Signed a 6 month lease and went to renew it and was told that we were in 12 month lease but we've been paying too much and now they say that's the price for the new lease which is ridiculously higher than it should be especially since they won't fix the buildings, repaint our walls, clean the carpets, or even repaint breeze ways. It says that we have a laundry facility on site and we certainly do not. every single building has a room for laundry and they're all empty. And the playgrounds are not taken care of. The pool bathroom is disgusting and has neverhad toliet paper or paper towels. The gym also has jever had wipes refilled or have any ventilation.

I've had issues with mold and the people do shotty work when you ask them to fix things. Fix it half way. Dont paint over the work. Bugs are an issue. Neighbors upstairs are loud and smoke outside and throw trash in the foyer. Often loud cars and gunshots.

Plumbing problems leading to sanitation and possibly medical concerns. First few months toilet back up and still ongoing. Mold development in laundry room that took months to be acted on

Neighbors have left a mattress in our hallway for several days just sitting outside for someone else to eventually deal with. Neighbors kids have approached us several times asking to use our phone because they keep getting left home alone with a 2 year old by their parents. We need a safety bar on our door, everyone else has one, and maintenance said it was going to be installed 3 weeks ago. We have stopped by the office about 5 times now. No updates, no progress. Work orders I know can take a while but this is concerning because it affects our safety. Other than that people have kept to themselves and not been unfriendly.

I would repair request to be completed in a more timely manner. I am pleased with the potential I see in the apartment. I do really well enjoy the location.

The maintenance people Never fix anything and once they do fix it it’s some else wrong. . The grounds are always dirty. Only thing I like about it is the location.

Property & apts can be much better especially with the money we pay for rent and amenities in the complex. Grounds need to be kept up more as well

Nine and quit for the area and have very many nice people in the hood. Pool works and has parties for the good residents. Sun shines every day ....

Room for improvements , cleaning the buildings, Step up in maintenance, More active in grounds keeping even if you have a hired company, maintain the trash containers

Maintenance doesn't fix anything. Ive made request that we're never filled . Hallways are dirty, kitchens need to be fixed. My apartment look terrible when I moved in. But my building is quiet and neighborhood isn't that bad.

Living here is great just most of the apts are old and require thorough maintenance. Office staff is amazing with working with the community

The units are really big and spacious here. There are a lot of places for bugs to get in through the cracks in the area where the wall meets the floor. Once they are covered up everything will be okay.

It’s a very owner to saying that it’s been a good experience to live here. First of all location is very helpful for us to go for job and another shopping mall and grocery stores

Management one answers the phone ever...I still have stuff that need to be fixed in my apartment...the location is great though and I love the pool but it closes so early. I still have not gotten a key for the gym

The community is nice and quiet but apartment can use some work. But thanks to the manager for taking care of things for me. I like my apartment and starting to like where I live.

There’s always room for improvement, the assistant manager I think her name is Jelisa or Julisa very helpful always there to help. Maintenance some are good workers some are lazy. The ones that actually do work and know their job thumbs up.

It’s been okay so far. The show apartment is very different than what you actually walk into so be aware. The staff is okay, but never answer the phone when you call. Grounds could be better. Rent is pretty reasonable though.

Need to take better care of the Amenities Feel like I’m paying for things that I can’t use like the pool had to wait till June before it was open when we had a hot spring could of been open based on weather and could be open longer some goes for tennis court it’s not kept up to be used all year long took over 3 months for someone to get me a laundry card or tell me you had a machine that had the cards staff needs to know more of what is going on instead of I don’t know or giving an answer just to pacify

Unprofessional, not care at all, rude administration, aparment hallwas are duty and poor lights on wall scones, engineering personal takes a lot time to finish a work order.

I have been living here for a week now and I love the space and the location. However the laundry facility is not up to par. The one in building 36 does not have light and the dryer is not working. It also has a fair amount of spiders.The doors in our bathroom tend to get stuck and we have to slam into them to get them open, but other than that we have enjoyed living here this first week.

Terrible and I haven’t even officially moved in yet not happy at all. Staff is rude and unprofessional tours are misleading af. I would have never applied if I knew I was getting the apartment that they leased to me

Needs works inside the apartment buildings. A lot of things are broken. In just painted over. Cabinets will not open. Trash inside the building unit. Its a quiet neighborhood overall. In good location.

Great apartment for a great price. There have been a few cares that need to be taken care of concerning some electrical issues and the fire alarm goes off too frequently. Leaving the door open for a minute just to move in or simply opening the door after a shower will set it off. The lights and some outlets in the bedrooms don't work and maintenance was supposed to fix this. Other than this, we've had no problems with the community or any noise.

There were some maintenance issues before we moved that prevented us from moving in. Then during the move several people were in the apartment.

Since management has changed things have been much better. I see less evictions , less mess, less broken down equipment, and they are much friendlier. It’s pretty nice now.