Its ok here until my neighbor keep having domestic problems an doors being kicked off the hinges .. An i cant never park in my spot because of other guest

The people are very rude an bully me an my son.there loud an disrepectful.if i would of done my research I'd never would of moved in this place.tje manger that was here before bever did anything about the ones that bulled me an my son .she would let the ones just get away with anything .when i would tell her that tbe people would be sotting or stand clise to my door yelling cussing or selling drugs she wouldn't do botjing about thinking about not resigning my lease.

I love my apartment it is big and quiet they really keep the place clean and the office staff are great very friendly just wonderful ladies.

I don’t agree on how the community is ran and when you voice your opinion of where you live that it is over looked!! I think the community needs better management, security on the property and a real courtesy officer!!

to many things happen here and my fridge been broke since I moved here and the trash is always full and people always dialing my number to try to get in the gate

Great place to call home neighbors respect one another and I've enjoyed living here thus far apartment is spacious maintenance are great quick response time and the office staff is very accommodating

Excelente para vivir en tranquilidad y seguridad. Tener tiendas ,supermercados, garage ,escuelas serca me encanta lo recomendaría para personas que le gustaría vivir en tranquilidad.

Willow Pointe From My 3 Year Experience Has Been Nothing Less Then Peaceful. The Office Staff Are Very Friendly And Always Try And Answer The Phone In A Timely Manner. That Includes Work Orders As Well.

It's ok, this was a last resort type of move. Community is not the best but not the worst. Kids are in the streets all day and night. They walk in front of cars trying to pass by. No where for kids to play, nothing recreational for them to do. Gates are always breaking.

it was not very clean the old appliances do not work even after they came and fixed them the floors are split but taped down from the tenant before

Great community! Great place to raise kids and the office workers are extremely kind. Nice pool and gated community for safety. Apartments are spacious.

I love the area because it’s close to my job and it’s convenient for my family! I have lived here before and within those years a lot has changed

I love my residents. Nice environment. Great people. Always nice. Love the willow pointe staffing very open an welcoming and the pool is so cool

I love it so far, it's really quiet. You don't see a lot of people hanging out. The neighbors seem cool and stay to themselves which is a plus. 🙂

Everything is ok until all them bad a**kids coming out and start cussing the adults an throwing trash everwhere..just want a safe place for me an my son to live without this teenagers pull out drugs an scales am calling me out of my name

Nice Area So I like and nice neighborhood But I wish we have bathrooms in downstairs Other than nice I been living for four years so I don’t see problems

Maintenance is always replying quickly just wish staff willing fix the parking lot issues. The gate has its issues too because the residents always tear it up and I hope gets fixed soon.

So far I've had a pleasant experience but I'm ready for my lease to end and hopefully an apartment on the first floor or townhouse will be available

Excelente servicio y lugar donde pueda vivir tranquila. Lo recomiendo al máximo. Muy cómoda las habitaciones y el hogar, me ciento segura en este lugar.

I've lived here for about 8 years now and met some great neighbors. Gotten to know several of them and when I needed a babysitter, they were there. Some looked out for my family and I since I'm a single mom. I felt safe in my neighborhood and didn't have anything to worry about. The times I was going through some hard times, the office manager was very understanding and tried to find ways to accommodate me. I enjoy living here and all the schools, and stores are close by.

I love my stay here. Quiet environment and my son loves living here. Been here for 3 months and loving every minute of staying here. The office staff are very friendly too

Really don’t have much too say. Still progressing for improvements. Done things have gotten better. In due time things will be better for the community

Things are lovely in the willow pointe neighborhood! The gate having its set times to be locked are great! Parking is somewhat better,the grounds are always well kept! The office staff is always available to assist you if you need help they are very friendly ! The maintenance men are always on point ! So overall I ENJOY LIVING WILLOW POINTE wish I bottom floor apt lol but it is what it is!

Nice community really don't know a lot of people because the area I live at everyone respect one another and stay too themselves nice school zone for the kids

The kids in the neighborhood play in the street and make it hard for me to park my vehicle! We have assigned parking spaces but I can never occupy my space because other residents are always parked in my spot