My only problem is some of the residents leaving trash by the door and cigarette butts every where. But the office team is every nice. My request for things to get fix turn around time is excellent

Other then maintenance issues they offer Low rent and it’s a quiet community never had any issues. Good amenities such as gym and pool and a hot tub are all great.

Its a great location. Outside the apartments could look better as far as finding a more efficient way of handling the trash situation. Maintenance staff is always friendly. The pool could be more accessible.

I been living here for almost 8 years and so far i like it. I can say i dont have a complaint is really closed to store, 417 toll, and I-4 .

I have been living in windchase for about 2 years now and I have to say it a great start out apartment. Never have a problem with the staff and during the summer the pool is nice.

I give it 2 1/2 stars because my time at Windchase has not been a very good experience. I feel Windchase employee's are more concerned with the outside tjen the inside of the apartment.

Can Improve on the garbage area. Being that it doesn’t work properly and with all the units in the community one dumpster seems not enough. Also the pool area needs work on the ducks swim in it.

These apartments are old and in need of a good remodeling, i live diwn stairs and everytime someone walks up and down it hits against my bed roim wall.. I mainly reside in my living room on the couch.

It's have been good to me the last 3 years.the neighbor are loud and have to many people there. I never had a problem the. People walk there animal in the road n don't clean up after them

So far my experience has been great the only downfall is the lack of communication when it comes to fixing a problem. They rarely answer the phone or return calls.

I love my apartment complex been here for 3 years now. I love the easy commute to everything I need like my job kids daycare and the supermarket.

I enjoy living in Windchase. The apartments are nice but can use a little updating as far as my flooring/carpet and bathrooms but overall it is a nice place and community to live. The staff is nice the only thing is the air conditioning system doesn't blow as good.

My car has been broken into 3 times since I’ve lived here and the office claims that there is nothing more that can be done aside from the security that I see. The maintenance manager is alway polite and handles things well. The other maintenance guys don’t give the same type of attention.

It is very nice and quit the staff is very nice and friendly I love the fact that they have a play ground and basketball ball court for my son to play at

It was a really good experience. It was very easy to do,very simple i like living here in windchase apartments. Been here for four years now

Great place, friendly staff. Anything I need they get to me right away. The community is kept up very nice. I do feel there needs to be another dumpster in the complex and the entry gate system needs to be fixed for residence safety.

My woman has been through it here, we pay on time, we keep our place clean and yet you would think we are like the other tenants who live in the back of windchase apts complex who destroys your property.

Me gusta vivir aquí , lo q no me gusta es la tardanza en arreglar los pedidos de mantenimientos. Llevo más de 5 meses q se llevaron el fire extinguisher y no me lo han devuelto. La seguridad en el complex y poca seguridad por la calidad de las cerraduras de entrada de la vivienda.

Honestly it has improved since the beginning of our lease. I would recommend Windchase if they keep going in the right direction. It's a nice place to live

Community has come along way since I moved here 2yrs ago. Maintenance response time is very good and the office staff are more punctual than they've been in the past.

I just love the inside of the apartment .but the out side can be much better if the residents would put in the effort to help keep the ground and the yard clean the staff can only do so much .

Everything is good price quality of living and service.. just needs better security at night, my car gets broken into if I leave it unlocked just to run up stairs for 1 min.

Pretty Nice community the office staff is great they actually care and super that’s they do care nice pool decent gym there a park for the kids

I must say that all negative rummors are fake news! The peopke are the office are very helpfull, and so does the maintenance people. The curbside its always clean, maybe the only down side is the trash area, but at the end its the resident behavior that needs to be re-educated

I literally have no complaints. Any issues have been handled quickly and efficiently. The staff is always friendly and very helpful. I’ve even recommended this complex to a friend.