soo much she was a great help with helping me move in.

Peacefull area, no criminal activity my neighbors are easy to get along with and there is lots of parking space you can easily park where in convenient

Brittany and the front desk staff are always answering my calls ASAP, coming to my apartment if anything is wrong to check up on me and are very friendly and welcoming.

The community has been everything we expected and more. Quiet, beautiful, safe, and at an incredible value. The maintenance and front office staff are always there when we need them and have made our experience easy and great.

I've lived here for about a year now and it's been a good experience. However, the gate doesn't work sometimes and the trash area gets piled up.

I just moved in and I am still getting used to the place Miss Tewa and Taylor made me feel very welcomed and helped me a lot. The place is beautiful I just wish I didn't have to leave to go play basketball, pool or ping pong. I want to find things and programs to join here to keep me busy.

People/staff are very welcoming. Only issues I’ve had is with the plumbing. Piping for my sinks, as well as my toilets have bursted more than once since I’ve moved in. Other than that, everything is great!

This is an excellent place to live! We have had a great experience and have are always excited to come back home! Whisperwood is a great community of people!

It is amazing but they upped our rent like $50 so that sucks but everything else is great. I get my maintenance calls on time, except for the last time; the last time took a little longer than usual. Besides those, everything is paradise.

I really enjoy living here. I just wish they would clean the kids playground. Its needs some fixing. But other than that, its great here. The staff is really nice.

Whisperwood is nice community and the apartments are pretty big. Only complaint would be that maintenance takes a couple of calls to get things done.

Excellent living . I have been living here for over 2 years now and I really enjoy my apartments.The staff really are concerned and assure that all needs are taken care of

Great place to live. I am glad we moved here and can't wait to see what this place has in store us. Need a few renovations to the gym but other than that its great!

Moved in on July 29th. The amenities are great but my room was not in the best condition when I moved in. For that reason, it’s four stars for Whisperwood.

Beautiful community with lots of great amenities. Jennifer was very helpful and patient. Great customer service. Very smooth move in process.

I really have enjoyed living here. The staff is very courteous and helpful. Whenever I have a maintenance request, they get it taken of in a timely manner.

Coming up on my 1 year of living here and I don’t have many complaints. I think the communication in the leasing office could use some work and I feel like we pay for pest control every month but I don’t think they actually come inside the units to spray. I also think the residents deserve an incentive for renewing their lease (free carpet cleaning, etc.) Other than that I love my apartment.