Location is awesome and appearance is improving can be better. Staff are exceptionally good, polite and above all very respectful. love it

Staff was pleasant. The process was quick and easy. Outside area need lots of improvement as well as inside apartments. The overall process was ok. Hopefully it gets bettet

It is a pleasant environment! Most of the staff is nice. I would like to see more activities for the children here I feel that would make a even stronger community

Hmmm so far it’s okay have a lot of more days to stay here. Learning something new everyday.... when I first got here it’s still some things that needs to be taken care of. We will see

I like it here because it’s very laid back and it’s not to loud and no one is all stuck up and prissy with high expectations the crowd here seems laid back

I love my new apartment and everyone’s been so nice! My neighbors are friendly, and the Staff is Top Notch. Both the management and maintenance team have gone above and beyond to take care of my needs! A special thank you to Aliysha ❤️ Thanks to her expertise and kindness I have a new home that I adore! I definitely recommend Wyndcliff Galleria to all of my friends and family!!!

I’ve only been living here for almost 3 years now & everything has water damage. Floors are literally splitting in half & doors are falling off because the doors are rotten. Cherry on top. Maintenance NEVER shows up.

Experienced a few set backs Upon move in date as well as maintenance issues . My apartment was not ready despite the 30 + days that’s I signed the lease in advance

I really don’t have any complaints. It’s a good place to live overall. While, it’s not the nicest, newest place. It’s fine overall. The price is good too.

I have been here almost 2 years and it has been pretty quiet here and when my neighbors did have a get together they always invited my kids and me. So far cant complain. There office workers and maintenance team has been really nice.

The apartment is OK however there are some issues that I believe will be unresolved, the back patio looks like the last time it was painted was 20 years ago there’s no privacy so I’m gonna have to go spend money on a piece of wood to cover up the gap. Also it seems ridiculous that we’re not allowed to paint the cabinets considering they are hideous and we just want to feel more at home.

Staff and maintenance changes too much and are not very knowledgeable or professional. The complex is still raggedy and trashy and they apartments are still raggedy too and are not being fixed. And my apartment still have repairs that needs to be done from months to about 2 years ago!! Only thing that this place keep up on is sending out notices out when rent when it late and evictions!! Neighbors and or their dogs are noisey and the office won't do anything about it!

It's honestly pretty quiet place. But the actual apartments are old and ragedy I have so much more that needs to be done . I things would be fixed properly and in a timely manner the apartments would be fine.

The apartment would be incredible if all the tenants took more pride in the surroundings, the mail area and hallways and also the grounds in general, the office employees are pleasant and the maintenance try to complete repairs. Maybe management could see about putting a trash can in the mailbox areas to help alleviate trash/junk mail on the ground. It would be nice if the breeze way would be swept at least once per week as some residents act as if it is a trash can. The apartment is spacious and the neighbors are not noisy at nights, I am also grateful that there is not much loitering. The apartment seems pretty safe as I have not missed a package left at my door even though most times it is left at the office. With few adjustments, this apartment complex could be a five star.

This company promise mucho at the time to fill up the rent papers, but in action they ar poor, they do not have what it takes to keep residents happy.

Worst apartment living experience I’ve ever had. Neighbors are disrespectful af. Maintenance is terrible about completing work orders, they’ll mark a work order complete that has not been done. I’ve had to put in multiple work orders for the same things because of this

It’s ok, it could be better like getting work orders done in a timely manner. And some of the staff in the leasing office can be better as well.

It’s a quite place to live, very friendly. Although they do need a little more help on maintenance, does take almost 2 weeks to get the help you need but other than that this place is nice.

Need more trash dumpsters and need a better way to keep property clean of trash and people cleaning up after there dogs. Need better grounds. Maintenance also need upgrades to laundry rooms either have a small laundy room located by office like fitness room or have more the one washer dryer per laundy room It’s inconvenient to be only to do one load at a time which forces me to go elsewhere so it’s no longer a benefit of living here it’s just something I’m paying for that is not practical for me to use

It is ok. Have been here going on 3 years. The neighbors and their family or guests usually cause issues or don't care about loitering or keeping the neighborhood clean!

Quick access to I-75 and I-285. Easy driving distance to downtown Atlanta. Neighboring Suntrust Park/The Battery makes for fun nightlife and food

Residence for about 6 months now. The apartments themselves are okay. They are old but not in the worst shape. My main problem with them is they didn’t do a great job in trying to ‘renovate’ them. The paint jobs are terrible. Patches in walls clearly visible, caulking everywhere, paint drips, etc. You can tell the people who were doing the updates didn’t care. Overall however, these are minor things, at the price point the apartments go for. My number one complaint in the people you live next to. They are mostly not great neighbors. Loud music, lots of yelling/fights, gun shots often, drug deals in the parking lots daily, trash piled up outside. Some people leave their trash outside their doors overnight and by morning something has scavenged it and they won’t pick it up, so trash is strewn everywhere. Just generally not great people to live next to. If you’re going for cheap, okay-ish apartments and can ignore your neighbors then you might be okay.

In the time that I have been here I have seen too many management changes and the office staff seeming to be there only to collect rent. Consistency in maintenance requests being done swiftly and efficiently has been lacking as well. Ownership does not seem to do anything to help make this property a community style like the ads to live here indicate. There have been some improvements; grounds stay more picked up and kempt, lighting in the breezeways, less mess around the dumpsters.

Moving in hasn’t been as pleasant as I would have hoped. I’m hoping going forward my impression of the community will improve. Our unit looks nothing like the model shown. The apartment is riddled with roaches. The master shower is clogged and has lime and mildew build up. There’s constant trash dumping in the breeze way outside the apartment door, and the leasing office seems to not be concerned at all with addressing any concerns we have about the unit. Hopefully my impression of this community will improve over the next year I’ll be staying here, but as of no I would NOT recommend anyone move here.

Great location and quiet neighborhood, I love the location of the apartments most. Neighbors generally keep to themselves and the staff is helpful when I have a question. Amenities could be a lot better, a lot of the units have old stoves/kitchens that leak and could be well upgraded as well... Lots of room for improvements