I've enjoyed so far being a resident of Z islander . Comfortable and a cozy environment, its a perfect home I could ask to come back after a tiring day at work.

Had trouble since day one but it’s close to where i go to school! i also love the pool only if it had a hot tub it would be even better! and the tanning beds are also my fav!!!

It is being nice living here I love the size of the apartment and my bedroom. The only thing that can improve was that the apartment to be a bit more very clean, and the furniture had scratches. Another thing, as mentioned before is the first problem with the trash bags in the hallways, which makes the building look dirty and smell bad.

Before the new management I would’ve given this a one star, but it has improved here since he was hired. I do wish they would do more improvements to the complex itself, and implement a trash valet. As well as compensate all of the residents that lived here for months with issues being ignored. There’s a lot that still hasn’t been completely rectified but I’m glad it has gotten somewhat better with new management

The community is one of the best in the are in the department of looks, amenities, space, location. There is only one drawback that area of services could go more smoothly.

It’s an alright place to live I have everything I need and my roommates aren’t bad but it could be better. Overall it’s a niceness place to live with low rent which is awesome

The ZIslander service requests take forever to be completed. I have some that still haven’t been completed. It is really annoying and very unreasonable.

always too much noise. and how to the works can just come in and out of my apartment. and i dont really feel comfortable doing anything at the club house

There needs to be more safety. There needs to be more regulation about smoking, especially when it comes to weed. Get rid of the covered parking because no one uses it and we need more regular open spots.

It’s been ok but it has it’s bad parts to it , it can be approved just don’t like maintenance or management that much. Other then that it’s a nice place.

Management is not that great. Need to improve. Facilities are good. They're well maintained. Sometimes they have community activities but that's it.

The rooms are a great size. Love the screened balcony. Appliances need an update. Glad we have the gate working. Almost got hit in the parking lot yesterday but not your fault people can’t drive.

The experience is great but the maintenance facilities could be improved. The amenities are amazing but followup for maintenance should be reduced.

ZIslander can be really nice, but their lack of security is troubling. Additionally, it takes them a month on average to respond to maintenance requests.

Since moving in, the community has become much better. In terms of maintenance however, they still take quite a while. As long as there are no maintenance issues, the community is great to live in.

The apartment is okay. A lot of the appliances show signs of heavy wear and tear. The maintiance is slow and takes forever. And the cleanliness of the facility is quite bad.

The gym here is nice and relatively big. There is a yoga studio and an area for biking, plus tons of tvs. The staff here are also very pleasant.

It is amazing to live in zilander. They have really good amenities and our apartment is huge with really good lighting. We love our patio as well.

every thing is perfect. Only problem is the walls r thin but nothing can be done about that. The people are nice enough, not to loud or annoying. The amenities are good. Overall 4 stars

Amazing place to live in. I have no complaints so far. The facilities are great and the new management has some a great job with securing the property by making the gates functional.

I was very unhappy that the gates were broken for the first 3 months. I pay to live in a gated community. They are very good at taking care of work orders and updating us on events in the complex.

Really good amenities. best in college station. really accessible to campus bus and decent gym to get the workout done. Swimming pool is resort style and the place looks like a premium living.

It's been good so far. There's been a few bumps but management has been on top of things. The only thing I'm unhappy about is that the dog park fence isn't getting fixed but, management is busy so maybe in time.

Love this place! Awesome amenities & very convenient to live in. Love the prices & the room spaces that are provided. By far, no complains even thought they are some problems in general.

I have been here 3 years now and overall I have enjoyed my stay here. Since I've been here I have seen three changes in management which I didn't really like. However, when I felt unsafe with my roommate situation, they allowed me to switch units for free which made my experience way nicer. When I had a flea infestation after my roommate and her dog moved out, they got me an exterminator as quickly as possible. That being said, with both the roommate and flea issue I had to be very persistent with the front office in order to get results. The apartment being fully furnished is nice, but the gates have never consistently been up throughout my 3 years here. Part of the problem is drivers breaking the gate by trying to go more than one car at a time. This means management is constantly having to fix it when it's residents breaking it. That being said, I don't think management thinks fixing the gate is a top priority. I've seen people from the front office outside trying to fix it when they needed to hire someone who could actually fix the gate.