Unprofessional, not care at all, rude administration, aparment hallwas are duty and poor lights on wall scones, engineering personal takes a lot time to finish a work order.

I have been living here for a week now and I love the space and the location. However the laundry facility is not up to par. The one in building 36 does not have light and the dryer is not working. It also has a fair amount of spiders.The doors in our bathroom tend to get stuck and we have to slam into them to get them open, but other than that we have enjoyed living here this first week.

Terrible and I haven’t even officially moved in yet not happy at all. Staff is rude and unprofessional tours are misleading af. I would have never applied if I knew I was getting the apartment that they leased to me

Needs works inside the apartment buildings. A lot of things are broken. In just painted over. Cabinets will not open. Trash inside the building unit. Its a quiet neighborhood overall. In good location.

Great apartment for a great price. There have been a few cares that need to be taken care of concerning some electrical issues and the fire alarm goes off too frequently. Leaving the door open for a minute just to move in or simply opening the door after a shower will set it off. The lights and some outlets in the bedrooms don't work and maintenance was supposed to fix this. Other than this, we've had no problems with the community or any noise.

There were some maintenance issues before we moved that prevented us from moving in. Then during the move several people were in the apartment.

Since management has changed things have been much better. I see less evictions , less mess, less broken down equipment, and they are much friendlier. It’s pretty nice now.

when I need something fixed they are very prompt with answering the orders. love the office staff. Monetary is very helpful and gives awesome advice

High turn over in the office/management. I've never seen a familiar face. Most personnel are very unhelpful. The wash room has never been functional since I moved in back in 2014. In the summers the pool isn't open regularly and the up keep of the buildings is atrocious. The foyer and skylights were previously pressure washed regularly but that stopped during the last 2 years. There aren't any incentives of staying in the neighborhood and rent is increasing steadily. The mailboxes were replaced around this time last year I have yet to receive a mailbox key. Though I have been into the office every other month in order to retrieve the key and was told each time that it wasn't available. For the past year and a half the water is always shut off for maintenance at crucial times of the day like dinner and bath time. Where having access to water that has been paid for would be necessary. In a positive aspect, I like the location of the complex as it is minutes away from the highway. And that my children are friends with some of the residents that have been there as long as we have.

It would be nice if neighbors didn't constantly fight and police and medics in the building. We shouldn't be subjected that the profanity and abuse that goes on.

Initially it seemed like it would be a horrible experience due to some of the staff that worked in the leasing office. It’s turning out to be better than I thought though.

2nd worst apartment I have ever lived, unorganized, tenants throwing trash anywhere, dog poop everywhere, fixing things sucks, IM STUCK HERE

Since the first day we moved here last year we've been putting in work orders at the office and nothing was getting fixed until this new lady in maintenance (I guess the manager) started working here I have been getting everything fixed. So with that being said front office 2 stars, they do not care about the tenants. maintenance 5 stars, she is getting the job done.

Roaches in kitchen upon move-in, some repair work is subpar. Noise from neighbors and/or their dogs seems to be a constant—especially a nearby neighbor who has big loud parties every weekend. Neighbor across hallway sits their trash out the front door for days at a time which I am sure only attracts more critters. Positive note: management and neighbors we have met so far are really friendly and nice. Big apartment for the money and location can’t be beat.

To begin, the process of being approved for the units are so misleading. First, no one tells you that after you are approved if you change your mind that you loss the entire $400 they charge for application, administration, and deposit. On top of that no one tells you that you will not be allowed to walk the place before paying your deposit or first months rent for that matter! On top of all that with all the money you just paid out and told is non refundable when you see your actual apartment you are greatly disappointed. I truly felt played and feel that these apartments are being falsely advertised online, ecspecially if you are not from Georgia, which happens to be my case. And I think it’s crazy how this is even being allowed to happen.

So far so good . Great community in a good neighborhood . Maintenance could be a little bit more efficient . Other than that my experience has been great !

Good location. Alot of police activity. Gym is okay, but attached to office with no privacy. Alright pool but isn't open on schdule if at all. Maintenance doesn't respond fast but does eventually fix problems. Has a little dog park , which is just a fenced square but still cool to have.

Great environment to live in...Beautiful living Quarters with Swimming Pool that's within an Minute walk...The Only PROBLEM is Recieving Delivery Packages

The call was mostly not reachable, and agent was mostly not available, the apartment was not ready before giving it to me ( shower wasn’t working, no hot water, stove wasn’t working, and my bath had no handle. The closets doors are damaged, and the glass door to the balcony needs some lubrications)

This is my first apartment and I am very disappointed in the quality. The staff is very mean and the apartments are just old and unclean. They are not well kept and the only good thing is the location.

needs improvements in the apts needs to be fixed grounds need to be cleaned and if they are short staffed then they need to do a lot of hiring

Quiet at night when ppl are actually sleep rather than up busting gang tags and makin deals all ova the neighborhood. Maintains is a little slow but so, who's not.

Ok so far. We recently moved there so far it’s ok we’ll see how it goes within the next few months and we can update you guys then. So far it’s ok

Very nice staff. Slow to get things done. Slow maintenance on request. Quiet area. Foundation not the best if you get a older unit. Plumbing not so great.

Very friendly customer service. Quick response to my questions. Great floor plans. Large rooms. Nice remodeling and the staff does exceptionally well to attend to all of your needs