Good place to live family friendly kinda loud though. Staff is friendly. Maintenance is slow to respond to nonemergency requests. Office staff doesn’t call for packages recieved

I love living the staff and neighbors are very friendlyits very close all the great store a in walking distance . Thay are also pet friendly

My apartment is very comfortable and the right size not to big or small. I like the fact that the parking space is very near to me. The only inconvenience is that the things that had to be fix since day one haven’t been fixed.

Staff is great, Arturo is always so helpful, wish rent was not as high but the stuff doesn't control that. Property is always clean, on my side at least. Street noise is awful, i wish my windows were thicker or a bit more soundproof.

Great community. The office staff are extremely kind and helpful . The Apartment Manager is the best and went over and beyond helping me with the application process.

We’ve only been here a week but so far everything is great, our apartment isn’t perfect yet but it has been wonderful so far. :) the staff has also been super friendly and helpful. Although both me and my so work a lot so getting our mailbox key and turning in our paper has been a challenge

Quiet and clean. I work hard and just want to relax afterwards. This is a nice area to come home to. The people here are friendly and seem to be pretty laid back

We have lived here for nearly a year. The grounds are well kept and nice. They just painted, which turned out pretty good. Our apartment is close to the main road, and the noise level sucks. The windows are thin and let in a lot of air, so we're constantly pumping heat or a/c. Our biggest issue and the reason for the rating is that they turn off the water whenever they please to work. There's no warning or notice, or even a set time frame for repairs. We've been in the middle of showers, washing dishes, brushing our teeth, etc. And the water just gets shut off. It's extremely annoying. This *usually* happens between 8-6pm M-F, but we don't have typical work schedules so we get to suffer. My other major issue with the apartment is that it is super dark. We only have 2 windows in our apartment, one of which is under a covered porch, so we only really get good sunlight in one area of the space. It makes it depressing to be there. There's also only lighting on one side of the apartment and not a lot of outlets available for lamps to be plugged in. We use a lot of electricity for living in 630 sq ft (we spend $130/mo on average in electricity alone). Otherwise, the staff is friendly and people wise it's a generally quiet community. I'd recommend an apartment towards the back of the complex to avoid irritation from street noises. Personally, if there was a cheaper place somewhere else or a place that was comparable but had more on our wish list (i.e, more windows, better quality windows, a patio, in unit washer/dryer hookups, quieter area) I would move to it. I think the rent is a little high for being right off a busy street with Windows from before I was born and a $130 electric bill alone. It's a roof over the head and definitely worth it to anyone who isn't too picky about their space and how it looks and feels.

Everyone has been so nice! The ladies in the front office are informative and friendly. The apartment is clean and well maintained. We are so happy we chose Woodview.

We have had a mostly positive experience our first month here, the people are friendly, the staff are helpful. Aside from our neighbor’s subwoofer speaker that shakes our bedroom walls, we enjoy living here. The fireplace is amazing!

It is good with the exception of the electricity clause in the contract. The electricity is automatically connected by woodview and the $50 are automatically charged without authorization from the renter.

I’m enjoying my home here, neighbors are nice and the employees are wonderful! I am looking forward to many more great opportunities available with my community.

I like our apartment and floor plan. The staff is friendly. I like the new wood floors. Some parts of the apartment are old and showing their age. We couldn't find anything better for the same price in Odessa.

I have had experience here at would the offuce people are nice and friendly . my neighbors are cool . its close to all the stores and restaurants which is a plus if u dont have a car

Responsive maintenance crew, but the apartment was not nearly as clean as expected for move in. The location is really convenient as far as nearby stores.

We have been here only a month and a half but im glad we were referred here by our family who were previous tenants. So in a sense this is a great review from 2 sets of tenants. Its clean and quiet and any issues are promptly addressed. I'm so glad we chose to make this out home away from home.

Pros: Great location next to restaurants and shopping. The mall is a few blocks over. Mostly a community that keeps to themselves. Very little crime. Most of the apartments are away from the road, so not very much traffic noise. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Cons: It's expensive. $1100 base rent for 630 sq ft in a non-updated apartment is crazy to us. Not everyone in town makes oilfield money. Also, people play loud music in their cars a lot in the middle of the night. People sneak into the pool area and play music and talk loudly occasionally after 10pm (when the pool closes). Overall, we're satisfied with our apartment. Would recommend the complex to people who work nights and are looking for a safe place to live.

Completely upgraded unit, gd neighbors, easy to work with staff. I'm happy, also fir the most part it's quiet. I would definitely recommend these apartments

Like how the keep the apartment complex clean and when you call for maintenance problem they come right away and fix it and don't have any problem with nabors

Quiet location, I enjoy the fact I don’t have to deal with a lot of loud music. I have friendly neighbors. I’m glad I found a few people I do know who lives here.

I am satisfied, this is a place quiet, comfortable and clean. My family is happy here. The apartment are big and they have a excellent cost.

I really enjoy living here. All of the staff are great. If i have any problems, they're taken care of immediately. Within 24 hrs. I'm renewing my lease. All amenities you could want. Pets allowed. No riffraff or trouble here. Community is a very pleasant and respectful one. Alot of nice people reside here. Also every store within half a block. Along with restuarants as well. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Maintenance is always on top of things. When works orders are placed they get to the repairs needed right away. Very quiet area and no one bothers you

Management is friendly and welcoming. Maintanence is very prompt with requests. Apartment interior looks nice and homey. Apartment grounds and appliances could use some updates.

Not a bad place to live. Good location as far as grocery stores and dining is concerned. Apartment I’d pretty energy efficient. Only negative thing is someone is walking around late at night and taking things out of vehicles